[To Worry Is To Acknowledge That The World Is Unpredictable, And There Is Power In Understanding One's Own Powerlessness At Times. But Too Often Worry Takes On Life Of Its Own. Men Are Quite Prone To This. They'll Plague Themselves With So Many 'what If's And 'if Only's That They Soon Forget To Ponder The True Possibilities Before Them. Which Inevitably Lead To Poor Decisions. Whatever Happens Will Happen. Sometimes We Have Say Over The Future. Sometimes We Don't. Either Way, Worrying Alone Never Accomplishes Anything.]

Author: A. Lee Martinez Quotes

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Ann Leckie Quotes

"Pain is a warning," said Anaander Mianaai. "What would happen if you removed all discomfort from your life? No," Mianaai continued, ignoring Seivardens obvious distress at her words, "I value that moral indignation. I encourage it."

Heather Alexander Quotes

"artist. I was, uh, thinking of doing it for the talent show." He hoped she was buying his story. Alex crossed her arms. "Youre a wizard," she said simply. "You mean with tools? Like the ones I used to build the clothes rack?" T. J.s brain was spinning. He tried to think fast. "Yeah, Im, uh, kind of a wizard." Oh, please! Alex thought. "No, a wizard as in potions and brooms and spells," she said pointedly. "Come on. A wizard?" T. J. forced out a chuckle, trying to play innocent. "Hmm." Alex could see T. J. was not going to confess to being a wizard so easily. She shrugged casually."

Charles Lapworth Quotes

"Nothing perhaps has so retarded the reception of the higher conclusions of Geology among men in general, as ... [the] instinctive parsimony of the human mind in matters where time is concerned."

Ludwig Van Beethoven Quotes

"Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears form the eyes of woman."

Mike Rounds Quotes

"We can do things the cheap way, the simple way, for the short-term and without regard for the future. Or, we can make the extra effort, do the hard work, absorb the criticism and make decisions that will cause a better future."

Pierre Cardin Quotes

"The only one who is alive today and still being talked about is Pierre Cardin."

Abigail Thomas Quotes

"For better or for worse, but not for lunch,..."

Joyce DeWitt Quotes

"I mean, sitcoms shouldnt be doing Saturday Night Live. You cant just do bit after bit after bit. You have to string it together with tight writing and performances. Hollywood seems to have forgotten how to do this."

Mario Benedetti Una Mujer Desnuda Y En Lo Oscuro Quotes

"Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro tiene una claridad que nos alumbra de modo que si ocurre un desconsuelo un apagón o una noche sin luna es conveniente y hasta imprescindible tener a mano una mujer desnuda. Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro genera un resplandor que da confianza entonces dominguea el almanaque vibran en su rincon las telarañas y los ojos felices y felinos miran y de mirar nunca se cansan.Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro es una vocación para las manos para los labios es casi un destino y para el corazón un despilfarro una mujer desnuda es un enigma y siempre es una fiesta descifrarlo. Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro genera una luz propia y nos enciende el cielo raso se convierte en cielo y es una gloria no ser inocente una mujer querida o vislumbrada desbarata por una vez la muerte."

Julie Schumacher Quotes

"Believing in books is a lot like believing in God."

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"New York! I say New York, let black blood flow into your blood.Let it wash the rust from your steel joints, like an oil of life Let it give your bridges the curve of hips and supple vines. Now the ancient age returns, unity is restored, The recociliation of the Lion and Bull and Tree Idea links to action, the ear to the heart, sign to meaning. See your rivers stirring with musk alligators And sea cows with mirage eyes. No need to invent the Sirens. Just open your eyes to the April rainbow And your eyes, especially your ears, to God Who in one burst of saxophone laughter Created heaven and earth in six days, And on the seventh slept a deep Negro sleep." - Author: Léopold Sédar Senghor

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"But all at once I realized that it was not my success God had used to enable me to help those in this prison, or in hundreds of others just like it. My life of success was not what made this morning so glorious -- all my achievements meant nothing in Gods economy."No, the real legacy of my life was my biggest failure -- that I was an ex-convict. My greatest humiliation -- being sent to prison -- was the beginning of Gods greatest use of my life; He chose the one thing in which I could not glory for His glory." - Author: Charles Colson

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"A thousand woodpeckers flew in through the window and settled themselves on Pinocchios nose." - Author: Carlo Collodi

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"I talked about 12 to 18 months, and thats about reaffirming our foundation for sustained growth: getting the discipline back, getting the basics right, getting the customer focus back... so by the end of next year, I hope most of thats in place." - Author: Jim Cantalupo

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"If We Cant Find Love In Our Hearts To Help All In Humanity...Then At least Find the Empathy To Stop Keep On Hurting Them!" - Author: Timothy Pina

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"And to this world, to this scene of tormented and agonised beings, who only continue to exist by devouring each other, in which, therefore, every ravenous beast is the living grave of thousands of others, and its self-maintenance is a chain of painful deaths; and in which the capacity for feeling pain increases with knowledge, and therefore reaches its highest degree in man, a degree which is the higher the more intelligent the man is; to this world it has been sought to apply the system of optimism, and demonstrate to us that it is the best of all possible worlds. The absurdity is glaring." - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer

Quotes About Young Love And Heartbreak

"Women love an honest man." - Author: Rita Ora

Quotes About Goal Oriented

"...always been a goal-oriented girl. it was both her strength and her weakness. She had a drive to completion that always gets things done, but it also made her inflexible, and stubborn."-- Everlost" - Author: Neal Shusterman

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"well she was precious like a flowershe grew wild, wild but innocenta perfect prayer in a desperate hourshe was everything beautiful and differentstupid boy, you cant fence that instupid boy, its like holdin back the wind" - Author: Keith Urban

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"Her brown eyes flashed like headlamps on a police cruiser, cameras at a Superbowl kickoff, lightning over Frankensteinscastle." - Author: Dennis Vickers