[Truth Or Dare?" She Asks. I Hesitate. "Truth," I Say Finally. "I Can Imagine One Of Your Dares, And I Don't Fancy Running Down Oxford Street Naked Tonight." "Truth," Alice Says Slowly, Drawing Out The Vowel Sound As If She's Savouring The Word. "Are You Sure? Are You Sure You Can Be Completely Honest?""I Think So. Try Me.""Okay" And Then She Looks At Me Curiously. "So. Were You Glad, Deep Down? Were You Glad To Be Rid Of Her? Your Perfect Sister? Were You Secretly Glad When She Died?"Katherine Has Moved Away From Her Shattered Family To Start Afresh In Sydney. There She Keeps Her Head Down Until She Is Befriended By The Charismatic, Party-loving Alice, Who Brings Her Out Of Her Shell. But There Is A Dark Side To Alice, Something Seductive Yet Threatening. And As Katherine Learns The Truth About Alice, Their Tangled Destinies Spiral To An Explosive And Devastating Finale.]

Author: Rebecca James Quotes

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"Her eyes lit up with wicked glee. "You know whats easier than trying to sneak in?"I shook my head, her Cheshire grin worrying me."Getting caught on purpose."

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"Did you love well what you very soon left? Come home and take me in your arms and take away this stomach ache, headache, heartache."

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"So if you ask me if Im sad, Ill say yes, Im sadder than Ive ever been in my life. And if you ask me if Im angry, Ill say definitely, because I feel like hes been stolen from me. But most importantly, Im happy. Happy that I was lucky enough to call him my dad and my friend. So happy that it was worth all the struggle, and the fear, and the pain, because without all of that, you can never truly say you experienced the best bits."

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"Maybe love is something were meant to say casually and not regard as a prize from a treasure chest that a person earns."

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"I dont host a show and go, Have you got my best angle?"

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"Competition makes things come out right. Well, what does that mean in health care? More hospitals so they compete with each other. More doctors compete with each other. More pharmaceutical companies. We set up war. Wait a minute, lets talk about the patient. The patient doesnt need a war."

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"Gnosticism is undeniably pre-Christian, with both Jewish and gentile roots. The wisdom of Solomon already contained Gnostic elements and prototypes for the Jesus of the Gospels...God stops being the Lord of righteous deed and becomes the Good One...A clear pre-Christian Gnosticism can be distilled from the epistles of Paul. Paul is recklessly misunderstood by those who try to read anything Historical Jesus-ish into it. The conversion of Paul in the Acts of the Apostles is a mere forgery from various Tanakh passages... [The epistles] are from Christian mystics of the middle of the second century. Paul is thus the strongest witness against the Historical Jesus hypothesis...Johns Gnostic origin is more evident than that of the synoptics. Its acceptance proves that even the Church wasnt concerned with historical facts at all."

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"...architects (should) involve themselves continuously in anticipatory design as recommended by Buckminster Fuller"

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"When Americans find out I grew up in the tenements, the question they invariably ask me is "how did you end up there?" Americans, it seems, find comfort in reasons and explanations. They honestly believe that if they can find the reason for someone elses misfortune, they can avoid that misfortune themselves. If they could find out how I ended up in the tenements, they could assure themselves that it could never have happened to them."

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"The arts (painting, poetry, etc.) are not just these. Eating, drinking, walking are also arts; every act is an art."

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"They say the only way you can truly kill a Celestra is by fire. I would gladly lend myself to the flames to peer down eternally over this sinful disgrace of a planet that houses cowards such as these." - Author: Addison Moore

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"Bėgant metams, ji ims įžvelgti visuose šiuose panašumuose žmonių suvienodėjimą (žmonės norėdami pasibučiuoti visi iki vieno sustoja toje pačioje vietoje, visi rengiasi vienodai, girdami moterį vartoja tas pačias metaforas) ir alinamą įvykių monotoniją (įvykių, kurie yra tik amžinas to paties įvykio pasikartojimas); tačiau būdama paauglė ji kaupia šiuos sutapimus tarsi stebuklą, trokšdama įspėti jų reikšmes." - Author: Milan Kundera

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"Conversion and zealotry, just like revelation and apostasy, are flip sides of the same coin, the currency of a political culture having more in common with religion than rational discourse." - Author: Norman G. Finkelstein

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"By reading quotes i realized that some of them containing simple words, but this simple words could change our lives.how if we read the holy Quran That has the best words , it will change our lives and Our death .Thank God that I was born Muslim" - Author: Abood Dweik

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"Robin used to hate to see me eat. I chewed too long for her taste. One day I figured it out. She had put two and two together. All that chewing! It was the food that was keeping me alive!" - Author: Bill Callahan

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"it will be objected that a constantly increasing population makes resistance and conservation a hopeless battle. this is true. unless a way is found to stabilize the nations population, the parks can not be saved. or anything else worth a damn. wilderness preservation, like a hundred other good causes, will be forgotten under the overwhelming pressure of a struggle for mere survival and sanity in a completely urbanized, completely industrialized, ever more crowded environment. for my own part i would rather take my chances in a thermonuclear war than live in such a world." - Author: Edward Abbey

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"So, " Nathan said, attention focused on Adrian, "now that Vasilisas graduated, what are you going to do with yourself? You arent going to keep slumming with high school students, are you? Theres no point in you being there anymore. " "I dont know, " said Adrian lazily. "I kind of like hanging out with them. They think Im funnier than I really am. " "Unsurprising, " his father replied. "You arent funny at all. Its time you do something productive. If you arent going to go back to college, you should at least start sitting in on some of the family business meetings. Tatiana spoils you, but you could learn a lot from Rufus. " "True, " said Adrian deadpan."Id really like to know how he keeps his two mistresses a secret from his wife. " "Adrian!" snapped Daniella, a flush spilling over her pale cheeks" - Author: Richelle Mead

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"There are two covenants that cease to exist in the Masters Kingdom - death and marriage.""What an appropriate pairing," I muse."He thought so." - Author: Addison Moore

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"People-trafficking is modern day slavery. There are more slaves today than there were at the height of the slave trade." - Author: Ross Kemp

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"Friends are a strange, volatile, contradictory, yet sticky phenomenon. They are made, crafted, shaped, molded, created by focused effort and intent. And yet, true friendship, once recognized, in its essence is effortless.Best friends are formed by time.Everyone is someones friend, even when they think they are all alone.If the friendship is not working, your heart will know. Its when you start being less than perfectly honest and perfectly earnest in your dealings. And its when the things you do together no longer feel right.However, sometimes it takes more effort to make it work after all.Stick around long enough to become someones best friend." - Author: Vera Nazarian