[To Part Is The Lot Of All Mankind. The World Is A Scene Of Constant Leave-taking, And The Hands That Grasp In Cordial Greeting Today, Are Doomed Ere Long To Unite For The The Last Time, When The Quivering Lips Pronounce The Word - 'Farewell]

Author: R.M. Ballantyne Quotes

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"Im a big believer in human nature."

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"As I speak for many in the budding new missional church world I have to share that I no longer judge the faithful fervent work of so many pastors who have pastored well but who struggle to find their place in this new world. They deserve to be honored instead of belittled. Without their legacy we would have nothing to build upon."

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"I think its a lovely idea, but it will not pass the Congress. I live in a world of realities. The policy of our country is that we can drill our way to independence. I think thats a march to folly."

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"Ive never needed a bodyguard, Evan."His hands stilled on the glasses. "Maybe that isnt such a bad idea now.""Its a terrible idea. I would never want anyone watching every move I make. Its unnerving. There are fresh lemons in the bottom drawer."Evan squatted and tugged open the vegetable crisper inside the refrigerator. "You know," he waved a piece of the yellow fruit for emphasis, "you may want to think about it, though."Morgan smacked the table so hard the salt and pepper shakers jumped.He grinned and stood. "Havent lost your temper, I see.""My temper wasnt burned."

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"Marco could not have known about the mystical effect of a full moon on cats and books left on their own in the library. Not until he saw the lines breathe, the words unveiled."

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"Take 5" is the practice if spending 5 minutes a day giving focused attention to your hopes for your talent."

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"I grew up in the East End of London, the youngest of three boys in a Catholic household. Both my parents were market traders and worked seven days a week."

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"Christ went more willingly to the cross than we do to the throne of grace."

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"Life is not meant to be lived on the sidelines or the edge of the pool. It is meant to be embraced, inhaled, and devoured. It is meant to be tasted, chewed and swallowed, savoring each and every experience as if it were the most delicious delicacy ever eaten."

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"Thank goodness it wasnt real sex."

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"..It would a been a miserable business to have any unfriendliness on the raft; for what you want, above all things, on a raft, is for everybody to be satisfied, and feel right and kind towards the others." - Author: Mark Twain

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"It is a little like developing the habit of stealing the test from your teachers desk instead of learning how to do the math." - Author: Josh Waitzkin

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"Got any good ideas, soldier?" "Lots of them. Somebody gunned Geiger. Somebody got gunned by Geiger, who ran away. Or it was two other fellows. Or Geiger was running a cult and made blood sacrifices in front of that totem pole. Or he had chicken for dinner and liked to kill his chickens in the front parlor." - Author: Raymond Chandler

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"If a fourteen year-old can deliver your message, its not because hes gifted. Its because intellectually, youre a child." - Author: Bill Maher

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"Even when I encountered racism outside Salmon Creek, it usually rolled off me. The worst of it often came from rednecks whipping past in rusted pickups. I looked at them and I looked at me-class leader, track star, straight-A student- and their slurs about dirty Indians and drunk Indians and dumb Indians were laughable.Mom says crap like that comes from people who´ve accomplished so little in lifethat they feel the need to lift themselves above someone, anyone. So they pick skin color or religion or sexual orientation and say, "Well, I might not be much, but at least I´m not a ..." I´d look at those guys, and see the truth of her words." - Author: Kelley Armstrong

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"AND NOW—THE GOOD STUFF You look at me, and I know what youre thinking: "Zac Efron without the hot legs." - Author: James Patterson

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"A philosophical thought is not supposed to be impervious to all criticism; this is the error Whitehead describes of turning philosophy into geometry, and it is useful primarily as a way of gaining short-term triumphs in personal arguments that no one else cares (or even knows) about anyway. A good philosophical thought will always be subject to criticisms (as Heideggers or Whiteheads best insights all are) but they are of such elegance and depth that they change the terms of debate, and function as a sort of "obligatory passage point" (Latours term) in the discussions that follow.Or in other words, the reason Being and Time is still such a classic, with hundreds of thousands or millions of readers almost a century later, is not because Heidegger made "fewer mistakes" than others of his generation. Mistakes need to be cleaned up, but that is not the primary engine of personal or collective intellectual progress." - Author: Graham Harman

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"I havent been faithful to my wife. Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities. I was irresponsible." - Author: David Boreanaz

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"The cord that tethers ability to success is both loose and elastic. It is easy to see fine qualities in successful books or to see unpublished manuscripts, inexpensive vodkas, or people struggling in any field as somehow lacking. It is easy to believe that ideas that worked were good ideas, that plans that succeeded were well designed, and that ideas and plans that did not were ill conceived. And it is easy to make heroes out of the most successful and to glance with disdain at the least. But ability does not guarantee achievement, nor is achievement proportional to ability. And so it is important to always keep in mind the other term in the equation—the role of chance…What Ive learned, above all, is to keep marching forward because the best news is that since chance does play a role, one important factor in success is under our control: the number of at bats, the number of chances taken, the number of opportunities seized." - Author: Leonard Mlodinow

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"I have a 6-year-old, and his thing is to turn on Radio Disney in the car, and I get such an allergic reaction to listening to that music and the context into which it falls. Im really working on him about that." - Author: Aimee Mann