[Travel [is] Flight And Pursuit In Equal Parts.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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Stephanie Meyer Quotes

"Your Moodswings are kind of giving me whiplash"

Jeff Gordon Quotes

"I dont like to get beat in anything!"

Paulo Coelhos Quotes

"...he learned the most important part of the language that all the world spoke—the language that everyone on earth was capable of understanding in their heart. It was love."

Hal Borland Quotes

"In a painful time of my life I went often to a wooded hillside where May apples grew by the hundreds, and I thought the sourness of their fruit had a symbolism for me. Instead, I was to find both love and happiness soon thereafter. So to me [the May apple] is the mandrake, the love symbol, of the old dealers in plant restoratives."

Joe Cronin Quotes

"I used to pull rank and wait until the wind was blowing out."

Stuart Haddon Quotes

"The Scottish sun, shocked by having its usual cloudy underpinnings stripped away, shone feverishly, embarrassed by its nakedness."

Heather Donahue Quotes

"Were not all nice, and there are a lot of levels of ambition and niceness."

Dick Butkus Quotes

"My thing is trying to convince them they can win."

Christina Davis Quotes

"We are each what never leaves us, what we never seethe back ofis the self. But what loves usis at the back, as Eurydice wasescorting him outwithout his knowing."

Caliente Quotes

"You think too much," she said."OK, no more thinking."

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Quotes About Family Quarrels

"Family quarrels are bitter things. They dont go according to any rules. Theyre not like aches or wounds, theyre more like splits in the skin that wont heal because theres not enough material." - Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Quotes About Joven

"—Yo estoy montado en este animal. Tú estás bastante cerca, y mirando. Sin embargo, crees que el animal está solo. Te equivocas… Atardecido no avanza solo. Yo, un feroz guerrero, estoy escondido en su costado. Y tú que estás allí, y eres un sideresio, no puedes darte cuenta. Atardecido se te acerca. Tú no comprendes el peligro que trae consigo, tú continúas despreocupado. Entonces, cuando estamos suficientemente próximos, aparezco. Sin darte tiempo a nada, cubro a la carrera la corta distancia que nos separa. Caigo sobre ti y tus extrañas armas, y te mato tres veces —Cucub se arrojó contra Dulkancellin, simulado un hacha con su mano—. Mato a este sideresio por el lulu anciano, lo mato por el joven que corría de prisa, lo mato por el águila amiga…" - Author: Liliana Bodoc

Quotes About Expat

"I have to put down roots where I decide to stay. It wasnt enough for me to be an expatriate Indian in Canada. If I cant feel that I can make social, political and emotional commitments to a place, I have to find another place." - Author: Bharati Mukherjee

Quotes About Sidelines

"Aiden already knew he should say his last prayers now. Lex was going to kill him. Slowly.***She was going to kill him. Slowly. Lex sat on the sidelines watching the last game of the night. She hated sitting out, but she had to take her turn." - Author: Camy Tang

Quotes About Shaping

"As women slowly gain power, their values and priorities are reshaping the agenda. A multitude of studies show that when women control the family funds, they generally spend more on health, nutrition, and education - and less on alcohol and cigarettes." - Author: Dee Dee Myers

Quotes About Mean Friendship

"Family. It was just a word…Could see its letters all strung together. But it was a symbol, too. And people thought they knew what it meant…It was a thing everyone had an opinion about—that it was all you had when you didnt have anything else, that family was there, that blood was thicker than water, whatever. But when Nailer thought about it, most of these words and ideas just seemed like good excuses for people to behave badly and get away with it. Family wasnt more reliable than marriages or friendships…maybe less…The blood bond was nothing. It was the people that mattered. If they covered your back, and you covered theirs, then maybe that was worth calling family." - Author: Paolo Bacigalupi

Quotes About Mala Beads

"I remembered the malangs of Shah Jamal, the dirty, shirtless renouncers with ratty beards and dreads and bare chests covered in necklaces of prayer beads, throwing around their arms in Charlie Manson dances and whipping out their old ID cards to say look, I used to be someone and now Im no one, Im so lost in Allah that Ive thrown away the whole world. Would that qualify them as Sufis? I didint know how to measure it. Whether the malangs were Sufi saints or just drugged-out bums didnt really matter. The lesson I took from them was that youre never disqualified from loving Allah, never. And I could see again that what I went through was nothing new, not even anything special in the history of Islam, not a clashing of East and West; it was always there. And that made me feel more Muslim than ever, because fuck it all, CNN, this is Islam too." - Author: Michael Muhammad Knight

Quotes About Conflicting Ideas

"Among so many conflicting ideas and so many different perspectives, the honest man is confused and distressed and the skeptic becomes wicked ... Since one must take sides, one might as well choose the side that is victorious, the side which devastates, loots, and burns. Considering the alternative, it is better to eat than to be eaten." - Author: Napoleon

Quotes About Letra

"[...] si consultáis a los historiadores, veréis que no ha habido príncipes más pestíferos para el Estado que cuando el poder cayó en manos de algún filosofastro o aficionado a las letras." - Author: Desiderius Erasmus

Quotes About Experiencing Life

"Cinema is a territory. It exists outside of movies. Its a place I live in. Its a way of seeing things, of experiencing life. But making films, thats supposed to be a profession." - Author: Leos Carax