[Ultimately, Intellectual Work Of This Sort Is Its Own Reward, Because It Is Focused On The Only One Whose Recognition Is Important, The One Before Whom All Hearts Are Open.]

Author: Mark A. Noll Quotes

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Ellen Douglas Quotes

"When she thinks a book is very good, what she says to herself is: yes, thats how things are. I hadnt thought of it before, but thats how things are."

Lisa L Wiedmeier Quotes

"If I could have looked into the future to see what I would have become, I wouldnt have become the person I was always meant to be. ~ lw"

David Lipsky Quotes

"David Foster Wallace: Because Id like to be the sort of person who can enjoy things at the time instead of having to go back in my head and enjoy them then."

A Samad Said Quotes

"Lidah boleh dipercaya waktu merasa;wajar dicuriga sebaik bersuara."

Charlotte Sullivan Quotes

"Since I was a kid, Ive had this morbid fascination with dark and scary subject matter."

Pat Mora Quotes

"I did realize, as do you, how blessed I was to know bookjoy, the private pleasure of savoring text."

Zebulon Pike Quotes

"If we go to Chihuahua we must be considered as prisoners of war?"

Michael W Smith Quotes

"Doing the instrumental thing, youre really looking for the power of the melody to carry the record."

Portuguese Proverb Quotes

"Visits always give pleasure--if not the arrival, the departure."

George Sutherland Quotes

"For the saddest epitaph which can be carved in memory of a vanished freedom is that it was lost because its possessors failed to stretch forth a saving hand while there was still time."

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Quotes About Epicurus Evil

"Epicuruss old questions are still unanswered: Is he (God) willing to prevent evil, but not able? then he is impotent. Is he able, but not willing? then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? then whence evil?" - Author: David Hume

Quotes About Security Systems

"As we drank champagne in the lounge, I explained that I had earned special privileges by being particularly vigilant and observant of rules and procedures on previous flights, and by making a substantial number of helpful suggestions regarding check-in procedures, flight scheduling, pilot training, and ways in which security systems might be subverted. I was no longer expected to offer advice, having contributed "enough for a lifetime of flying." - Author: Graeme Simsion

Quotes About Punches

"Every time you tell a lie an angel punches a unicorn in the face with a kitten." - Author: Dave Turner

Quotes About Latino Culture

"I struggled with being a Latino growing up in Los Angeles. I felt very American. I still do. I went to 35 bar mitzvahs before I went to a single quinceanera. I could talk all day about my culture and what it means to me." - Author: America Ferrera

Quotes About Real Estate Brokers

"In the commercial real estate business, brokers spearhead major accounts. But they wouldnt have customers without the people who oversee construction." - Author: Roger Staubach

Quotes About Joy And Life

"When I ask, "What are you afraid of?" Im asking, "What is it that immobilizes you? What is stealing your joy and destroying your hope? What is robbing you of sleep, night after night? What keeps you from living by faith and being a risk taker? What keeps you from giving your life wholly to a loving God who wants nothing but the best for you?" - Author: David Jeremiah

Quotes About Rejoicing With Others

"When society was patriarchal, as it was in the New Testament context and as it has been everywhere in the world except in modern society in our day, the church avoided scandal by going along with it - fundamentally evil as patriarchy was and is. Now, however, that modern society is at least officially egalitarian, the scandal is that the church is NOT going along with society, not rejoicing in the unprecedented freedom to let women and men serve according to gift and call without an arbitrary gender line. This scandal impedes both the evangelism of others and the edification - the retention and development of faith - of those already converted." - Author: John G. Stackhouse Jr.

Quotes About Not Using Drugs

"To put someone in jail for using drugs in the privacy of his hotel room is just barbaric." - Author: Danny Sugerman

Quotes About Israeli Palestinian Conflict

"We are very serious about imposing weapons restrictions on the PFLP and other Palestinian groups operating from their camps in Lebanon." - Author: Walid Jumblatt

Quotes About Her Beautiful Smile

"It draws you in. You twist your mind into new shapes. You start to understand Caverna . . . and you fall in love with her. Imagine the most beautiful woman in the world, but with tunnels as her long, tangled, snake-like hair. Her skin is dappled in trap-lantern gold and velvety black, like a tropical frog. Her eyes are cavern lagoons, bottomless and full of hunger. When she smiles, she has diamonds and sapphires for teeth, thousands of them, needle-thin.""But that sounds like a monster!" "She is. Caverna is terrifying. This is love, not liking. You fear her, but she is all you can think about." - Author: Frances Hardinge