[We Are Each Of Us Like Our Little Blue Planet, Hung In Black Space, Upheld By Nothing But Our Mutual Reassurances, Our Loving Lies.]

Author: John Updike Quotes

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Sir Ronald Fisher Quotes

"We may at once admit that any inference from the particular to the general must be attended with some degree of uncertainty, but this is not the same as to admit that such inference cannot be absolutely rigorous, for the nature and degree of the uncertainty may itself be capable of rigorous expression."

D L Hughley Quotes

"The one thing women love more than money is power."

Robert Barany Quotes

"It came to me then in a flash that obviously the temperature of the water was responsible for the nystagmus."

Katherine Owen Quotes

"Elaina Miles doesnt have cancer. She doesnt have kids. She doesnt have a past. She doesnt have a future. Elaina Miles has the present and she holds on to him as tightly as he holds on to her"

Joseph Lancaster Quotes

"Many thousands of youth have been deprived of the benefit of education thereby, their morals ruined, and talents irretrievably lost to society, for want of cultivation: while two parties have been idly contending who should bestow it."

Rodney Romig Quotes

"When youre poor and hungry and frightened of failure, you often dont have the luxury of high values, lofty goals, and social conscience. Funny how fear and poverty will acid-wash your value set, burn away all the flimflam and artifice and learned morality and leave you with nothing but the urgency of survival. - Dr. Dan Trix - Chasing the Horizon."

Kristine McGuire Quotes

"Freedom found me the day I realized I was not bound to witchcraft. The FATHER was waiting, He was scanning the horizon for the day I would realize I could come home. And He ran to welcome me into His loving arms."

Benjamin H Berkley Quotes

"Give while your hands are warm"

Roger Caillois Quotes

"I wonder, only in passing, whether the indelible ornamentation that man inscribes upon his own epidermis does not respond to a nostalgia for the universal internally generated coloring of corrollas, furs, shells, carapaces and wings. For man it has been necessary to create both works and tools outside of himself. But it may be that he retains an obscure nostalgia to create them on his own body, to make them a part of it rather than projecting them outwards onto an independent surface, where he is free to retouch them as he sees fit, which is precisely what painting and art are."

Percy Bysshe Shelley Quotes

"Poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted."

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Quotes About Defending Freedom

"137 years later, Memorial Day remains one of Americas most cherished patriotic observances. The spirit of this day has not changed - it remains a day to honor those who died defending our freedom and democracy." - Author: Doc Hastings

Quotes About I Would Rather Be

"...and again she wished for Sherwood, and the dappled roof of leaves that never weighed upon her. She pulled her scarf closer around her and thought, I would rather live in a hut in the woods; a hut like the one of my first memories, with a clean-swept dirt floor, and a brown-eyed boy watching me from behind his mothers skirts as I watched him from behind mine." - Author: Robin McKinley

Quotes About Enjoyable Life

"Learning to endure, transform by perspective or action, and be grateful is the fast lane to a good life. Thats right. Having great luck and fortune is not the conduit to a loving and enjoyable life; gratitude is." - Author: Laura C. Schlessinger

Quotes About Scattered Clouds

"The principle tragedy of my life is, like all tragedies, an irony of Destiny. I reject real life as if it were a condemnation; I reject dreams as if they were an ignoble liberation. […]After the end of the stars uselessly whitened in the morning sky and the breeze became less cold in the barely orange tinged in the yellow of the light on the scattered low clouds, I, who hadnt slept, could finally, slowly raise my body, exhausted from nothing from the bed from which I had thought the universe." - Author: Fernando Pessoa

Quotes About 90s Fashion

"The 90s were really just bad for fashion and hair." - Author: Emilia Clarke

Quotes About Famous Thunderstorms

"A monarch butterfly has top brand recognition, an excellent recall quotient, and highly favorable demographics. Associate your candidate with famous lepidoptera, and use these filmed spots early and often." - Author: Michael Davidow

Quotes About Moreland

"Oh, that that old man in Westmoreland would die and be gathered to his fathers, now that he was full of years and ripe for the sickle! But there was no sign of death about the old man." - Author: Anthony Trollope

Quotes About Common Goals

"It is not the fact that we are united in common goals or purposes that makes us a community. Rather, it is the fact that we share a common life in Christ." - Author: Jerry Bridges

Quotes About Contagious

"Liberty, not communism, is the most contagious force in the world." - Author: Earl Warren

Quotes About Being Equal From To Kill A Mockingbird

"You still think love can save us. Its more killing than hate. Hate is so clean, so simple. Like being in the ring. With hate, you just keep hitting. You hit until they stop hitting back. With love" - Author: Colleen McCullough