[We Have To Choose, And For My Part I Think It A Less Evil That Some Criminals Should Escape Than That The Government Should Play An Ignoble Part.]

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Quotes

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Knud Rasmussen Quotes

"The greatest peril of life lies in the fact that human food consists entirely of souls. All the creatures that we to kill and eat, all those that we have to strike down and destroy to make clothes for ourselves, have souls, souls that do not perish with the body and which must therefore be pacified lest they revenge themselves on us for taking away their bodies"

Carl Zimmer Quotes

"Evolution has taught them that pointless harm will ultimately harm themselves."

Bob Beamon Quotes

"In Jamaica High School in New York, my coach was Larry Ellis, and he said I could probably make the Olympic team. He gave me something to shoot for."

Roy Evans Quotes

"Liverpool without European football is like a banquet without wine."

Genevieve Gerard Quotes

"We only need to open our eyes to see the gifts that abound all around us. These are the simple joys in life."

Jan Garbarek Quotes

"When we are on tour we also take chances."

Billy Talent Quotes

"All we shared was a mattress, and a lie, and an addressBaby I dont need you, well baby I dont need youOnce occupied by a goddess, now its a room full of boxesShe said, "its time to leave you" but baby I dont need you! In a perfect world... her face would not existIn a perfect world... a broken heart is fixed"

Alfred Whitney Griswold Quotes

"A Socrates in every classroom."

Ivan Vladislavic Quotes

"There are no big stories left, just paths through the clutter and the inevitable soft landing."

Angela Carter Quotes

"She was feeling supernatural tonight. She wanted to EAT diamonds."

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Quotes About Meow

"How you can come to love an animal! She doesnt talk, but she speaks with her eyes, her paws, her meows, and I understand her." - Author: Zlata Filipović

Quotes About Early Dawn

"I was a young black man, light-skinned enough so that four out of five people who met me, of whatever race, assumed I was white.... I was a homosexual who now knew he could function heterosexually.And I was a young writer whose early attempts had already gotten him a handful of prizes....So, I thought, you are neither black nor white.You are neither male nor female.And you are that most ambiguous of citizens, the writer.There was something at once very satisfying and very sad, placing myself at this pivotal suspension. It seemed, in the park at dawn, a kind of revelation--a kind of center, formed of a play of ambiguities, from which I might move in any direction." - Author: Samuel R. Delany

Quotes About Whatsapp Last Seen

"You see, because [Norfolk is] stuck out here on the east, on this hump jutting into the sea, its not on the way to anywhere. People going north and south, they bypass it altogether. For that reason, its a peaceful corner of England, rather nice. But its also something of a lost corner.Someone claimed after the lesson that Miss Emily had said Norfolk was Englands lost corner because that was were all the lost property found in the country ended up.Ruth said one evening, looking out at the sunset, that when we lost something precious, and wed looked and looked and still couldnt find it, then we didnt have to be completely heartbroken. We still had that last bit of comfort, thinking one day, when we were grown up, and we were free to travel the country, we could always go and find it again in Norfolk." - Author: Kazuo Ishiguro

Quotes About Zen Buddhism

"Zen Buddhism is a discipline where belief isnt necessary." - Author: David Sylvian

Quotes About Human Connections

"There is a word that comes to my mind when I think about our company and our people. That word is love. I love Starbucks because everything weve tried to do is steeped in humanity.Respect and dignity.Passion and laughter.Compassion, community, and responsibility.Authenticity.These are Starbucks touchstones, the source of our pride.Valuing personal connections at a time when so many people sit alone in front of screens; aspiring to build human relationships in an age when so many issues polarize so many; and acting ethically, even if it costs more, when corners are routinely cut--these are honorable pursuits, at the core of what we set out to be." - Author: Howard Schultz

Quotes About Love Without Money

"In ten years I will be a beautiful charming lovely lady writer without any husband or children but lots of lovers and everyone will read the books I write and want to marry me but I will never marry any of them. I will have lots of money and jewels too." - Author: Shirley Jackson

Quotes About Lauryn Hill

"I love the music of Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu and more recently the music of Laura Marling. All these women share a strength and a wisdom in their voices and music that really makes me want to make music and sing." - Author: Lianne La Havas

Quotes About Exposing The Truth

"I started out writing when I was young; stuff about exposing the truth about how people are not what they appear, about how they are much more dysfunctional than they seem. Pulling back the curtain - that felt smart. But as I got older, exposing how frail people can be seems less and less deep." - Author: Mike White

Quotes About Scripture

"In Western culture, the miracles referenced in scripture seem to have been relegated to the past as if to imply that they were reserved exclusively for certain historical periods." - Author: Mark Ireland

Quotes About Accomplishing Difficult Tasks

"We debated long over the situation for it is a very difficult question and all of us recognize its difficulty." - Author: Henry L. Stimson