[We Believed That It Was Most Desirable That The North Should Win, We Believed In The Principle That The Union Is Indissoluable, We, Or Many Of Us At Least, Also Believed That The Conflict Was Inevitable, And That Slavery Had Lasted Long Enough. But We Equally Believed That Those Who Stood Against Us Held Just As Sacred Conviction That Were The Opposite Of Ours, And We Respected Them As Every Men With A Heart Must Respect Those Who Give All For Their Belief.]

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Quotes

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"The wind had its arms around them. The sea dandled them on its knee."

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"agree to not seek every political party for the answer, bar the true respond is the right man we always believe on, let us acknowledge our blame for the future life, the gentle man you are regarding is extraordinarily tolerant that can set frontward through huge achievement to the endlessly life if Almighty permit."

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"Im very much in favor of focused responsibility, and so in the main areas that Im worried about, I try to have a single person who is basically the key person in that area."

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"What sort of God would put us here in this goddamned, stinking slaughterhouse of a world?"

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"Walk in the rain,smell flowers,stop along the way,build sandcastles,go on field trips,find out how things work,tell stories,say the magic words,trust the universe."

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