[Vendors Still Shivering In The Still-cool Air Gathered Around Me, Pushing Their Wares-chewing Gum, Biscuits, Baby Rattles, Cigarettes, Sold Individually Or By The Pack. I Didn't Want Anything, But They Kept Standing There; They Had Nothing Else To Do. A White Man Is Such An Anomaly, A Foundling From Another Planet, That Is It Possible To Stare At Him With Interest Almost Forever.]

Author: Ryszard Kapuściński Quotes

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"I think architects are often at their best when faced with restraints."

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"Wainscott, Deepspace Operations Group, said the man. ‘Wasnt here, dont exist, pleased to meet you."

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"I hate to hear Less is more. Its a crock of crap."

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"Bond was how Fleming saw himself; the sardonic, cruel mouth, the hard, tight skinned face."

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"Also, most people read fiction as an escape - and I wonder whether my books arent a bit too grounded in reality to reach the widest possible audience."

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"Weve been had."

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"You and I may look at a banana and see a banana. If forced to come up with something more inventive to do with it, perhaps wed mash it up, or maybe wed dip it in chocolate, and say What a good boy am I."

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"Harold Wilson is going around the country stirring up apathy."

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"I shall never cease to marvel at the way we beg for love and tyranny."

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