[We Believed That It Was Most Desirable That The North Should Win, We Believed In The Principle That The Union Is Indissoluable, We, Or Many Of Us At Least, Also Believed That The Conflict Was Inevitable, And That Slavery Had Lasted Long Enough. But We Equally Believed That Those Who Stood Against Us Held Just As Sacred Conviction That Were The Opposite Of Ours, And We Respected Them As Every Men With A Heart Must Respect Those Who Give All For Their Belief.]

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Quotes

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"Tidak selamanya kata kata indah itu benar, dan kata kata menyakitkan itu salah, jadi pahami dan mengertilah."

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"Dont use pencil, for writing on your lovers heart it might erase. Always use ball point pen."

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"A whole new life at fifty, all because I had become entranced with both the Turkish culture and with Kazim—who one friend called a careening festival of a human being and another called an alcoholic Kurdish carpet salesman. I called him a catalyst."

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"Winter dressing is all about having chic outerwear."

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"Criminologists have documented that the amount of coverage a crime victim receives affects how much attention police devote to the case and the willingness of prosecutors to accept plea bargains."

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"Hes always been something like a star to me"

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"That was why, later on, he began to lose interest in photography: first when colour took over, then when it became plain that the old magic of light-sensitive emulsions was waning, that to the rising generation the enchantment lay in a techne of images without substance, images that could flash through the ether without residing anywhere, that could be sucked into a machine and emerge from it doctored, untrue. He gave up recording the world in photographs then, and transferred his energies to saving the past."

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"All beautiful women are murderers. Youve probably heard it said before."

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"Ive been around racing a fairly long time, but when it comes to the important issues, Im happy to let others make the big decisions."

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". . . the mysteries, on belief in which theology would hang the destinies of mankind, are cunningly devised fables whose origin and growth are traceable to the age of Ignorance, the mother of credulity."

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