[We Cannot Love A Person With An All Accepting, Transcending And Encompassing Love Without Being Hurt Somewhat, Without Being Disappointed, Without Being Failed Of Our Expectations. We Cannot Love Without Being Broken, Yet We Cannot Continue In Love Without Being Stronger Than Our Brokenness.]

Author: Jocelyn Soriano Quotes

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Brooke Berman Quotes

"But everything changes. To deny change is to deny life. And the present moment contains miracles. Including an ability to see and receive the new."

Mizuo Shinonome Quotes

"May those who follow their fate be granted happiness; may those who defy it be granted glory"

Victor Francis Hess Quotes

"It may well be said that the answer to the question: Of what do the cosmic rays in fact consist before they produce their familiar secondary radiation phenomena in the earths atmosphere? can only be obtained from numerous measurements in the stratosphere."

Jamie Whyte Quotes

"Cynicism, like gullibility, is a symptom of underdeveloped critical faculties."

Andrew Sarris Quotes

"Ive always said to people that auteurism is nice, but its hypothetical, and gradually you learn how much or how little influence different directors had."

Chris Robinson Quotes

"No matter what, Im always interested in making music."

Laura Schenone Quotes

"On the boardwalk the arcade jukebox plays all night surrounded by teenagers--sometimes twenty bodies deep, bare-skinned and full of energy for the music, for one another, for life, for the little bit of freedom they taste in the salt air and their skin. My father finds his place in this crowd. They are a force together. They dont do drugs. They dont drink. But they do music, and their power comes from their numbers and the thrill of being young on the beach at night."

David Winter Quotes

"A lost person or article is still what it is, still valuable in itself, but in the wrong place, disconnected from its purpose and unable to be or do whatever it is intended to be or do."

Joseph De Maistre Quotes

"There is no philosophy without the art of ignoring objections."

David Garrick Quotes

"Heaven sends us good meat, but the Devil sends cooks."

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"The revolt in Asia Minor was snugged out in 494, and the Athenians realized that they had acquired a dangerous enemy. Darius Is first attempt at invasion in 492 was abortive: a huge storm wrecked his fleet. In 491 the Persians demanded earth and water --signs of submission--from the Aegean islands and mainland cities. Many submitted. Athens and Sparta not only stood firm but murdered the Persian ambassadors. The Athenians put them on trial and killed both the ambassadors and their translator for offenses against the Greek language; the Spartans simply thew them down a well." - Author: Alan Ryan

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"Clarissa will be bereaved, deeply lonely, but she will not die. She will be too much in love with life, with London. Virginia imagines someone else, yes, someone strong of body but frail-minded; someone with a touch of genius, of poetry, ground under by the wheels of the world, by war and government, by doctors; a someone who is, technically speaking insane, because that person sees meaning everywhere, knows that trees are sentient beings and sparrows sing in Greek. Yes, someone like that. Clarissa, sane Clarissa -exultant, ordinary Clarissa - will go on, loving London, loving her life of ordinary pleasures, and someone else, a deranged poet, a visonary, will be the one to die." - Author: Michael Cunningham

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"There occurred within a causal radius of Brandon Station one of those infinitesimal ripples in the creative silence of the First Cause. In the soul of the great blazing sun there were complicated superhuman vibrations [connected] ... with the feelings of a few intellectual sages who had enough imagination to recognise the conscious personality of this fiery orb as it flung far and wide its life-giving magnetic forces. Roaring, cresting, heaving, gathering, mounting, advancing, receding, the enormous fire-thoughts of this huge luminary surged relentlessly to and fro, evoking a turbulent aura of psychic activity." - Author: John Cowper Powys

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"It helps me keep things in perspective, and sometimes it helps me forget. Whenever I think things are too much, I come here. No matter what is going on or how bad it seems, when I sit on this bench, Im reminded that the water continues to flow, the waves keep crashing on the shore, and life goes on around me." - Author: Victoria Michaels

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"Dear reader. Dear, dear reader. Here we find ourselves, you and me, engaged in a book in which someone has just exclaimed, in all seriousness, The sentient lobsters!How did we end up here? Did we make some mistake along the way?" - Author: M.T. Anderson

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"Once the Wheel of Love has been set in motion, there is no absolute rule.Your being contains mine; now I am truly part of you. Together as one, we form an unbroken circle of love.The wife is half the man, his priceless friend; Of pleasure, virtue, wealth, his constant source; A help throughout his earthly years; Through life unchanging, even beyond its end." - Author: Bertrice Small

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