[We All Want To Escape Our Circumstances, Don't We? Especially If You Are An Actor.]

Author: Benedict Cumberbatch Quotes

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Diane Duane Quotes

"So You Want To Be A Wizard?"

Paul Goble Quotes

"We did not think of the great open plains, the beautiful rolling hills and the winding streams with tangled growth, as wild. Only to the white man was nature a wilderness and only to him was the land infested with wild animals and savage people. To us it was home. Earth was beautiful and we were surrounded with the blessings of the Great Mystery." - Chief Standing River of the Lakota"

Sarah Vowell Assassination Vacation Quotes

"...I am not a bed-and breakfast person. I understand why other people would want to stay in B&Bs. Theyre pretty. Theyre personal. Theyre "quaint," a polite way of saying "no TV." They are "romantic," i.e., every object large enough for a flower to be printed on it is going to have a flower printed on it. Theyre "cozy," meaning that a guest has to keep her belongings on the floor because every conceivable flat surface is covered in knickknacks, except for the one knickknack she longs for, a remote control."

Danny Brown Quotes

"Yeah, Dizzee Rascal is a huge influence on what Im doing. I learnt a lot from him even though hes younger than me."

Salvador Plascencia Quotes

"I am gone tomorrow. And there and gone again by the time you read this."

Robert Conrad Quotes

"Im satisfied its very black, meaning in the black."

Jacqueline Sauvageau Quotes

"You dont lose a partner youve been with for 30-odd years and just wake up one day with a smile."

Jake Owen Quotes

"I look at my little girl and I wonder what shes going to be and what shes going to do and what is it that leads girls certain directions in life. I think a lot of that goes back to what kind of father they had, and so it makes me want to be the best dad I can possibly be."

Ananya Dwivedi Quotes

"If you are not proving yourself, you are proving yourself!"

Rafael Cruz Quotes

"As God commands us men to teach your wife, to teach your children - to be the spiritual leader of your family - youre acting as a priest. Now, unfortunately, unfortunately, in too many Christian homes, the role of the priest is assumed by the wife."

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Quotes About Flowers And Weeds

"Kind hearts are the gardens, Kind thoughts are the roots, Kind words are the flowers, Kind deeds are the fruits, Take care of your garden And keep out the weeds, Fill it with sunshine, Kind words, and Kind deeds." - Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Quotes About Telling The Truth Tumblr

"For double are the portals of flickering dreams.One set is made of horn, the other of ivory.And as for those that come through the sawn ivory,They deceive, carrying words that will not be fulfilled;But those that pass on outside through the polished hornDo fulfill the truth whenever any mortal sees them." - Author: Homer

Quotes About Christian Gratefulness

"How often, in our Christian lives, do we settle for a "snack"--something quick--instead of feasting on all we have in Jesus? Are we looking into the Word, considering all we have been given, gazing at the cross in gratefulness? Jesus didnt just set us free from bondage-- He gave us an inheritance. He didnt simply pay our debt-- He gave us His bank account of righteousness. He didnt merely release us from Satans grip--He asked us to be His bride. He takes us from dungeon to palace. Ashes to beauty. Rejected to cherished. Starving to feasting." - Author: Grace Mally

Quotes About Huck Lying

"Yeah, I guess I do." My heart plummets again. "Or I did. Maybe I still do. I dont know. But I didnt bring her to the dance. I brought you. It seems I spend all my time with you.""Why is that?" Im genuinely curious but aware that I could be opening a door I dont want opened. I quickly rephrase. "I mean, why do you want to?"He looks thoughtful."Youre funny," he finally says. "I laugh a lot when Im with you. I always have fun when Im with you. And you try to hide it, but youre actually pretty sweet.""Thats a horrible thing to say," I say petulantly, crossing my arms tightly again. He chuckles."And youre really smart.""Now I know youre lying.""You are. But you try to hide that as well. And youre pretty.""Worse and worse," I moan. He grins."And when Im with you, I dont want to be anywhere else or with anyone else." - Author: Cindy C. Bennett

Quotes About Abused Men

"Often men who have been emotionally neglected and abused as children by dominating mothers bond with assertive women, only to have their childhood feelings of being engulfed surface. While they could not smash their mommy and still receive love, they find that they can engage in intimate violence with partners who respond to their acting out by trying harder to connect with them emotionally, hoping that the love offered in the present will heal the wounds of the past. If only one party in the relationship is working to create love, to create the space of emotional connection, the dominator model remains in place and the relationship just becomes a site for continuous power struggle." - Author: Bell Hooks

Quotes About Horde

"After all, what is every man? A horde of ghosts – like a Chinese nest of boxes – oaks that were acorns that were oaks. Death lies behind us, not in front – in our ancestors, back and back until..." - Author: Walter de la Mare

Quotes About Purpose And Vision

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary." - Author: Cecil Beaton

Quotes About Salvaging

"Where recyling takes place only in response to political pressures and exhortations, it need not meet the test of being incrementally worth its incremental costs. Accordingly, studies of government-imposed recycling programs in the United States have shown that what they salvage is usually worth less than the cost of salvaging it." - Author: Thomas Sowell

Quotes About Alpin

"Skiing is the pleasurable part of alpinism - way more pleasurable and fun than alpine climbing." - Author: Michael Kennedy

Quotes About Manly Family

"Obligingly, visions of sports cars dancing in his head, Theo plopped down on the couch. "Can welook at convertibles? Itd be so cool to tool around with the top down. Chicks really dig on that.""Jeez, Theo." Maddy turned herself around until she was kneeling, her hands resting on Davidsknees. "You dont score a convertible by telling him youre going to use it to pick up girls. Anyway,shut up so Dad can tell us how he wants to ask Ms. Giambelli to marry him."Davids grin at the first half of her statement faded. "How the hell do you do that?" he demanded."Its spooky.""Its just following logic. Thats what you wanted to tell us, right?""I wanted to talk to you about it. Any point in doing that now?""Dad." Theo gave him a manly pat. "Its cool.""Thank you, Theo. Maddy?""When you have a family, youre supposed to stay with them. Sometimes people dont—""Maddy—""Uh-uh." She shook her head. "Shell stay because she wants to. Maybe sometimes thats better." - Author: Nora Roberts