[We Hope We Are Moving Toward A World Where Sexual Orientation Is Not An Issue, Because We Hate The Idea Of A Gay Ghetto. I Think That It's A Real Shame That People Become Restricted By Their Sexuality Or Define Their Whole Lives By Their Sexuality.]

Author: Neil Tennant Quotes

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"Democracy is the common pursuit of mankind, and all countries must earnestly protect the democratic rights of the people."

Sheila Jeffreys Quotes

"Masculinity cannot exist without femininity. On its own, masculinity has no meaning, because it is but one half of a set of power relations. Masculinity pertains to male dominance as femininity pertains to female subordination."

Rawi Hage Quotes

"I waited, hesitant to go out into the cold again. It was one of those days that have no mercy on your toes, that are oblivious to the suffering of your ears, that are mean and determined to take a chunk of your nose. It was a day to remind you that you can shiver all you want, sniff all you want, the universe is still oblivious. And if you ask why the inhumane temperature, the universe will answer you with tight lips and a cold tone and tell you to go back where you came from if you do not like it here."

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"It was the world of the abyss, supposedly as lifeless as the earths first midnight."

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"Her head started to spin. She chewed the inside of her mouth. Sweat trickled between her breasts and down her back. Ignoring a fly buzzing around her face, she crossed her arms. "Aw, hell, Hank Gallagher, youve got no time for me." Hank dropped his stupid action-hero glasses, and his chapped lips twisted. "Ill admit your attitude sucks, but you and Gypsy are due for a helluva season, Daisy Mae. Id hate for you to miss the opener. There wont be another rig comin this way headin for Willow Springs, yknow." Daisy stood stock still. Her mouth felt dry. Hank spit impatiently, and a stream of tobacco juice hit the dusty yellow road. Daisy stared hard at that dark stain, trying to keep her head clear. "Can I take the ride and keep on hating you?"

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"Boy, you are outta line!" Joe yelled. "Im outta line?! Youre screwing a vampire!" "You hypocritical little bastard!" "Yeah, youre a hypocripical-hypocri-hyp-hyp-hyp, I HATE THAT WORD!"

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"Her eyes lit up with wicked glee. "You know whats easier than trying to sneak in?"I shook my head, her Cheshire grin worrying me."Getting caught on purpose."

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"May those who follow their fate be granted happiness; may those who defy it be granted glory"

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"her fists. A sharp pain in the shoulder quickly put the hammering to an end, but she continued to call out. When she was certain that she had been heard, she put her eye back to the crack in the door. The four soldiers stood silently before the door, each in full combat armor, complete with face masks. The first was speaking calmly with her captor while the others looked on. They made no motion toward the door. She strained her ears to hear what the two were saying. Only the soldier spoke loudly enough to hear. "The one who touched the sword? We are charged with her return, as well as that of the sword," he said, in response to the kidnappers unheard comment. The sinister figure pulled a bundle from inside the cloak and"

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"A careful analysis of the process of observation in atomic physics has shown that the subatomic particles have no meaning as isolated entities, but can only be understood as interconnections between the preparation of an experiment and the subsequent measurement."

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"No duden de que les oye. Es consciente de todo lo que está pasando. Les parecerá que son los médicos o las enfermeras o todos esos cacharros los que llevan la batuta. Pues no. Es ella quien lleva la batuta. Quizá sólo se está tomando su tiempo. Así que hablen con ella. Díganle que se tome todo el tiempo que necesite, pero que vuelva. Que la están esperando." - Author: Gayle Forman

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"Have all beautiful things sad destinies?" - Author: Jean Rhys

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"I eat cheese and salami and a lot of fried chicken. I eat a big bag of oatmeal-raisin cookies every night and I dont gain weight. I still look OK as long as Im dressed." - Author: Ellen Barkin

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"Now, I figured that the built-up gas in most boys locker rooms was enough to cause an explosion, so I wasnt surprised when the flaming dodgeball ignited a huge WHOOOOOOOM!" - Author: Rick Riordan

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"The mayor informed General Petronio San Roman of the episode, down to the last literal phrase, in an alarming telegram. General San Roman must have followed his sons wishes to the letter, because he didnt come for him, but sent his wife with their daughters and two other older women who seemed to be her sisters. They came on a cargo boat, locked in mourning up to their necks because of Bayardo San Romans misfortunes, and with their hair hanging loose in grief. Before stepping onto land, they took off their shoes and went barefoot through the streets up to the hilltop in the burning dust of noon, pulling out strands of hair by the roots and wailing loudly with such high-pitched shrieks that they seemed to be shouts of joy. I watched them pass from Magdalena Olivers balcony, and I remember thinking that distress like theirs could only be put on in order to hide other, greater shames." - Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

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"Rick Grimes: Whered you find everyone? Daryl Dixon: Well, those guys tail lights zigzagging all over the road - figured he had to be Asian, driving like that. Glenn: [chuckles] Good one." - Author: The Walking Dead

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"Insanity is coasting through life in a miserable existence when you have a caged lion locked inside and the key to release it." - Author: Morgan Freeman

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"Hanging out with you has made me weird, J. All I do is sit around thinking about my feelings these days. Thanks for that." - Author: Tahereh Mafi

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"But I loved the library simply because it was a library. I love libraries. I like reading, but I love libraries. Being surrounded by books makes me feel safe, the way some people need trees or mountains around them to feel secure. Not me – natures not what I cling to. I cling to books." - Author: Emily Wing Smith

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"My two boys were the same ages as the kids in the show. In real life or in between the breaks I was raising two kids off camera who were not unlike the two kids who were being paid to be my kids." - Author: Alan Thicke