[We Are Shaped By Our Thoughts; We Become What We Think. When The Mind Is Pure, Joy Follows Like A Shadow That Never Leaves.]

Author: Buddha Quotes

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Joy Covey Quotes

"I didnt finish high school - left home when I was 15. I moved away to Fresno and worked as a grocery clerk. I went to college part-time at California State Fresno, and then ended up finishing in two and a half years because I wanted to get on with things."

Regis Debray Quotes

"Nous ne savons plus si les médecins ne provoquent pas la mort au lieu de nous protéger. Si ce que nous avons dans notre assiette va nous alimenter ou nous intoxiquer. D ou une évidente crise de confiance - envers des technologies que nous tendons a désinvestir après avoir mis trop d espoir en elles, ajoutant ainsi la techno-frustration au déboussolement moral."

Larry Crabb Quotes

"I find it much easier to counsel than to be counseled, to reach out to a friend in my small group who is feeling insercure than to reveal my own inseurity. The truth is we dont much like being dependent. We dont enjoy admitting how depeately we long for someones kindness and involvement. Its so humbling."

Kiran Bedi Quotes

"I had a clear vision: if I take up an assignment, Ill do full justice to it; otherwise Ill walk away."

Kim R Shaffer Quotes

"Kindness in your dealings with yourself and others will work wonders in your life. Much more so than rightness in your thinking."

CL Wilson Quotes

"My beloved is the sunAnd I am the earth that thrives only in her warmth. My beloved is the rainAnd I am the grass that thirsts for her quenching kiss. My beloved is the windAnd I am the wings that soar when she fills me with her gentle strength.My beloved is the rockUpon which rests the happiness of all my days.—The Elements of Love, a poem by Aileron vEn Kavali of the Fey"

Janez Drnovsek Quotes

"One of the fundamental questions of todays world is undoubtedly the question of equitable globalisation."

Douglas Stewart Quotes

"My wife is a lovely leathery green, the blue-tongued lizard said;Her eyes are as red as bulldog ants, lurking in holes in her head;Her body is made of the speckled grass, a violet grows on her tongue,And I could watch her for fifty years if nobody blundered along."

Ann Crittenden Quotes

"A survey of 348 male managers at twenty Fortune 500 companies found that fathers from dual-career families put in an average of two fewer hours per week – or about 4 percent less – than men whose wives were at home. That was the only difference between the two groups of men. But the fathers with working wives, who presumably had a few more domestic responsibilities, earned almost 20 percent less."

Jean Sasson Quotes

"(All the grief she had suffered over her lifetime had moulded her face into a mask of eternal sadness)"

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Quotes About Relationship With God

"The people at the record company had asked me if I could write a song about my life, my relationship with God, and where Im from. Well, I cant write a song on purpose, my songs come in a moment of inspiration or desperation." - Author: Billy Ray Cyrus

Quotes About Nva

"My work is the art I paint on the canvas of my life. Hopefully Im creating a masterpiece." - Author: L.R.W. Lee

Quotes About Sorry For My Mistake

"Yes, Im sorry you wont be coming with us," Chloe said to Alex. "But please dont worry. Im certain The Lord has another plan for you." She glanced at me. "For both of you.""Oh, I can assure you,"said a new, deeply masculine voice from behind me. I turned to see John sitting, tall and dark and disapproving, on the back of his horse, Alastor. "He does." "Chloe wasnt talking about you," I said to John, leaning my elbows against the rough wood of the dock railing. "She meant the other lord."John raised a dark eyebrow. "Oh, that one," he said. "My mistake." - Author: Meg Cabot

Quotes About Asking For Money

"But to dwell prematurely on the sadness of ones death to others, Uncle Kostia, is like asking for money in advance. Its commercially unsound." - Author: William Gerhardie

Quotes About Righteous Indignation

"Look at them running to and fro about the streets, every one of them a scoundrel and a criminal at heart and, worse still, an idiot. But try to get me off and theyd be wild with righteous indignation. Oh, how I hate them all!" - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Quotes About The Everlasting God

"I worship impersonal Nature, which is neither "good" or "bad", and who knows neither love nor hatred. I worship Life; the Sun, Sustainer of life. I believe in the Law of everlasting struggle, which is the law of life, and in the duty of the best specimens of our race — the natural élite of mankind — to rule the earth, and evolve out of themselves a caste of supermen, a people like unto the Gods." - Author: Savitri Devi

Quotes About Invisibility To The One You Love

"And it only seems fitting that, in this moment of illusion, the words just come out of me. "I love you, too." - Author: Lauren DeStefano

Quotes About Camino

"A veces el pensamiento parece tener que abrirse camino por incontables barreras, hasta proponerse y ser escuchado." - Author: Julio Cortázar

Quotes About Jinnah

"When Mrs. Jinnah feels cold, she will say so, and ask for a wrap herself." - Author: Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Quotes About Gandhi

"In any case, he had long felt that Gandhi could provide some clues for him. Gandhi was not a Christian, but he lived in a community that endeavored to live by the teachings set forth in the Sermon on the Mount. Bonhoeffer wanted Christians to live that way. So he would travel to India to see it practiced by non-Christians." - Author: Eric Metaxas