[We Did Not Speak Of What We Had Seen. At The Time, To Speak Of It Seemed Worse Than Sacrilege: We Had Witnessed A Thing So Terrible That It Acquired A Dreadful Holiness. It Was A Miracle Of Evil. It Was Not Possible To Say With Words What We Had Witnessed, And So We Kept It Safely Guarded Until The Time We Could Bring It Out, And Show It To Others, And Say, 'Behold. This Is The Worst Thing Man Can Do'.]

Author: Irene Gut Opdyke Quotes

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"If you plan to win as I do, the game never ends."

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"I was one man and I tackled a big railroad. I did the best I could."

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"lets face it: Most girls are annoying. I mean, most humans are annoying, so its not specific to girls. Also, I dont really mean "annoying." I guess I mean that most humans like to try to fuck up your plans."

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"If its only a kiss you want, I can kiss you with my clothes on." Katie OReilly to Captain Lord Blackthorn in "Titanic Rhasody."

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"A word that turns up in TNRs literary pieces is "tasteless. " They use it in the same way you might reprove a toilet joke at the dinner table or around relatives. But with them it takes on moral weight. Its a very damaging mistake: the idea that sniffing out the tasteless is the same as taste itself. It confuses censoriousness with a faculty of judgment that links the aesthetic to the moral sense."

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"When you look at my pictures, you are seeing my life."

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"Respect is a thing earned, not bought, and a man who lets it be known that he seeks respect will probably never see it bestowed."

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"Question: Youre 21-years-old, a young adult writing mature adult literary fiction. Imaj: Yes, I feel creativity is an ageless thing."

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"I cant be a hypocrite as a coach because as a player thats what I wanted. I wanted feedback, I wanted communication from the boss. I showed up for work, you can yell at me if you want, but I want input. So thats the kind of coach I want to be."

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"When people get hurt,they learn to hate...when people hurt others,they become hated and racked with guilt.But knowing that pain allows people to be kind.Pain allows people to grow...and how you grow is up to you."

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