[We Have Talked About Suzy And About Her Last Days, But It's As If Our Lives Stopped Then And There. If I Say Anything To Him About Feeling Lonesome, He Goes Outside And Does Some Little Chore. I Can't Tell If He Is Secretly Blaming Me, Or Himself, Or Just Too Full Of Pain To Talk. That Was The One Thing We Could Always Do Together. I Wish For The Old Days. I Wish For The Struggling Days And The Days Of Geronimo, And The Days Of Birthing Charlie With No One But Jack To Help Me. How Happy And In Love We Were Then. I Want To Be In Love Again, But All I Feel Is Darkness And Shadows. Everything Is Changed And Different]

Author: Nancy E. Turner Quotes

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"bet he was myrrh," said Josh. "Bastard, he brings the cheapest gift and now he wants to sodomize me. My mother told me the myrrh went bad after a week too." Did I mention that Joshua was not a myrrh fan?"

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