[To Say That War Is Madness Is Like Saying That Sex Is Madness: True Enough, From The Standpoint Of A Stateless Eunuch, But Merely A Provocative Epigram For Those Who Must Make Their Arrangements In The World As Given.]

Author: John Updike Quotes

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Naomi Scott Quotes

"Id always put on little shows at home, but when I was 11, I did a community event in Woodford, where anyone could go. You had three days of vocal training and performed your song at the end. I sang I Say a Little Prayer. Its a tough song to sing but they gave me the confidence to go for it and belt it out."

Xavier Rosseel Quotes

"Our nature gives us purpose, to reflect and act upon, responsibly by choice."

Alfred Lansing Quotes

"Of all their enemies -- the cold, the ice, the sea -- he feared none more than demoralization."

Steve Merrick Quotes

"Being a hermit involves a lot of what we would call routine tasks taken to an extreme, even the morning flush of the toilet becomes a ritual."

Merlin Olsen Quotes

"I was always the last one chosen for football games in Central Park."

George Berkeley Quotes

"From my own being, and from the dependency I find in myself and my ideas, I do, by an act of reason, necessarily infer the existence of a God, and of all created things in the mind of God."

Chris Nicolaisen Quotes

"I need a seatbelt on an airplane like a hole in the head," thought Jane, as she smiled back."

Chase Brooks Quotes

"People who could easily be mistaken as preteens just shouldnt even try to pull off the look-at-me-Im-so-serious-and-mysterious-and-sexy look. Especially while driving because, please, you look like you are twelve and a half and driving with a serious look. Most kids who get the opportunity to drive illegally are smiling so big that they look dyslexic and about to piss their pants with excitement because they are in operation of a vehicle that isnt manufactured by PlayStation."

Savage Garden Quotes

"Animals and children tell the truth they never lie, Which one is more human,Theres a thought now you decide"

Alexander Duff Quotes

"I will lay my bones by the Ganges that India might know there is one who cares."

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"Dear Mr Larkin, I expect you think its jolly cheeky for a schoolgirl to -Dear Dr Larkin, My freind [sic] and I had an argument as to which of us has the biggest breasts and we wondered if you would act as - My youngest, shes fourteen and quite absurdly stuck on your poems - but then shes advanced in all ways - refuses to wear a -" - Author: Philip Larkin

Quotes About Making Errors

"The Duke would not pay for the works. He says that the Castle can never be taken. That is called hubris, Giacomo, the belief that you are never wrong. Believing you are never wrong is an error that afflicts great men. I have learned that to be right you must first be wrong many times. Without making errors--and learning from them--a man cannot find the truth." - Author: Christopher Peter Grey

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"A brief hush fell over the table when the guy from the bar approached. After he finished depositing their drinks in the center of the table, Lynn jumped on the opportunity to flirt, winking and smiling prettily at him. "Thanks, cowboy." "Cowboy?" Reaching for her appletini, Piper laughed. Lynn shrugged. "When I picture him in my bed, I see a Stetson and a saddle." Something well-known among their group, ever since she watched John Travolta in Urban Cowboy, she was on a mission to secure herself her very own cowboy. "I bet you see a branding iron too," Jules snickered. Lynns thoughtful gaze trailed after him as the bartender returned to making drinks." - Author: J.C. Valentine

Quotes About Extremists

"[On Benghazi] "What we do know is that the natural protests that arose because of the outrage over the video were used as an excuse by extremists to see if they can also directly harm U.S. interests."Truth: The attacks were a premeditated terror attack that had nothing to do with a YouTube video." - Author: Barack Obama

Quotes About Pittacus

"Did you know Johnny thinks hes Pittacus resurrected?" - Author: Pittacus Lore

Quotes About Nonbeliever

"I too entered the Lager as a nonbeliever, and as a nonbeliever I was liberated and have lived to this day." - Author: Primo Levi

Quotes About Ramadan 2015

"Like the sun that sets at the end of the day, so too will Ramadan come and go, leaving only its mark on our hearts sky." - Author: Yasmin Mogahed

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"Love?" Heeb asked, playfully pretending not to know the concept. "Yeah. The real thing. The conviction that if you had this one woman, all other women would become irrelevant. Youd never again be unhappy. And youd give up anything to have her and keep her." *Evan*" - Author: Zack Love

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"More and more, I felt that I was meeting people like Lee who didnt at all seem part of this modern world and this moment in time - the world of petty aggravations and obligations and boundaries, a time of bored cynicism - because how they lived and what they lived for was so optimistic. They sincerely loved something, trusted in the perfectibility of some living thing, lived for a myth about themselves and the idea of adventure, were convinced that certain things were really worth dying for, believed that they could make their lives into whatever they dreamed." - Author: Susan Orlean

Quotes About Headstrong

"Mind, I am not preaching anything contrary to accepted morality. I am not advocating free love in this or any other case. Society must go on, I suppose, and society can only exist if the normal, if the virtuous, and the slightly deceitful flourish, and if the passionate, the headstrong, and the too-truthful are condemned to suicide and madness." - Author: Ford Madox Ford