[Want My Mouth Between Your Legs? Want Me To Suck You Off Again And Again?"His Voice Grew Deep And Husky, And She Knew He Was As Affected By His Graphic Talk As She Was."I Can Tast You Already. You're Wet For Me, Aren't You? I'm Going To Bury My Tongue In Your Pussy And Eat You Until My Cock Is Ready To Explode."He Backed Toward The House As She Climbed Out Of The Vehicle."And Then I'm Going To Flip You Over And Fuck You, Long And Hard."She Growled Low In Her Throat And Stalked Him, Thinking She Could Pounce When He Stopped To Unlock The Front Door. Good Thing They Didn't Have Neighbors, Because She Was Ripping Off Her Top And He Was Rubbing His Dick, And Fuck, They'd Had Some Intense Sex Over The Last Couple Of Years, But This Was Going To Blow The Lid Off All Those Other Times."You Want It, Baby?" He Murmured, As He Jerked Himself With Long, Tantalizing Pulls."You Want This Buried So Deep You Can Taste It When I Come?]

Author: Sydney Croft Quotes

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