[TRACY MARANDER: [Kurt Cobain] Was A Really Good Artist. He Would Draw Cartoons With Funny Sayings. I Have This Huge Picture Of This Homeless Guy, And It's A Satirical Thing On How Homeless People Are Mentally Ill, They're Alcoholics, They Had Messed Up Childhoods — But They're Expected To Fend For Themselves In A Box In The Snow.]

Author: Greg Prato Quotes

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Jenna Dewan Quotes

"I really like to act, and I really like to perform. I enjoy producing as well."

Christina Ricci Quotes

"I take Wellbutrin because Im afraid to go into stores. Im afraid people are going to yell at me."

Brian Luke Quotes

"All of us, whether vivisector or vegan, have been subject to mechanisms undercutting sympathy for animals. How long and to what extent we submit to these mechanisms is not a matter of rationality: to cut off our feelings and support animal exploitation is rational, given societal expectations and sanctions; but to assert our feelings and oppose animal exploitation is also rational, given the pain involved in losing our natural bonds with animals. So our task is not to pass judgment on others rationality, but to speak honestly of the loneliness and isolation of anthropocentric society, and of the damage done to every person expected to hurt animals."

Daisy Donovan Quotes

"Working together was a bit of a disaster. Id tell him his ideas were cr*p and hed say the same about mine."

Guy Burt Quotes

"If we could live all our lives in the present, with no recourse to what has gone before or what might yet be, we would be so much the simpler for it. But in fact the here and now of life is all too often the least considered, while thoughts of the past and expectations of the future conspire to tangle our minds with irreconcilable regrets and hopes.""The Hole"

Stanley Plumly Quotes

"The main floor of Penn Station, early,the first commuters arriving, leaving,the man outstretched on his coat,wide circles of survivors forming.Hes half in, half out of his clothes,being kissed and cardio-shocked,though he was likely dead before he landed.This goes on for minutes, minutes more,until the medics unhook the vanished heart,move him onto the cot and cover himwith the snow-depth of a sheetand wheel him the fluorescent lengthof the hall through gray freight doorsthat open on their own and close at will."

John Buford Quotes

"If the regulars are to be put together, I believe they would prefer me to the other Cavalry Commanders."

Winy Maas Quotes

"One is too precious about the past, the other too hungry for the future. One arm being dragged into the past by the ethics of historic preservation, the other being yanked towards a hopeful (bigger, brighter, better) future."

Gero Miesenbock Quotes

"As a general rule, biology tends to be conservative. Its rare that evolution invents the same process several times."

Lawrence Kohlberg Quotes

"Right action tends to be defined in terms of general individual rights and standards that have been critically examined and agreed upon by the whole society."

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"Im a huge Freddie Mercury fan. I think he was the end-all. I love his lack of inhibition, his talent, the chances he took. He made mistakes on his records, and he didnt care." - Author: Harry Connick Jr.

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"Well, it doesnt sound particularly noble and knightly to say youve rescued the Chief Cook and Librarian, does it? And it has cut down on the number of interruptions. I used to get two or three knights a day, and now theres only about one a week. And the ones who do come are at least smart enough to figure out that Im still a princess even if the dragons call me Chief Cook" - Author: Patricia C. Wrede

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"You still should enjoy the beach and going outside. Having a good time at the beach can still include being smart about protecting your skin because getting burned is no fun at all." - Author: Brande Roderick

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"In the past few years, weve been doing amazing stuff with desserts. Pastry chefs have been using herbs and spices in their desserts. So vanilla cake doesnt have to be just vanilla, it can have a little thyme. Or you could have a custard with a little lavender in it, which is just amazing." - Author: Ron Ben Israel

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"David Levithan lives in the best of times and the worst of times, the age of wisdom and the age of foolishness, the epoch of belief and the epoch of incredulity, the season of Light, and the season of Darkness. He has endeavored in this Ghostly little book to raise the Ghost of an Idea which shall not put his readers out of humor with themselves, with each other, with the season, or with him. Whether he shall turn out to the be hero of his own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, time must show." - Author: David Levithan

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"If the meaning of life has become doubtful, if ones relations to others and to oneself do not offer security, then fame is one means to silence ones doubts. It has a function to be compared with that of the Egyptian pyramids or the Christian faith in immortality: it elevates ones individual life from its limitations and instability to the plane of indestructability; if ones name is known to ones contemporaries and if one can hope that it will last for centuries, then ones life has meaning and significance by this very reflection of it in the judgments of others." - Author: Erich Fromm

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"Thank you for the music, Sleater-Kinney. This gang of three was the best American punk rock band ever. Ever." - Author: Rob Sheffield

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"At the moment, if you asked me, I would say that this book is about keeping the heart of flesh in a world that wants to put in a heart of stone; and about how, regardless of the accusations regularly flung at them from all quarters, learning and literature can help their adherents accomplish that." - Author: Pamela Dean

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"Its for my God, the god of dogs, and snakes and dust mites and albino bears and Siamese twins, the god of stars and starships and other dimensions, the god who loves everyone and makes everything marvelous." - Author: Jeanne DuPrau

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"Menulis membebaskanku. Membesarkanku. Memberanikanku. Aku menulis untuk membaca kehidupan. Aku menulis untuk berkaca. Aku menulis untuk melepaskan air mata. Aku menulis untuk menjadikanku manusia. Aku menulis untuk membunuh malam. Aku menulis untuk memaknai hidup. Aku menulis untuk bersyukur. Aku menulis karena menulis menyembuhkan. Aku menulis untuk merapikan masa lalu. Aku menulis karena kata-kata bisa menguatkan. Aku menulis untuk menggali hati nurani. Menulis adalah meditasi." - Author: Iwan Setyawan