[Ultimately, Intellectual Work Of This Sort Is Its Own Reward, Because It Is Focused On The Only One Whose Recognition Is Important, The One Before Whom All Hearts Are Open.]

Author: Mark A. Noll Quotes

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"In a photo shoot, you have to be very comfortable in your own skin. Its all about confidence-boosting and putting on armor."

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"Maybe life isnt about the answers, but rather the adventure."

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"I feel theres everything to do yet."

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"Directors who turn into big babies and shut out criticism stop learning."

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"Your disrespect for me is apparent. You never respected me when I think about it and you never liked me. But Im the parent and youre the child and it is not your job to love me the way I love you. My love for you is unconditional and no matter what you decide in your life I will love you. Doesnt mean I have to like it, but I will always love you. Love, Dad"

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"You must see first before you can believe."

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"Fittings are boring, but its fun when you get to wear something new and go to a new event. I have a massive say in what I wear - I work really closely with my stylist."

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"Im kind of a private person in a way."

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"None of us have a real name, Leonidas, just names we like and names people give us."

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"I made a circle with a smile for a mouth on yellow paper, because it was sunshiny and bright."

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"I think we need a little more rallying around the dumpee. If you were a woman and Id told you that the third guy in eighteen months had broken up with me, right now wed be drinking lemon drop martinis and giving each other female empowerment pep talks about how we dont need a man in our lives to feel complete. And then wed watch The Notebook and drool over Ryan Gosling.""Sorry, babe. But when they handed out best friends you drew the straw with a penis attached. That means no Ryan Gosling." - Author: Julie James

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"Ill be as loving as you will be, as stubborn as I know you are, as passionate as Im thankful you are and as supportive and understanding as Ive known you to be. You are my best friend and I love you" - Author: Danielle Claude Ngontang Mba

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"Without a doubt, my richest relationships are my long-term friendships with musical partners, because we make music together. Thats what we love to do with our lives." - Author: Chick Corea

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"Quizá no haya nada en el mundo que me interese tanto como este sentimiento de aventura. Pero viene cuando quiere; y se va tan rápido, que me deja agotado. ¿Me hará estas breves visitas irónicas para demostrarme que he frustado mi vida?" - Author: Jean Paul Sartre

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"youre Shane, right?He inched away from her and managed a quick nod as he twisted the rag he held in his fingers. Heidi sad you were willing to teach me how to ride. Her expression shifted from entertained to confused, as if she was wondering why no one had mentioned he was a can or two shy of a six-pack. A horse, he clarified, then wanted to kick himself. What else but a horse? Did he think she was here to learn to ride his mothers elephant? One corner of Annabelles perfect, full mouth twitched. A horse would be good. You seem to have several.He wanted to remind himself that he was usually fine around women. Smooth even. He was intelligent, funny and could, on occasion, be charming. Just not now, with his blood pumping and his brain doing nothing more than shouting "its her, its her" over and over again. Chemistry, he thought grimly. It could turn the smartest man into a drooling idiot. Here he was, proving the theory true." - Author: Susan Mallery

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"I am forty years old now, and you know forty years is a whole lifetime; you know it is extreme old age. To live longer than forty years is bad manners, is vulgar, immoral. Who does live beyond forty? Answer that, sincerely and honestly. I will tell you who do: fools and worthless fellows. I tell all old men that to their face, all these venerable old men, all these silver-haired and reverend seniors! I tell the whole world that to its face! I have a right to say so, for I shall go on living to sixty myself. To seventy! To eighty!" - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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"Words are not just wind. Words have something to say. But if what they have to say is not fixed, then do they really say something? Or do they say nothing? People suppose that words are different from the peeps of baby birds, but is there any difference, or isnt there? What does the Way rely upon, that we have true and false? What do words rely upon, that we have right and wrong? How can the Way go away and not exist? How can words exist and not be acceptable? When the Way relies on little accomplishments and words reply on vain show, then we have rights and wrongs of the Confucians and the Mo-ists. What one calls right the other calls wrong; what one calls wrong the other calls right. But if we want to right their wrongs and wrong their rights, then the best to use is clarity." - Author: Zhuangzi

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"Its beautiful," said Mort softly. "What is it?"THE SUN IS UNDER THE DISC, said Death."Is it like this every night?"EVERY NIGHT, said Death. NATURES LIKE THAT."Doesnt anyone know?"ME. YOU. THE GODS. GOOD, ISNT IT?"Gosh!"Death leaned over the saddle and looked down at the kingdoms of the world.I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU, he said, BUT I COULD MURDER A CURRY." - Author: Terry Pratchett

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"Flute Notes from a Reedy Pond"Now coldness comes sifting down, layer after layer, To our bower at the lily root. Overhead the old umbrellas of summer Wither like pithless hands. There is little shelter. Hourly the eye of the sky enlarges its blank Dominion. The stars are no nearer. Already frog-mouth and fish-mouth drink The liquor of indolence, and all thing sink Into a soft caul of forgetfulness. The fugitive colors die. Caddis worms drowse in their silk cases, The lamp-headed nymphs are nodding to sleep like statues. Puppets, loosed from the strings of the puppetmaster Wear masks of horn to bed. This is not death, it is something safer. The wingy myths wont tug at us anymore: The molts are tongueless that sang from above the water Of golgotha at the tip of a reed, And how a god flimsy as a babys finger Shall unhusk himself and steer into the air." - Author: Sylvia Plath

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"I emphasize the distinction between brackets and no brackets because it will affect your reading experience, if you will allow it. Brackets are exciting. Even though you are approaching Sappho in translation, that is no reason you should miss the drama of trying to read a papyrus torn in half or riddled with holes or smaller than a postage stamp--brackets imply a free space of imaginal adventure." - Author: Anne Carson