[Understand Where It Is You Want To Go. Then Picture Yourself There. If You Can Picture Yourself There, Then You Can Be There. Bottom Line.]

Author: Cyndi Lauper Quotes

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Steve Martin Quotes

"I like a woman with a head on her shoulders. I hate necks."

Francesc Miralles Quotes

"La conciencia de lo fácil que era morir me erizó la piel. Aunque lo sabía por experiencia propia, me impresionaba que la frontera entre la vida y la muerte fuera tan fina. La fragilidad de la vida. [pp.151]"

Olafur Eliasson Quotes

"Every city is always changing, on its own trajectory."

Kimon Nicolaides Quotes

"All that you need in the way of technique for drawing is bound up in thetechnique of seeing - that is, of understanding, which after all is mainlydependent on feeling. If you attempt to see in the way prescribed by anymechanical system of drawing, old or new, you will lose the understanding ofthe fundamental impulse. Your drawing becomes a meaningless diagramand the time so spent is wasted."

Gregg Krech Quotes

"Today a potato, a tomato, some wheat, lettuce, rice, a banana, and blueberries lost their lives for my sake."

David Amram Quotes

"Even before he had one book published, Jack was one of those people you could feel was very special."

Barry Williams Quotes

"Tiger the dog had a showdown with a fast moving flower truck in the middle of the street and lost."

Jethro Tull Quotes

"Well, maybe he was Jesus but his hair could have used a comb."

Sam Elliott Quotes

"I think I might have been a more interesting actor, had more of a career earlier on, if I had more formal preparation. When I see something ten years later that I was in I think, Boy, would I love to do that over."

Gellu Naum Quotes

"Schizofrenia pana la ultima ei limita, refuzul total al oricarei realitati decat cea a visului, al oricarui adevar decat al viziunii."

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Quotes About The Future

"The key to making healthy decisions is to respect your future self. Honor him or her. Treat him or her like you would treat a friend or a loved one. A Stanford study showed that those who saw a photo of their future self made smarter financial decisions." - Author: A. J. Jacobs

Quotes About Erik Erikson

"ERIK ERIKSON, ONE OF the most innovative psychoanalysts of the twentieth century, wrote about these moments of existential review in his work on the human life cycle. He famously argued that all of us go through eight stages of development, each marked by a specific conflict." - Author: Jennifer Senior

Quotes About Not Understanding Guys

"She went on, "Yes, Porter and I did discuss divorce, and we realized we loved each other too much to do anything so silly.""Thats got to be a comfort to you now," I said. "I can imagine how painful it would be to have someone you care for die with a lot of unresolved --""Yes!" she exclaimed. "That is exactly right!" She gave me an approving lashless gaze."See, gay guys always understand these things!""Were born with that understanding gene," I said." - Author: Josh Lanyon

Quotes About Mitchell

"I remember Mitchell Sanders sitting quietly in the shade of an old banyan tree. He was using a thumbnail to pry off the body lice, working slowly, carefully depositing the lice in a blue USO envelope. His eyes were tired. It had been a long two weeks in the bush. After an hour or so he sealed up the envelope, wrote FREE in the upper right-hand corner, and addressed it to his draft board in Ohio." - Author: Tim OBrien

Quotes About Mama Africa

"The Cold War was waged in a particularly brutal and cynical way in Africa, and Africa seemed powerless to do anything to stop it." - Author: Ryszard Kapuscinski

Quotes About Lonely But Happy

"My Life is a barren and lonely one, and so full of work that I have not had much time for friendships...I have known so many good people and seen such nobility that I feel more than ever-and it has grown with my advancing years-the lonliness of my life. Believe, me, then, that I come here full of respect for you, and you have given me hope-hope, not in what I am seeking of, but that there are good women still left to make life happy." Dr Van Helsing to Mia Seward." - Author: Bram Stoker

Quotes About Cook And Love

"(Lily and Rule discussing wedding plans...)"You want to get married by Carl?""Your fathers cook?""Yes, and Ive been wanting to talk about the doves.""Doves." Her eyes widened in horror. "My mother wanted doves.""Perhaps she had a point. Wouldnt it look splendid, releasing a few dozen white doves all at once to carry our message of hope and love up to --""Your are so full of shit." But she started laughing. "Doves, sure. Our guests would love some flying hors doeuvres. Maybe we should have some cute little bunnies for them to chase after the ceremony instead of cake, sending our message of fuzzy, yummy love to flesh eaters everywhre." - Author: Eileen Wilks

Quotes About Hermaphrodites

"My advice to writers just starting out? Dont use semi-colons! They are transvestite hermaphrodites, representing exactly nothing. All they do is suggest you might have gone to college." - Author: Kurt Vonnegut

Quotes About Evolutionary

"I could never feel like that about any public issue. Sometimes I wish I could. For me, if Im honest, politics is background, news, almost entertainment. Something you switch on and off, like the TV. What I really worry about, what I cant switch off at will is, oh, sex, or dying or losing my hair. Private things. Were private people, arent we, our generation? We make a clear distinction between private and public life; and the important things, the things that make us happy or unhappy are private. Live is private. Property is private. Parts are private. Thats why the young radicals call for fucking in the streets. Its not just a cheap shock-tactic. Its a serious revolutionary proposition." - Author: David Lodge

Quotes About Two Brothers

"The two brothers who sought to get their only family back, to feel her warmth, one lost his last family member and the other could never feel warmth again.The one who wanted her baby back lost chance of having one again,And the one who had a vision to see his country change became blind." - Author: Hiromu Arakawa