[To Theology, ... Only What It Holds Sacred Is True, Whereas To Philosophy, Only What Holds True Is Sacred.]

Author: Ludwig Feuerbach Quotes

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Josh Gates Quotes

"If travel has momentum and wants to stay in motion, as I mentioned earlier, then adventure has the gravitational pull of a black hole. The more you do it, the more you find a way to keep doing it."

John Garfield Quotes

"Must I tell the story of my life again?"

Rebecca Berto Quotes

"You know theres this gaping space between us, and if I leaned forward Id grab Dexs shirt without ever touching him. You know theres a three-inch-thick glass wall separating us.Now we know, too."

J Gresham Machen Quotes

"It is usually considered good practice to examine a thing for ones self before echoing the vulgar ridicule of it."

John McCain Quotes

"Barbara Boxer is the most bitterly partisan, most anti-defense senator in the United States Senate today. I know that because Ive had the unpleasant experience of having to serve with her."

Stan Ellis Quotes

"Become the difference you want to make," and the heart of your mind will feel what the mind of your heart knows."

Bill McKibben Quotes

"...only in relatively recent times have people decided that "because I want to" is sufficient reason for annoying others."

John McGahern Quotes

"For the girls the regular comings and goings restored their superior sense of self, a superiority they had received intact from Moran and which was little acknowledged by the wide world in which they had to work and live. That unexplained notion of superiority was often badly shaken and in need of restoration by the time they came home."

David Wain Quotes

"I was hired to do this one great script called Capn Ricky and that project is up in the air at the moment."

Gary Haugen Quotes

"If youre wrestling with some sort of decision, reflect for a moment and ask yourself, Am I being brave, or am I being safe? In the end, it depends on whether we think God can be trusted."

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Quotes About Intelligence And Power

"It is hard to see how a great man can be an atheist. Without the sustaining influence of faith in a divine power we could have little faith in ourselves. We need to feel that behind us is intelligence and love. Doubters do not achieve; skeptics do not contribute; cynics do not create. Faith is the great motive power, and no man realizes his full possibilities unless he has the deep conviction that life is eternally important, and that his work, well done, is a part of an unending plan." - Author: Calvin Coolidge

Quotes About Not Living An Ordinary Life

"Unlike him I had been unable to escape into the simple complexities of science. All he had to do was solve the mystery of the universe, which may be difficult but is not as difficult as living an ordinary life...(How happy scientists are! Why didnt we become scientists, Percival? They confront problems which can be solved. We dont know what we confront. Does it have a name?)" - Author: Walker Percy

Quotes About Cain

"Were on our own. An I feel calm. It seems crazy . . . but Im calm. Because now I see what I gotta do. An what I aint gotta do, which is waste time thinkin that anybodys gonna help us. That somebodys gonna come along an rescue us. I caint count on nobody but me." - Author: Moira Young

Quotes About Building Blocks

"My style is about making things last forever. When youre on a budget, it can be daunting to spend $300 on a pair of boots or a coat. But such basics are the building blocks from which your look is crafted." - Author: Nina Garcia

Quotes About Rubber

"Theres major depression, and then theres clinical depression. Major depression is what makes you jump off a bridge. I have clinical depression. I jump out of first story windows. Its the psychological equivalent of lying on a bed of rubber nails." - Author: Doug Westberg

Quotes About Fore

"My own will and desires were now very much broken, and my heart was with much earnestness turned to the Lord, to whom alone I looked for help in the dangers before me." - Author: John Woolman

Quotes About Organised Chaos

"I call my life a beautiful mess and organised chaos. Its just always been like that. My entire life things have been attracted to me and vice versa that turn into chaotic nightmares or I create the chaos myself." - Author: Mindy McCready

Quotes About Cooperation And Teamwork

"We have seven pillars of development. India has a cutting edge information technology industry. We are setting up a technology park. We would like to see technology penetration iin education. Besides, we would like to see cooperation in industries like fashion, filmmaking, ship-building, education, health and energy." - Author: Kamla Persad Bissessar

Quotes About Happiest Man

"The word "utopia" has two meanings. It means both "good place" and "nowhere". Thats the way it should be. The happiest places, I think, are the ones that reside just this side of paradise. The perfect person would be insufferable to live with; likewise, we wouldnt want to live in the perfect place, either. "A life time of happiness! No man could bear it: It would be hell on earth," wrote George Bernard Shaw, in his play Man and Superman." - Author: Eric Weiner

Quotes About Health Inequalities

"It is eminently possible to have a market-based economy that requires no such brutality and demands no such ideological purity. A free market in consumer products can coexist with free public health care, with public schools, with a large segment of the economy -- like a national oil company -- held in state hands. Its equally possible to require corporations to pay decent wages, to respect the right of workers to form unions, and for governments to tax and redistribute wealth so that the sharp inequalities that mark the corporatist state are reduced. Markets need not be fundamentalist." - Author: Naomi Klein