[We Believed That It Was Most Desirable That The North Should Win, We Believed In The Principle That The Union Is Indissoluable, We, Or Many Of Us At Least, Also Believed That The Conflict Was Inevitable, And That Slavery Had Lasted Long Enough. But We Equally Believed That Those Who Stood Against Us Held Just As Sacred Conviction That Were The Opposite Of Ours, And We Respected Them As Every Men With A Heart Must Respect Those Who Give All For Their Belief.]

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Quotes

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"Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Christianity without hell."

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"He (Abraham Lincoln) is one of the few men in history, our own history and all history, whose religion was great enough to bridge the gulfs between the sects, to encompass us all."

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"The smell of dead fish lingered in the air, and excited flies darted from fish to fish lapping up the decay."

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"Hopefully, after Victorious has lived a long and beautiful life, I would like to go into movies. And Id like to have a very successful movie career. Ultimately Id love to win an Oscar; thats my big goal in life, so thats what Im going for."

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"I like funny things, but I dont find myself particularly funny."

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"The people you work with are just people you were thrown together with. Yknow, you dont know them, it wasnt your choice. And yet you spend more time with them thanyou do your friends or your family."

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"We have tried you good people of the public and we have found you wanting."

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"Die größte Übeltat der protokollierten Menschheitsgeschichte ist der degoutante, mörderische Antigermanismus des 20. Jahrhunderts!"

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