[To Reject Solutionism Is To Transcend The Narrow-minded Rationalistic Mindset That Recasts Every Instance Of An Efficiency Deficit [...] As An Obstacle That Needs To Be Overcome.]

Author: Evgeny Morozov Quotes

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Elia Barcelo Quotes

"La luz del pasillo iluminaba débilmente mi rostro que se reflejaba de modo fantasmal en el cristal de la ventanilla y me hacía recordar el que tuve en la infancia, el que naufragó para siempre en la despedida, como si aquel niño se hallara agazapado en algún lugar de mi interior esperando un descuido mío para emerger de nuevo en las aguas fangosas del pasado con su sonrisa feliz y sus ojos brillantes."

Joanna Wylde Quotes

"I wont fuck around," he said. "Just so you know. I nearly lost you. I wont risk that again. I told you before Id never be a one-woman man, but I was wrong."

SC Ellington Quotes

"Dream a bigger dream to reach uncharted success"

Craig DiLouie Quotes

"I want you out in the hallway, against the far wall in single file, ready to move, in fifteen. Drop your fartsack, Ratliff."

Margherita Hack Quotes

"Its not God who gave us moral laws, but this doesnt make them less important"

Riku Kingdom Hearts Quotes

"We cant let fear stop us! Im not afraid to the darkness!"

Daul Kim Quotes

"So what?Really, whats the point?Is complexity beautiful?Is ignorance beautiful?Is isolation beautiful?Maybe.Maybe not.Reject it or reject it not."

Alistair MacLeod Quotes

"Today there is a division between those who write about literature and those who create it. I, obviously, dont think that should be there."

Melinda Blanchard Quotes

"From the air Anguilla looked narrow, flat, and scrubby, but that was only part of the picture."

Albert Espinosa Quotes

"Cuando crees que conoces todas las respuestas, llega el universo y te cambia todas las preguntas"

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Quotes About Love Precious Moments

"The ghost of a smile appeared on her face. "Learn to love the moment you are in. Treasure your experiences, for precious moments too quickly pass you by, and if you are always rushing toward the future, or pining for the past, you will forget to enjoy and appreciate the present." - Author: collen houck

Quotes About Motherhood And Babies

"A miracle is really the only way to describe motherhood and giving birth. Its unbelievable how God has made us women and babies to endure and be able to do so much. A miracle, indeed. Such an incredible blessing." - Author: Jennie Finch

Quotes About Pens And Pencils

"When Sean died she understood for the first time how completely human beings were dependent upon a suspension of disbelief in order to simply move forward through their days. If that suspension faltered, if you truly understood, even if only for a moment, that human beings were made of bones and blood that broke and sprayed with the slightest provocation, and that provocation was everywhere--in street curbs and dangling tree limbs, bicycles and pencils--well you would fly for the first nest in a tree, run flat-out for the first burrow you saw." - Author: Erica Bauermeister

Quotes About Sleeping Beauty

"I am positive I was not a neglected child. I remember reading The Jungle Book and The Sleeping Beauty." - Author: Keri Russell

Quotes About Hot Beverages

"They probably have me up on a poster by now. Warning: this girl is emotionally unstable. Do not allow near hot beverages." - Author: Abby McDonald

Quotes About Philosophical Thinking

"To qualify as a Seeker, it was necessary to show a high serendipity factor. In my experimental behaviour pool as a child, I had exhibited such a factor, and had been selected for special training forthwith. I had taken additional courses in Philosophical, Alpha-humerals, Incidental Tetrachotomy, Apunctual Synchronicity, Homoontogenesis, and other subjects, ultimately qualifying as a Prime Esemplastic Seeker. In other words, I put two and two together in situations where other people were not thinking about addition. I connected. I made wholes greater than parts. Mine was an invaluable profession in a cosmos increasingly full of parts." - Author: Brian W. Aldiss

Quotes About Riding

" VIOLACuz shes here -She came -She came for me -And she calls my name -And I feel her strength coursing thru my Noise like a fire -And the Mayor staggers back like hes been punched in the face by a row of houses -"Ah, yes," he grunts, his hand to his head. "Your tower of strength has arrived.""Todd!" I hear her call again -And I take it and I use it -Cuz I can feel her there, riding to the end of the world to find me, to save me if I needed saving -Which I did -" - Author: Patrick Ness

Quotes About Ken Kesey

"This is just shit. Its happening. No blame. Happening and on the rise it would appear. What can we do to delay it? Probably zilch. To stop it? Likely less. But to survive it? Now that sounds more promising. There is evidence of bad shit having been survived before. Ancient Advice Left in cave by Wise French Caveman: "When Bigbad Shit come, no run scream hide. Try paint picture of it on wall. Drum to it. Sing to it. Dance to it. This give you handle on it." So Twister is my try. Ken Kesey in a letter to Allen Ginsberg (August 1993)" - Author: Ken Kesey

Quotes About Methodological

"Methodological naturalism is a "ground rule" of science today which requires scientists to seek explanations in the world around us based upon what we can observe, test, replicate, and verify" - Author: Robert T. Pennock

Quotes About Callings

"Our stories are timeless and tested. They are about us, a people of tremendous strength.Our songs are full of love and life— and the ups and downs of both. They are soulful with the rhythms of a heart that is in sync with nature and wonderment. Our struggles are real and rugged. They beckon our memory to the highest callings of the spirit, to help us rejoice and to overcome." - Author: Deborah L. Parker