[To Remove Ignorance Is An Important Branch Of Benevolence.]

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Majjhimanikaya Quotes

"You tell me to stand still, but I am not walking," he shouted, "whereas you who are walking say you are still. How is it that you are standing still but I am not?"The Buddha turned round. "My legs move but my mind is still," he said. "Your legs are still but your mind moves all the time in a fire of anger, hatred, and feverish desire. Therefore, I am still but you are not."

Luang Phaw Dhammajayo Quotes

"Put your time to good use because only the present belong to us, tomorrow is never for sure."

Tom Barry Quotes

"A hard man is nice to find"

Jack Paar Quotes

"Doing the show was like painting the George Washington Bridge. As soon as you finished one end, you started right in on the other."

Romario Quotes

"Officially Im not playing any more. Ive stopped. My time is up. Everything has been a lot of fun."

Gary Burghoff Quotes

"I dont vote for the guy I trust. I vote for the guy who trusts me the most."

Dallin H Oaks Quotes

"We have to forego some good things in order to choose others that are better or best because they develop faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and strengthen our families."

Wendy Doniger Quotes

"Women were forbidden to study the most ancient sacred text, the Veda,"

Chadwick Boseman Quotes

"I started out as a writer and a director. I started acting because I wanted to know how to relate to the actors. When people ask me what I do, I dont really say that Im an actor, because actors often wait for someone to give them roles."

Adlai E Stevenson Quotes

"As citizens of this democracy, you are the rulers and the ruled, the law-givers and the law-abiding, the beginning and the end."

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Quotes About The General Manager In Heart Of Darkness

"The marker slants, flowerless, days almost done, I stand above my fathers grave with rage, often, often before Ive made this awful pilgrimage to one who cannot visit me, who tore his page out: I come back for more, I spit upon this dreadful bankers grave who shot his heart out in a Florida dawn O ho alas alas When will indifference come, I moan & rave Id like to scrabble till I got right down away down under the grass and ax the casket open ha to see just how hes taking it, which he sought so hard well tear apart the mouldering grave clothes ha then Henry will heft the ax once more, his final card, and fell it on the start." - Author: John Berryman

Quotes About Wearing A Dress

"Mum said earlier what a lovely dress youre wearing."Beryls eyebrows wriggled like two tiny tapeworms. "This?" she said. "But Ive had this for years."It was a beige dress that would have looked better on an eighty year-old. Any eighty-year-old, man or woman."I think youve really grown into it," Valkyrie said."I always thought it was a little shapeless."Valkyrie resisted the urge to say that was what she meant." - Author: Derek Landy

Quotes About Brief Friendships

"Raven had been shunned and abandoned throughout his life. Friends often came and went without a word or worse, they toyed with his emotions and shared his secrets with those he chose to distrust. His loneliness was inevitable and his secrets were damaging enough. Through all of his largely brief but emotionally involved friendships and infatuations, the depression and the darkness of his past, there had been one place to which he could go for solitude—either in thought or in person—and he never shared the knowledge of its existence or its secrets with anyone. That place dwelled within him even all of these years since the summer when he was nine and all that could ever have gone wrong, did." - Author: Amanda M. Lyons

Quotes About Friend That You Love

"She didnt understand that. "How can anyone be afraid of love?""How can they not?" His face was completely aghast. "When you love someone... truly love them, friend or lover, you lay your heart open to them. You give them a part of yourself that you give to no one else, and you let them inside a part of you that only they can hurt—you literally hand them the razor with a map of where to cut deepest and most painfully on your heart and soul. And when they do strike, its crippling—like having your heart carved out. It leaves you naked and exposed, wondering what you did to make them want to hurt you so badly when all you did was love them. What is so wrong with you that no one can keep faith with you? That no one can love you? To have it happen once is bad enough... but to have it repeated? Who in their right mind would not be terrified of that?" - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Quotes About Burying The Hatchet

"No better way to avoid making a decision than burying yourself in a big fat book." (p. 105)." - Author: Elizabeth Bard

Quotes About Getting Along

"Working on a new idea is kind of like getting married. Then a new idea comes along and you think, Man, Id really like to go out with her. But you cant. At least not until the old idea is finished." - Author: Stephen King

Quotes About Rights And Privileges

"In this confusion we begin to see what lies behind John Paul IIs startling warning about democracy "effectively mov[ing] towards a form of totalitarianism." It begins to happen at a practical level when we simultaneously hold that rights which arise from the dignity of the person are also a matter of "bargaining." New rights can be claimed or created, and whatever privileges can be negotiated around them are then secured by reference to human dignity, even when these new rights are directly contrary to the human dignity of some, for example, the unborn or the elderly sick. This confusion about the nature of rights debases their currency and undermines the first principles of democracy. Such freedom gradually becomes a tyrannical "freedom of the the strong against the weak, who have no choice but to submit." - Author: George Cardinal Pell

Quotes About Engaged

"All cultures through all time have constantly been engaged in a dance with new possibilities for life. Change is the one constant in human history." - Author: Wade Davis

Quotes About Spoke

"This was how I would die. Strangled by an attractive, seminaked woman inside a fridge with a giant tarantula in the middle of a sea of carnivorous jam. As I blacked out, all I could think of was a fortune teller Id spoken to a few years ago, and how full of shit shed turned out to be." - Author: Yahtzee Croshaw

Quotes About Fundamental Freedoms

"Whether its people walking off The View when Bill OReilly makes a statement about radical Islam or Juan Williams being fired for expressing his opinion, over-reaching political correctness is chipping away at the fundamental American freedoms of speech and expression." - Author: Eric Cantor