[Ty Wiesz: Raz Jeszcze Ciebie Stracic Musze I Nie Moge.Jak Celny Strzal Trafia Mnie I Niepokoikazda Praca, Krzyk Kazdy, A Takze Slonypodmuch, Co To Zawital Znad Brzegów Lecac I Wiosne Ponura Czynina Sottoripa.Kraina Zelastwa I Masztów Lasemsterczacych W Tumanach Wieczoru.Przydlugi Zgrzyt Dobiega Gdzies Z Dali,jak Paznokciem Po Szkle Tak Drazni. Znaku Szukamzagubionego, Jedynej Poreki, Jaka Bez Cieniazalu Zlozylas Mi W Darze.I Pieklo Jest Bez Watpienia.]

Author: Eugenio Montale Quotes

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Les Paul Quotes

"One minute were over here, the next minute were doing something completely different. But its interesting because you are producing so many things you couldnt do with analog."

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Katina Ferguson Quotes

"When you have failed at being nice, youve actually succeeded in being mean. Success is everywhere if you know where to look for it."

Tomas Transtromer Quotes

"I wrote so meagerly to you. But what I couldnt write swelled and swelled like an old-fashioned airship and drifted away at last through the night sky."

John Roos Quotes

"As the U.S. ambassador to Japan, I see this challenge of our younger generations not knowing each other as well as the prior generations."

Denise Dresser Quotes

"Yo creo en el poder de llamar a las cosas por su nombre. De descubrir la verdad aunque haya tantos empeñados en esconderla. [...] Yo creo en la obligación ciudadana de vivir en la indignación permanente: criticando, denunciando, proponiendo, sacudiendo. Porque los buenos gobiernos se construyen con base en buenos ciudadanos y sólo los inconformes lo son. La insatisfacción lleva a la participación; el enojo, a la contribución; el malestar hacia el statu quo, a la necesidad de cambiarlo."

Itxa Bustillo Quotes

"—La gente creerá que somos pareja. —Tímidamente le dije.—Que lo piensen. Cómo nadie nos conoce, entonces no le rendiremos cuentas a nadie.—Algunas jóvenes no dejan de mirarte, no las desilusiones.—Igual, algunos caballeros no te quitan los ojos de encima. —Miraba a su alrededor un tanto serio —Bueno, también se habrán dado cuenta que no soy de aquí.—No, no solo es eso. Es que la belleza de una flor exótica, no puede pasar desapercibida en medio de un campo silvestre. —Murmuró mirándome fijamente a los ojos.Esa frase y su manera de decirlo, la suavidad y la sensualidad en sus palabras me habían idiotizado. Si Loui seguía por ese camino que se había trazado intentando seducirme, en cualquier momento más pronto que tarde lograría que sucumbiera a él. Mis barreras estaban cayendo a sus pies, al igual que mi voluntad y pronto, ante él no sólo desnudaría mi alma sino también mi cuerpo."

Radu Tudoran Quotes

"O cuprinse in brate; parca nu auzise.- Eva, o sa-ti simt lipsa!- Atunci de ce pleci?Îl simti ca se duce departe, de unde poate venise adineauri.- Nu stiu; mi-e teama sa nu ma transform in copac. (Nu glumea, nici nu parea nebun.) Mi-e teama de limitarile spatiului. Trebuie sa plec repede, si mereu, sa ma apar!Nu-l intelegea si nici nu credea ca trebuie sa-l inteleaga. Isi pregatise si ultima miza:- Ia-ma cu tine!Nu-i raspunse; din departarile intunecate unde se chinuise ajungea iar la lumina, in mijlocul camerei. O privea si o adulmeca, mirat de ceea ce gasea iarasi nou in pielea curata, aurita de soare, care tremura sub degetele lui, arzându-l, cum ar fi fost incarcata de electricitate.Tacerea o facu sa spere; in inima incepeau sa i se lipeasca la loc firele rupte si nu indraznea sa spuna nimic, inainte de a simti ca sudura e trainica. Trebuie sa umble incet cu speranta ei, sa n-o destrame."

Holly Morris Quotes

"For me, a diva is not something that lives in the sky. It is a woman who lives on earth. It is a woman who suffers, is a woman who dreams, is woman who wants to struggle. If you ask me if I am a diva, I dont know; but I am a warrior. And the main quality of a diva warrior is not to be scared of life. Not to be scared of the difficulties. Whether you have support or not, whether you have money or not, you need to have spirit."

Rose Bird Quotes

"Its always the minorities who arent a part of the mainstream who define what the limits... of the majority are going to be."

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"Oh,for Gods sake." Frankie rolled his eyes under his green porkpie hat. The color perfectly matched the VINCE stitched onto the pocket of his brown bowling shirt. Frankie is all about vintage chic. "Give me the book.Ill throw it at him."Frankies daring. Hes also conversant in postmodern art and tells me he loves me on a regular basis. He does lie like a rug,but only to people he doesnt care about, like the gym teacher. "Badminton?" he gasped once, early in our friendship, when I assumed Id found a gym partner (him) who would actually talk to me. "And risk this nose?"Its a good nose. In a really, really good face." - Author: Melissa Jensen

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"...and the Sunday the bishop came you couldnt see Halleys Comet any more and you saw the others being confirmed and it lasted for hours because there were a lot of little girls being confirmed too and all you could hear was mumble mumble this thy child mumble mumble this thy child and you wondered if youd be alive next time Halleys Comet came round" - Author: John Dos Passos

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"As if I feared that the scope of what I could feel and imagine was being quietly limited by the world within a world, the internet. The things outside of the web were becoming further from me, and everything inside it seemed piercingly relevant. The blogs of strangers had to be read daily, and people nearby who had no web presence were becoming almost cartoonlike, as if they were missing a dimension. It was just happening, like time, like geography. The web seemed so inherently endless that it didnt occur to me what wasnt there. My appetite for pictures and videos and news and music was so gigantic now that if something was shrinking, something immesurable, how would I notice?...Most of life is offline, and I think it always will be; eating and aching and sleeping and loving happen in the body. But its not impossible to imagine loosing my appetite for those things; they arent always easy, and they take so much time." - Author: Miranda July

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"The truth about our own modest contribution might immobilize us: much easier then, to tell ourselves a story about how much we make our own reality." - Author: David Whyte

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"Go back and rid the word of that book. Fill it with words before spring comes, or winter will never end for you. And I will take not only your life for the Adderheads but your daughters, too, because she helped you bind the book. Do you undersand, Bluejay"Why two?" asked Mo hoarsely. "How can you ask for two lives in return for one?" - Author: Cornelia Funke