[Was It All Inevitable, John?" Reeve Was Pushing His Fingers Across The Floor Of The Cell, Seated On His Haunches. I Was Lying On The Mattress.Yes," I Said. "I Think It Was. Certainly, It's Written That Way. The End Of The Book Is There Before The Beginning's Hardly Started.]

Author: Ian Rankin Quotes

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"In the symphony of love, the lost chord is a small organ lying somewhat north of the vagina."

Samora Machel Quotes

"Salaries and wages must reflect the reality of the enterprises economic performance; deviations from the planned performance should be reflected in pay."

Bernard Wolfe Quotes

"Any ceremony performed in the absence of reasonable knowledge as to cause and effect is magic."

April E Brucker Quotes

"If people-young and old-can get one thing from my book I hope it is this: that there dream do count, no matter how big or small."

Herbert A Simon Quotes

"...a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention..."

Hannu Kankaanpaa Quotes

"Keväälle joka vanhentaa väsyneetja merelle joka muistaa kaikenkatseelle joka yhä hyväksyyja lapsen silmien sirkkelillejoka kiljuen viipaloi aikuisettekosyytIlolle joka kantaa askeltakun ankarin on vasta edessätai pakolle joka niskaan hönkiija hulluudelle joka vaakaa heiluttaakun ruuvi ratisee ja irtoaaNiille jotka eivät suostu hyppimäänyhtä jalkaa ruudusta ruutuun- siis tiiliseinille ja paukapäilleja tosilumelle unten pakastimessaja Kaivopuiston tai Moherinkalliollemissä talvien odotus täyttyy"

Chiki101 Quotes

"The only darkness you must fear is the the one that burns in your soul." *Chiki101*"

Jessica Scott Quotes

"Seeing how Ive held your penis in my hand, I think that puts you firmly in the not a stranger category."

Anton Corbijn Quotes

"Apart from photography and music videos, I also do graphic design."

GL Breedon Quotes

"Thats crazy," Gabriel said. "We must be seventy million years in the past.""Nearly a hundred and twenty-five million," Ohin said. "It seems far, but time is really interrelational. Every moment is just as far from every other."Right," Gabriel said. "Of course. That makes perfect sense." Sema was right. He was at a breaking point. And he broke right past it. His eyes rolled up in his head and he passed out, falling back into the mattress of the bed."

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"Cînd o mamă nu mai e în stare să-şi recunoască fiul înseamnă că şi-a isprăvit menirea pe pâmînt." - Author: Albert Camus

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"If the graves of the thousands of victims who have fallen in the terrible wars of the two races had been placed in line the philanthropist might travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the Lakes to the Gulf, and be constantly in sight of green mounds." - Author: Nelson A. Miles

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"The journalistic code of ethics governing the broadcasts requires that opposing views be presented, and that journalists personal opinions or judgments be left out of factual reporting." - Author: Sheri Fink

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"In the world of journalism, the personal Web site ("blog") was hailed as the killer of the traditional media. In fact it has become hailed as the killer of the traditional media. In fact it has become something quite different. Far from replacing newspapers and magazines, the best blogs-and the best are very clever- have become guides to them, pointing to unusual sources and commenting on familiar ones. They have become mediators for the informed public." - Author: Fareed Zakaria

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"She had always been comforted by confectionery" - Author: Sue Townsend

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"But in the West few men would risk bothering a woman. It was the one thing the frontier would not accept - Kilkenny" - Author: Louis LAmour

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"If I came in to recruit your son, I would tell you, your wife, and your son, that I will be the most demanding coach your son can play for." - Author: Bobby Knight

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"Menaklukan diri sendiri adalah kemenangan yang paling akbar." - Author: Plato

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"American capitalism is derided for its superficial banality, yet it has unleashed profound, convulsive social change. Condemned as mindless materialism, it has burst loose a flood tide of spiritual yearning. The civil rights movement and the sexual revolution, environmentalism and feminism, the fitness and health-care boom and the opening of the gay closet, the withering of censorship and the rise of a "creative class" of "knowledge workers" – all are the progeny of widespread prosperity." - Author: Brink Lindsey

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"Why cant I be admitted to the ... bosom of the operation?" I leaned toward him but almost started to laugh because "bosom" was such a funny word and my innuendo was more Tina Fey than Angelina Jolie." - Author: Claire Gillian