[We Are All Born Mad. Some Remain So.]

Author: Samuel Beckett Quotes

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Jimmy Smith Quotes

"I did my first recording. It was called The Champ."

Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson Quotes

"Was that part of faith, the willingness to step into the unknown and simply believe that God would be there with us? Would I be called on to do that for Mila? Or for Anna? Would I be able to take that step into thin air and believe that God will be with me no matter what?"

Eamonn Walker Quotes

"I do my work and do the best I can. Im quite happy with my anonymity. All I can ever hope for is that I continue to do great work that will be remembered, and I leave my imprint so that my son can say proudly, Thats my dad!"

Bruce Boudreau Quotes

"Every name looks fashionable when its etched in silver. (Stanley Cup)"

David Morrissey Quotes

"Im a massive fan of Brit Art in general and Damien Hirst in particular. I think hes an absolute genius and should be celebrated in every way."

Pedro Calderon De La Barca Quotes

"Tis not where we lie, but whence we fell; the loss of heavens the greatest pain in hell."

Lawrence G Lovasik Quotes

"A sarcastic person has a superiority complex that can be cured only by the honesty of humility."

Garcia Lorca F Quotes

"E é justo? E é possível que uma coisa tão pequena como uma pistola ou uma navalha possa dar cabo de um homem, que é um touro? Nao vou me calar nunca. Os meses passam e o desespero me perfura os olhos e pica até nas pontas do cabelo."

Robert Benchley Quotes

"I know Im drinking myself to a slow death, but then Im in no hurry."

William C Samples Quotes

"But it was not what I wanted to do! I wanted to star in a silent movie and vamp the sheik, take a trip to the South Seas … walk naked in the sand and surf … write a novel about it. Be the Empress of the Galaxy, be discovered by a hero that would ravish me, and take me away on high adventure! Take a interminable motor home trip across the US and find out how the past had become the present. Journey to Europe, speak flawless French, and become the courtesan in the country chalet where all the real people came to party." She laughed again. "Mostly I did not want be confined to routine … endless routine."

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Quotes About Genji

"If art is not to be life-enhancing, what is it to be? Half the world is feminine--why is there resentment at a female-oriented art? Nobody asks The Tale of Genji to be masculine! Women certainly learn a lot from books oriented toward a masculine world. Why is not the reverse also true? Or are men really so afraid of womens creativity (because they are not themselves at the center of creation, cannot bear children) that a woman writer of genius evokes murderous rage, must be brushed aside with a sneer as irrelevant?" - Author: May Sarton

Quotes About Baby Mommas

"After giving it some thought, Ive decided to name my monkey mind Ricky Bobby. I was thinking about Latin names like Javier, but I dont want to make my jumping, distractable self sound mysterious and sexy. Ricky Bobby makes me laugh. A name like that seems silly, not strong. Just a goofy little thing that doesnt know what to do with its hands, likes to go fast, and loves tiny, infant, baby Jesus." - Author: Anna White

Quotes About Well Traveled

"Well, my father was in the Army and we traveled quite a bit when I was growing up, and I thought that I would like to have a military career, although I was drawn more towards the Navy." - Author: Marc Garneau

Quotes About Tapa

"Gal ir tiesa, kad po nesėkmių ruožo būtinai prasideda šviesus etapas, tik jo kartais reikia šiek tiek palaukti." - Author: Martynas Starkus

Quotes About Argument

"Lincoln had no such person that he could talk with. Often, as a result, he debated with himself, and he would draw up a kind of list of the pros and cons of an argument, and carefully figure them out, and he might test them in public." - Author: David Herbert Donald

Quotes About Energi

"The way to activate the seeds of your creation is by making choices about the results you want to create. When you make a choice, you activate vast human energies and resources, which otherwise go untapped." - Author: Robert Fritz

Quotes About Bryony

"The Castle. Hed seen this expression far too many times during their marriage. The Castle was Bryony drawing up the gates and retreating deep into the inner keep. And hed always hated it. Marriage meant that you shared your goddamn castle. You didnt leave your poor knight of a husband circling the walls trying to find a way in." - Author: Sherry Thomas

Quotes About Getting Rid Of Friends

"Friendship is less simple. It is long and hard to obtain but when one has it theres no getting rid of it; one simply has to cope with it. Dont think for a minute that your friends will telephone you every evening, as they ought to, in order to find out if this doesnt happen to be the evening when you are deciding to commit suicide, or simply whether you dont need company, whether you are not in the mood to go out. No, dont worry, theyll ring up the evening you are not alone, when life is beautiful. As for suicide, they would be more likely to push you to it, by virtue of what you owe to yourself, according to them. May heaven protect us, cher Monsieur, from being set upon a pedestal by our friends!" - Author: Albert Camus

Quotes About Passion And Inspiration

"She was a passionate reader, and she thought that reading was one of the noblest efforts of all; in contrast, she found writing to be a great waste of time—a childish self-indulgence, even messier than finger painting—but she admired reading, which she believed was an unselfish activity that provided information and inspiration. She must have thought it a pity that some poor fools had to waste their lives writing in order for us to have sufficient reading material. (page 236)" - Author: John Irving

Quotes About Adotar

"Proponha-se suas próprias interrogações e vá você mesmo atrás do que possa respondê-las! Diante da vida, é preciso adotar uma postura filosófica e científica. Sempre." - Author: Camilo Gomes Jr.