[We Are Very Quiet There, But It Is The Quiet Of A Storm Centre. .]

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Quotes

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Scifigrl47 Quotes

"He nodded at the sketchpad, still held in Dummys claw, and it hurt, he didnt even want to think about how much that hurt, like a hole through his chest, another one, because yeah. "I was just going to smooth the pages out, I promise. Not going to, you know, toss it or anything." But he didnt reach for the pad again, message received, loud and clear. Some things, he still wasnt allowed to touch."

Khaleel Datay Quotes

"Lack of courtesy is an extreme form of disrespect"

Joe Bousquet Quotes

"A star shoots bleeding across the skyline, a companion to the black wind. Silence comes sweeping across everything."

Inda Kusumawati Quotes

"Be silent in your anger, be silent in your sadness, be silent in your happiness till the time calms your mood"

Hilarie Belloc Quotes

"Is there any reward?Im beginning to doubt it.I am broken and bored,Is there any rewardReassure me, Good Lord,And inform me about it.Is there any reward?Im beginning to doubt it."

Ian McShane Quotes

"I come from the liberal side of thinking: Better one guilty man should walk free than one innocent man found guilty."

Kate Richards Quotes

"Shh, mi amor. The neighbors will hear and call the police."

Chuck Barris Quotes

"I came up with a new game-show idea recently. Its called The Old Game. You got three old guys with loaded guns onstage. They look back at their lives, see who they were, what they accomplished, how close they came to realizing their dreams. The winner is the one who doesnt blow his brains out. He gets a refrigerator."

Sergey Kozlov Quotes

"Ratilais ant galų pirštų nubėgo vandeniu tyluma."

Cornelius Castoriadis Quotes

"Toda sociedad es un sistema de interpretación del mundo (...) Su propia identidad no es otra cosa que ese "sistema de interpretación", ese mundo que ella crea. Y esa es la razón por la cual la sociedad percibe como un peligro mortal todo ataque contra ese sistema de interpretación; lo persigue como un ataque contra su identidad, contra sí misma"

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Quotes About Credit Rating Agencies

"Today, credit rating agencies rate companies, countries and bonds." - Author: Mike Fitzpatrick

Quotes About Progress And Technology

"The truly apocalyptic view of the world is that things do not repeat themselves. It isnt absurd, e.g., to believe that the age of science and technology is the beginning of the end for humanity; that the idea of great progress is delusion, along with the idea that the truth will ultimately be known; that there is nothing good or desirable about scientific knowledge and that mankind, in seeking it, is falling into a trap. It is by no means obvious that this is not how things are." - Author: Ludwig Wittgenstein

Quotes About Seeing The Truth

"In order to protect our emotional wounds, and because of our fear of being hurt, humans create something very sophisticated in the mind: a big denial system. In that denial system we become the perfect liars. We lie so perfectly that we lie to ourselves and we even believe our own lies. We dont notice we are lying, and sometimes even when we know we are lying, we justify the lie and excuse the lie to protect ourselves from the pain of our wounds. The denial system is like a wall of fog in front of our eyes that blinds us from seeing the truth. We wear a social mask because its too painful to see ourselves or to let others see us as we really are. And the denial system lets us pretend that everyone believes what we want them to believe about us. We put up these barriers for protection, to keep other people away," - Author: Miguel Ruiz

Quotes About Sex In Brave New World

"Businesses must invest in products and people in order to create new wealth." - Author: John Hoeven

Quotes About Pearl Harbor Roosevelt

"President Obama dropped the term war on terror, and rightly so. Terrorism is not an enemy but a type of warfare that may or may not be adopted by an enemy. Imagine if, after Pearl Harbor, an attack that relied on aircraft carriers, President Roosevelt had declared a global war on naval aviation. By focusing on terrorism instead of al Qaeda or radical Islam, Bush elevated a specific kind of assault to a position that shaped American global strategy, which left the United States strategically off-balance.Obama may have clarified the nomenclature, but he left in place a significant portion of the imbalance, which is an obsession with the threat of terrorist attacks. As we consider presidential options in the coming decade, it appears imperative that we clear up just how much of a threat terrorism actually presents and what that threat means for U.S. policy." - Author: George Friedman

Quotes About Gard

"Art altogether is nothing but a survival skill, we should never lose sight of this fact, it is, time and again, just an attempt -- an attempt that seems touching even to our intellect -- to cope with this world and its revolting aspects, which, as we know, is invariably possible only by resorting to lies and falsehoods, to hyprocrisy and self-deception, Reger said. These pictures are full of lies and falsehoods and full of hypocrisy and self-deception, there is nothing else in them if we disregard their often inspired artistry. All these pictures, moreover, are an expression of mans absolute helplessness in coping with himself and with what surrounds him all his life. That is what all these pictures express, this helplessness which, on the one hand, embarasses the intellect and, on the other hand, bewilders the same intellect and moves it to tears, Reger said." - Author: Thomas Bernhard

Quotes About Imbalance

"Poland is one of the few countries that can afford to conduct a conventional monetary policy and that means we have to act against the buildup of imbalances in the economy." - Author: Marek Belka

Quotes About Spelling And Grammar

"Ladies, if you want to know the way to my heart... good spelling and good grammar, good punctuation, capitalize only where you are supposed to capitalize, its done." - Author: John Mayer

Quotes About Pope

"Dalai Lama: an oriental pope who sells his followers indulgences that take effect after ten thousand lifetimes." - Author: Bauvard

Quotes About Gibraltar

"On the second and the third night there was again a ball -- this time in mid-ocean, during a furious storm sweeping over the ocean, which roared like a funeral mass and rolled up mountainous seas fringed with mourning silvery foam. The Devil, who from the rocks of Gibraltar, the stony gateway of two worlds, watched the ship vanish into night and storm, could hardly distinguish from behind the snow the innumerable fiery eyes of the ship. The Devil was as huge as a cliff, but the ship was even bigger, a many-storied, many-stacked giant, created by the arrogance of the New Man with his ancient heart." - Author: Ivan Bunin