[Two Hungry Wolves Let Loose Among Sheep Are Not More Harmful Then A Person Craving After Wealth And Status Is To His Deen (Religion).]

Author: Al Haafidh Ibn Rajab Al Hanbalee Quotes

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"Invisible beauty exists only in the blind eye."

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"Gods unchanging word equips us to understand His ways and to stand firm in faith."

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"If people suspect their Cattle Bewitched, if they be great Cattle, make the twelfth house their ascendant, and the eleventh their twelfth house, and vary your Rules with Judgment."

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"To force a female to do things in male fashion is not equal opportunity, it is distorted idealism."

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"Halló la espada y la armadura enterradas a diez pasos bajo tierra, enredadas en las raíces de un árbol oscuro partido en la antigüedad por un rayo certero, donde habían anidado diez cuervos de garras blancas."

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"With our Reserve and Guard units playing increasingly important roles in the war on terror and in Iraq, it is unacceptable to make them jump through any unnecessary hurdles."

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"True love will always find its way; No matter what obstacles are in its path. If your love is true; Just wait for it to find you !"

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"So basically, I think music at its best can be everything. It can be totally stupid and very intellectual and emotional at the same time. I dont think all those things shut each other out."

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"What matters poverty? What matters anything to him who is enamoured of our art? Does he not carry in himself every joy and every beauty?"

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"I want to work, but being a mom is my No. 1 priority."

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