[We Are Each Of Us Like Our Little Blue Planet, Hung In Black Space, Upheld By Nothing But Our Mutual Reassurances, Our Loving Lies.]

Author: John Updike Quotes

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John Culberson Quotes

"Eligible citizens from any State in the Union can serve in the Border Protection Corps of that State."

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky Quotes

"It is an occult law moreover, that no man can rise superior to his individual failings without lifting, be it ever so little, the whole body of which he is an integral part. In the same way no one can sin, nor suffer the effects of sin, alone. In reality, there is no such thing as separateness and the nearest approach to that selfish state which the laws of life permit is in the intent or motive."

Linda Evans Quotes

"If theres no inner peace, people cant give it to you. The husband cant give it to you. Your children cant give it to you. You have to give it to you."

Carlous Ruiz Zafon Quotes

"Quid quo pro - you cant get something from nothing ."

Joseph McNamara Quotes

"One Persons Kink is anothers Dream Come True"

Craig Wright Quotes

"At every single moment, the whole creation is beginning again, stretching the tent of the present moment to bursting. And the waves that push up through the oceans, and the waves that push up through the stars; and the waves that push upwards through history are the same waves that push up through us. And so we have to say yes to time, even though it means speeding forward into memory; forgetfulness; and oblivion. Say "no" to time; hold on to what you were or what she was; hold onto the past, even out of love... and I swear it will tear you to shreds. This universe will tear you to shreds."

Nella Larsen Quotes

"But there was, she knew, something else. Happiness, she supposed. Whatever that might be. What, exactly, she wondered, was happiness. Very positively she wanted it."

Samantha Robertson Quotes

"How often do you ignore a dream, dismiss it as fantasy and then see echoes of the dream around you the following day? What if a dream were the forewarning of what will become your reality; if you are being told within the world of a dream what may occur in the near or distant future, but your mind mangles the truth and information so much that you discard it as fiction?"

Randolph Bourne Quotes

"Society is one vast conspiracy for carving one into the kind of statue likes, and then placing it in the most convenient niche it has."

Lena Andersson Quotes

"- Människor är inte så små som man tror. Och inte så stora. Felet med att ha makten som bedömningsgrund och inte handlingarna är att nästan alla friskriver sig då, var och en hittar sin maktlöshet när de behöver den. För alla är maktlösa inför någon, och något. Alla har ett skikt av maktlöshet i sig, i sin upplevelse av sig själva i tillvaron, som de då använder. Och därför ser världen ut som den gör. Alla har en glipa i sin makt, även när de vet att de har makt och ansvar, som de kan utnyttja för att förstå varför de måste handla som de gör. Moralen börjar hos individen. Man måste kräva den av alla. De som har makt föddes maktlösa och denna känsla är den som består i dem hela livet, särskilt i de stunder då de handlar fel. Då minns de att de blev mobbade på skolgården och slagen av pappa och inser att allt är någon annans fel även nu."

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"So theres always been this clash between what is the public good - that which belongs to all of us in common - and what can be exploited for a private interest." - Author: Neil Abercrombie

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"Im an actor first and foremost, who happens to do improv. Ive also done sitcoms, Ive done stage." - Author: Wayne Brady

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"Were afraid the others will think were agringadas because we dont speak Chicano Spanish. We oppress each other trying to out-Chicano each other, vying to be "real" Chicanas, to speak like Chicanos. There is no one Chicano language just as there is no one Chicano experience." - Author: Gloria E. Anzaldúa

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"The man whose whole life is spent in performing a few simple operations, of which the effects are perhaps always the same, or very nearly the same, has no occasion to exert his understanding or to exercise his invention in finding out expedients for removing difficulties which never occur. He naturally loses, therefore, the habit of such exertion, and generally becomes as stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a human creature to become." - Author: Adam Smith

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"I think that my interpretation of Italian was a lot more southern than what my husband cooks. You know, I grew up in Queens and in Brooklyn, and we - really, its more southern. Its Naples and Sicily. Its heavier. Its over-spiced. And like most Americans, I thought spaghetti and meatballs was genius." - Author: Debi Mazar

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"My work is all about adventure and teamwork in some of the most inhospitable jungles, mountains and deserts on the planet. If you arent able to look after yourself and each other, then people die." - Author: Bear Grylls

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"After years of watching my parents -I always assumed marriage meant loving someone so much that you were blind to everything and everyone else. And when your eyes were finally opened youd hate that person so much that all you wanted was to see them hurt, no matter what it cost. I never wanted to live like that. But with Kai, we arent blind to the world. He doesnt blind me, being with him makes the world clearer. My eyes are open and theres no way Id ever want to hurt him." - Author: H.R. Willaston

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"Along with voting, jury duty, and paying taxes, goofing off is one of the central obligations of American citizenship." - Author: Sarah Vowell

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"Ogni essere vivente, pensavo, agisce per istinto e lunico modo per tenerlo sempre vivo nelnostro spirito, è quello di metterci in condizione di cavarcela da soli. Un po come un animalecresciuto in cattività: se fosse riportato nel suo habitat naturale, rischierebbe di morire affamato,poiché non ha più listinto di cacciare. Così pensavo che anche negli esseri umani accadessequalcosa di simile e per autodifesa tendono ad allontanare chi minaccia di azzerare quellistinto." - Author: Gianluca Frangella

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"I know, Kiera," he said soothingly. "Thats why I dont really buy the rumors. Because I know you, and I know you wouldnt put up with him cheating on you." As guilt flooded me, he added, "Were a lot alike in that way." - Author: S.C. Stephens