[Tradition Whispers That In The Sky Is A Bird, Blue As The Sky Itself, Which Brings To Its Finders Happiness. But Everyone Cannot See It; For Mortal Eyes Are Prone To Be Blinded By The Glitter Of Wealth, Fame, And Position, And Deceived By The Mocking Will-o-Wisp Of Empty Honors. But For The Fortunate Ones Who Seek With Open Eyes And Hearts, With The Artlessness, Simplicity, And Faith Which Are Richest In Childhood, There Is An Undying Promise; And To Them The Blue Bird Lives And Carols, A Rejoicing Symbol Of Happiness And Contentment Unto The End.]

Author: Venice J. Bloodworth Quotes

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"I do identify with St. Patrick, not just in name. He drove the snakes out of Ireland. I intend to drive the snakes out of the State House."

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"To some degree we all find life difficult, perplexing, and oppressive. Even when it goes well, as it may for a time, we worry that it probably wont keep on that way."

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