[We Had Allowed Our Eyes To Meet Only Once- By Accident As Much As Out Of Necessity- And Not Ten Seconds Had Passed Before The Agony Had Become Too Great To Bear And We Had Retreated Into Silence And Coldness Once More.]

Author: Kailin Gow Quotes

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George Gallup Quotes

"I could prove God statistically. Take the human body alone - the chances that all the functions of an individual would just happen is a statistical monstrosity."

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"Itll certainly give the pigeons something to do."

Carson Daly Quotes

"MTV was such a great training for me. I did live interviews with everyone from Michael Jackson to Madonna."

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"The way I grew up playing, and the way most Americans have grown up, is that you hit the ball up in the air and then it stops where it lands."

Vladimira Galkova Quotes

"Počas jedného takéhoto kriku, keď tatino naháňal maminu po byte s rybou, ktorá mala ešte oči, som si uvedomila, že neviem, čo budem robiť, keď tu nebudú. Nejde o to, že si neviem navariť nič iné ako párky alebo že budem chodiť v pokrčených veciach, lebo neznášam žehlenie, alebo že nebudem mať z čoho platiť nájom, pretože si neviem predstaviť, že ma niekto zamestná. Prinajhoršom budem hladná, nezamestnaná a pokrčená, ale ako môže človek existovať bez svojich rodičov?"

Stompin Tom Connors Quotes

"On every album Ive put out, Ive put diverse Canadian songs on it. Theyre not provincial album; my albums are national albums. Therell be a song about Saskatchewan and Vancouver and Nova Scotia on there."

William Edgar Stafford Quotes

"We think it is calm here, or that our storm is the right size."

Cullen Hightower Quotes

"Sometimes we deny being worthy of praise, hoping to generate an argument we would be pleased to lose."

Joy Katz Quotes

"Writing the poems, I came to think that regarding is a form of love, but the regarding is not necessarily accurate. In the poems, people are always misperceiving one another. But misperceptions are a part of being alive to others. You dont need truth or beauty. All you do is perceive. Thats all you need to have loved and lived fully."

Jacques Henri Lartigue Quotes

"Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true."

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"If the court strikes down the Defense of Marriage Act, is that a liberal result enabling gay couples married in states where gay marriage is legal to enjoy the same economic advantages that federal laws now grant to straight couples? Or is it a conservative ruling, limiting the federal governments ability to override state power?" - Author: Jeff Greenfield

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"I have a bold plan to break from the Bloomberg years, and end the Tale of Two Cities by providing real opportunity to all New Yorkers, no matter where they live." - Author: Bill de Blasio

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"My parents told us how they felt but never imposed their beliefs on us, although I appreciate I got a healthy sense of democracy from them." - Author: Ahmet Zappa

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"Nietzscheja sem prežvečil in prebavil v treh dneh. Po tem velikem zalogaju mi je ostala samo še ena podrobnost osebnosti tega filozofa, še zadnji oreh, ki ga je bilo treba streti: njegovi brki! Federico Garcia Lorca, ki je bil očaran nad Hitlerjevimi brki, je pozneje izjavil, da "so brki tragična konstanta moškega obraza". Celo z brki sem nameraval preseči Nietzscheja! Moji že ne bodo zamorjeni, katastrofični, obteženi z wagnerjansko glasbo in meglo. Ne! Moji bodo zašiljeni, imperialistični, ultraracianalistični in usmerjeni k nebu, kot vertikalni misticizem, kot španski vertikalni sindikati." - Author: Salvador Dalí

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"Im still prone to periods of isolation, still more fearful of the world out there and more averse to pleasure and risk than Id like to be; I still direct more energy toward controlling and minimizing appetites than toward indulging them." - Author: Caroline Knapp

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"Though the industrial logic that made feeding cattle to cattle seem like a good idea has been thrown into doubt by mad cow disease, I was surprised to learn it hadnt been discarded. The FDA ban on feeding ruminant protein to ruminants makes an exception for blood products and fat; my steer will probably dine on beef tallow recycled from the very slaughterhouse hes heading to in June." - Author: Michael Pollan

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"When it is winter and we must walk in the blizzard snow do not our fingers and toes whisper death  And when winter is at last over. . .can we not hear our bellies whisper death to us  In the dark dont we know  And when we are paralyzed by nightmares  We know what you are.  With our first cries we rail against you.  We see you in every drop of blood in every tear." - Author: Martine Leavitt

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"These days, many well-meaning school districts bring together teachers, coaches, curriculum supervisors, and a cast of thousands to determine what skills your child needs to be successful. Once these "standards" have been established, pacing plans are then drawn up to make sure that each particular skill is taught at the same rate and in the same way to all children. This is, of course, absurd. It gets even worse when one considers the very real fact that nothing of value is learned permanently by a child in a day or two." - Author: Rafe Esquith

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"When we did eventually get to the party - me walking next to Dads Volvo driving at five miles an hour - I had a horrible time. Everyone laughed at first but then more or less ignored me. In a mood of defiant stuffed oliveness I did have a dance by myself but things kept crashing to the floor around me. The host asked if I would sit down. I had a go at that but it was useless. In the end I was at the gate for about an hour before Dad arrived." - Author: Louise Rennison

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"Thoughts of Abigail filled her world. By all accounts she had bee a tall, thin, woman, whose eyes held a power beyond the black pools of er irises. Tall, thin, and dark, she, this Abigail, looked so much like the other that her father had named her the same She was more ghost than her mother, however, moving with the quality of light breathing though a house in which the only footprints in the dust were those of her dead mother. Even her laughter, at once wild and reigned in, was all Abigail." - Author: Chris Abani