[Unless There Is A Strong Sense Of Place There Is No Travel Writing, But It Need Not Come From Topographical Description; Dialogue Can Also Convey A Sense Of Place. Even So, I Insist, The Traveler Invents The Place. Feeling Compelled To Comment On My Travel Books, People Say To Me, "I Went There"---China, India, The Pacific, Albania-- "and It Wasn't Like That." I Say, "Because I Am Not You.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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"You know what I figured out?"I hate this part." Dr. Martin leaned back in his chair. "It means Im about to lose income or Im about to learn what a crappy shrink I am." (276)"

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"That cake tasted good. But the cake in the garbage tasted better. It was the best cake I ever ate."

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"Pattie helped me understand that you can provide someone with food and shelter, train them in a skill for employment, even offer professional treatment for an addictions, but these acts dont necessarily reach down to that place inside a person where fear, shame, guilt, hurt, and hopelessness wreak havoc. Patties greatest need was to be seen, and then to be loved, accepted and validated."

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"Do you trust me, Sam?""Yeah, of course I do. Whats that got to do with the letter opener in your hand youre brandishing like a weapon?"

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"If someone is expressing everything I am feeling at the moment, its probably Jon Stewart. I hear him and think, Yeah!"

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"I began to watch places with an interest so exact it might have been memory. There was that street corner, with the small newsagent which sold copies of the Irish Independent and honeycomb toffee in summer. I could imagine myself there, a child of nine, buying peppermints and walking back down by the canal, the lock brown and splintered as ever, and boys diving from it. It became a powerful impulse, a slow intense reconstruction of a childhood which had never happened. A fragrance or a trick of light was enough. Or a house I entered which I wanted not just to appreciate but to remember, and then I would begin."

Gilbert Newton Lewis Quotes

"Since hydrogen is a constituent of most of our electrolytic solvents, the definition of an acid or base as a substance which gives up or takes up hydrogen ion would be more general than the one we used before, but it would not be universal."

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"Music is a second language to my heart."

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"Consumption.And if the culture doesnt have a vision for the human person, it certainly doesnt have a vision for the family. In fact, the culture would prefer that every family be broken, because a broken family needs two dishwashers, two lawnmowers, ant two of almost everything else. And if culture could break families up two, three, four ways, it would prefer that."

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"She felt like a woman on fire. Would it be bad to have sex with Santa in the closet?"

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"...so claimd are the Surveyors in their contra-solar Return by Might-it-bes, and If-it-weres, - not to mention What-was-thats." - Author: Thomas Pynchon

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"for meobedience to another is the decay of self.for though every being is similareach being is differentand to herd our differencesunder one lawdegrades each self." - Author: Charles Bukowski

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"The way to break the cycle is to kill every single one of the bastards that fucked you over. Every last one of them. Kill them all. Kill their mother, kill their brothers, kill their children, kill their dog." - Author: Mark Lawrence

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"The fact that A Dirty Job has comedy and supernatural horror in it, that both are woven in and out of it with a whimsical tone, despite the fact that its about death, makes it hard to characterize with standard genre labels - but I have no problem with that. Id call it a funny story about death, and leave it at that." - Author: Christopher Moore

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"My loyalties will not be bound by national borders, or confined in time by one nations history, or limited in the spiritual dimension by one language and culture. I pledge my allegiance to the damned human race, and my everlasting love to the green hills of Earth, and my intimations of glory to the singing stars, to the very end of space and time." - Author: Edward Abbey

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"Live. How many of us need to be reminded that living has nothing to do with trying to be as good as someone else, or trying to fit into some category, or filling in the blanks on some stupid checklist. That it has nothing to do with punishing yourself for past mistakes." - Author: Suzanne Selfors

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"After Jackie Robinson the most important black in baseball history is Reggie Jackson, I really mean that." - Author: Reggie Jackson

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"The fact that students passed him by in uniform and he was standing there in torn jeans and faded old concert T-shirt made me smile. The rebel in me could totally relate.I stopped in front of him. "Theyre not going to let you stay in school dressed like that. I got a huge lecture for wearing a black shirt the other day."He glanced my outfit, which didnt really diverge from my normal fashion, and arched an eyebrow. Black cargo pants, white tank, grey zip-up hoodie, with a blade strapped to my thigh and a dagger in my boot."What? Pants are black. Shirt is white. Blade stays." I grinned wider. "Because Im special." - Author: Kelly Keaton

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"Then is courtesy a turncoat. But it is certain I am loved of all ladies, only you excepted: and I would I could find in my heart that I had not a hard heart; for, truly, I love none. Beatrice: A dear happiness to women: they would else have been troubled with a pernicious suitor. I thank God and my cold blood, I am of your humour for that: I had rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me. -Much Ado About Nothing" - Author: William Shakespeare

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"Blue is for cruel bargains; green is for daring what you oughtnt; violet is for brute force. I will say to you: Coral coaxes; pink insists; red compels. I will say to you: You are dear to me as attar of roses. Please do not get eaten." - Author: Catherynne M. Valente