[We Are But Phantoms, And The Phantoms Of Phantoms, Desires Like Cloud-shadows And Wills Of Straw That Eddy In The Wind; The Days Pass, Use And Wont Carry Us Through As A Train Carries The Shadow Of Its Lights - So Be It! But One Thing Is Real And Certain, One Thing Is No Dream-stuff, But Eternal And Enduring. It Is The Centre Of My Life, And All Other Things About It Are Subordinate Or Altogether Vain. I Loved Her, That Woman Of A Dream. And She And I Are Dead Together!]

Author: H.G. Wells Quotes

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"The kids who speak well, are articulate and intelligent, are all readers."

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"Fake it until you make it."

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"In the end I would always pull up with a sense of glory, that loving is the strong side. Its feeble to be an object. Whats the point of being loved in return, Id ask myself."

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"Although the general security situation for the Beijing Olympics remains stable, we still face the challenges of terrorism, separatism and extremism."

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"...in order to move forward, we cannot allow ourselves to forever dwell in the past."

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"I have nothing to offer you otherthan the undying love of my broken Heart."

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"May I see your dance card?""Dont you believe me?" She presented it to him with a flourish.He ran his fingers down the list of names."Hmm . . . Waterburn? Bastard. DAndre. Definitely a worthless bastard. Lord Camber, a thoroughgoing bastard. Lord Michaelson? Bastard. Peter Cheswick? Bast—"She snatched it from him, laughing."I wouldnt dance a waltz with you, anyway, Lord Dryden.""No?""You might accidentally lock eyes with Lisbeth Redmond, stumble, and fling me across the room to avoid crushing my feet."

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"Make your ideal your new real."

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"May you get more out of life than a cup of tea."

IF Stone Quotes

"Screw you, you sons of bitches. I may be just a goddamn Jew Red to you, but Im keeping Jefferson alive!"

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"The capitan...one of those tall, arrogant, acerbically handsome niggers that most of the planet feels inferior to. Also one of those very bad men that not even postmodernism can explain away." - Author: Junot Díaz