[We Cannot Avoid Pain, We Cannot Avoid Loss. Contentment Comes From The Ease And Flexibility With Which We Move Through Change.]

Author: Helen Fielding Quotes

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Roger Hamlet Quotes

"There is good weird and good strange and bad weird and bad strange. Your Daddy is good weird and good strange."

Edgar Saltus Quotes

"Briefly, then, life, to the pessimist, is a motiveless desire, a constant pain and continued struggle, followed by death, and so on, in secula seculorum, until the planets crust crumbles to dust."

Norman Corwin Quotes

"The playwrights rendition of Abraham Lincoln remembers a pitiful little paddlewheel he saw that he could only generate steam to EITHER blow the ships whistle OR move the wheel. Just as the little ship could not do both, Lincoln fears that very few can actually think and speak at the same time."

Lee Smith Quotes

"If Strength comes through Suffering, why then I should be the strongest of all women, yet I am the weakest. God help me. Help me."

Kaki King Quotes

"I had to be reminded that the guitar is infinite. It never stops teaching you, it never stops being difficult; theres an unlimited amount of things to learn, and youll never master it."

Gloria Mallette Quotes

"Never Let anyone tell you that you cant; show them that you can."

Dee Dee Ramone Quotes

"Im really lucky Im still around. Everybody expected me to die next... But it was always someone else instead of me."

Crystal Black Davis Quotes

"When positioning a brand, aggressively avoid becoming a "me too" by assertively being a "who else?"

Turgut Uyar Quotes

"Senin bu ellerinde ne var bilmiyorum göğe bakalımTuttukça güçleniyorum kalabalık oluyorumBu senin eski zaman gözlerin yalnız gibi ağaçlar gibiSularım ısınsın diye bakıyorum ısınıyorSeni aldım bu sunturlu yere getirdimSayısız penceren vardı bir bir kapattımBana dönesin diye bir bir kapattımŞimdi otobüs gelir biner giderizDönmeyeceğimiz bir yer beğen başka türlüsü güçBir ellerin bir ellerim yeter belleyelim yetsinSeni aldım bana ayırdım durma kendini hatırlatDurma kendini hatırlatDurma göğe bakalım"

Richard Marquand Quotes

"Im very interested in directing actors - many directors direct cameras."

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Quotes About Bettering Myself

"I steeled myself to focus only on the present yet remain alert to what might come next." - Author: Nicholas Sparks

Quotes About False Witness

"But did he go to heaven?" Katherine persisted. "Thats between him and God, not him and history," JB said.Alex started, jerking so spastically that he kicked the basketball and would have sent it spinning out into the street if Chip hadnt caught it. Amazingly, Chip still seemed to have a swordsmans quick reflexes."YOU believe in God?" Alex asked JB incredulously. "But you know how to travel through time. Youre a scientist." He hesitated. "Arent you?"JB rolled his eyes."It amazes me how people of your time set up such a false dichotomy between science and religion. Fortunately, that only lasts for another... well, I cant tell you that," he said, stopping himself just in time. "But I assure you, the more I travel through time, the more I witness, the more I realize that there are things that are both strange and wonderful, far beyond human comprehension." (pgs 299-300)" - Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Quotes About Follow Me

"Vanity is so firmly anchored in mans heart that a soldier, a camp follower, a cook or a porter will boast and expect admirers, and even philosophers want them; those who write against them want to enjoy the prestige of having written well, those who read them want the prestige of having read them, and perhaps I who write this want the same thing." - Author: Blaise Pascal

Quotes About Comprimento

"Encolho-me em comprimento de Planck." - Author: Filipe Russo

Quotes About Hanging Laundry

"He was hanging from one of the rafters in a laundry up near Frau Dillers. Another human pendulum. Another clock, stopped." - Author: Markus Zusak

Quotes About Students Success

"One thing has not changed: to doubt the worth of minority students achievement when they succeed is really only to present another face of the prejudice that would deny them a chance to even try. It is the same prejudice that insists all those destined for success must be cast from the same mold as those who have succeeded before them, a view that experience has already proven a fallacy." - Author: Sonia Sotomayor

Quotes About Kilauea

"Mount Kilauea spilled glowing lava like cords of orange neon-lighting from seemingly nowhere. In the blackness that engulfed the night, electric heat lit flowing streams that fell into the sea, disappearing in a cloud of steam with a sizzling splash." - Author: Victoria Kahler

Quotes About Allegiance

"To us, the high-resounding "isms" to which our contemporaries ask; us to give our allegiance, now, in 1948, are all equally futile: bound to be betrayed, defeated, and finally rejected by men at large, if containing anything really noble; bound to enjoy, for the time being, some sort of noisy success; if sufficiently vulgar, pretentious and soul-killing to appeal to the growing number of mechanically conditioned slaves that crawl about our planet, posing as free men; all destined to prove, ultimately, of no avail." - Author: Savitri Devi

Quotes About Pen

"Can I touch you?"His lashes closed, resting on the tops of his tanned, sculpted cheeks as his smile grew broad. "You dont have to ask." I reached out immediately but paused within inches of contact. He mustve sensed my hesitation because he reopened his eyes. "Whats wrong?"I swallowed, utterly overwhelmed. "I dont know where to start."Masons gaze warmed . He wrapped strong warm fingers around my wrist and drew my palm forward, leading me where he wanted my hand to follow. When he set it on the center of his chest, right over his heart and pressed my flesh to his as if fingerprinting my soul to his. I blinked back gratified tears."Start here. No ones ever touched me here before." - Author: Linda Kage

Quotes About The Hobbit Book

"I have read only the first Harry Potter book. I thought it excellent, perhaps the best thing written for older children since The Hobbit. I wish the books had been around when my kids were the right age for them." - Author: Gene Wolfe