[We Hugged, And My Dad Cried A Little. I Don't Have A Macho-type Dad, Who Hunts And Fishes And Collects Guns. He's Sensitive And Caring. He Drives Me Crazy Most Of The Time, But I Do Admire That He's Not Afraid To Show His "feminine Side.]

Author: Bill Konigsberg Quotes

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Robert Conklin Quotes

"Resistance is thought transformed into feeling. Change the thought that creates the resistance, and there is no more resistance."

Alexander Siddig Quotes

"For me, its painful to make a movie. Its not my normal rhythm."

Michael E Moseley Quotes

"Past beings interact with present ones because life and death are a continuum and expiration entails no loss of vital essence."

Countney Allison Moulton Quotes

"She (Kate) shoved through the door to the girlsrestrrom, let me go, and proceeded to kick open each of the stalls untill she came to one that was locked."Get out"she ordered as she pounded on the door. "Youve got five seconds. The toilets for pissing, not for loitering.".....Her eyes wide and terrified, and she skirted around Kate to get to the sink."Did you piss on your hands or something?"Kate barked sharply. "Get out of here! There are Purell dispensers in every hallway. Keep your pee fingers off the faucet."

Lillian Faderman Quotes

"Love between women could take on a new shape in the late nineteenth century because the feminist movement succeeded both in opening new jobs for women, which would allow them independence, and in creating a support group so that they would not feel isolated and outcast when they claimed their independence. … The wistful desire of Clarissa Harlowes friend, Miss Howe, "How charmingly might you and I live together," in the eighteenth century could be realised in the last decades of the nineteenth century. If Clarissa Harlowe had lived about a hundred and fifty years later, she could have gotten a job that would have been appropriate for a woman of her class. With the power given to her by independence and the consciousness of a support group, Clarissa as a New Woman might have turned her back on both her family and Lovelace, and gone to live "charmingly" with Miss Howe. Many women did."

R Gayan Priyankara Quotes

"behind every smile there is a cunning face"

Charlie Siem Quotes

"The only downside to playing the violin is that you never know when youre going to be asked to play. I could be out to dinner or having a drink at a bar, and someone could just give me a violin, and Ive got to be ready to play."

Felder Rushing Quotes

"Life already has so many boundaries and pressures - why add more in the garden?"

Emma Calin Quotes

"From one small lie her dream had transformed into a hideous nightmare"

M Ward Quotes

"I do watch American Idol sometimes. Its not really that pleasurable... I take that back. It is the epitome of a guilty pleasure. Sometimes theres some good singers on that show."

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"I am my own person caoable of making my own decisions and choosing powerfully how i live. I appreciate and respect what others have to say but ultimately I choose how I live my life." - Author: Miranda Kerr

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"I throw him a smile and pull on my suit jacket and then my hat. "Come on, what would you do?"He pauses for a moment and then lets out a low chuckle. "Just go. Maybe you two can sing in the rain Frank!" he jests, eyeballing my fedora.I throw him a sly smirk. "You may be the better looking brother Kyle, but you know Im the one with the killer style!" - Author: Joanne McClean

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"Where did the boy genius go? He had been, as a child, expected to be a neurosurgeon, or a great novelist. And now hes considering (or, okay, refusing to consider) law school. Was the burden of his potential too much for him?" - Author: Michael Cunningham

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"Self-acceptance is a way of viewing oneself compassionately, without condemnation or justification. It is a starting point in life which makes other things possible. It celebrates the fullness of joy of being alive and of being who we are: accepting ourselves, however, does not mean embracing our neuroses or bad habits and celebrating them as if they were virtues. On the contrary, self-acceptance involves loving ourselves enough to accept painful truths about ourselves. . . . Self-acceptance is, at its simplest, the experience of ones self, here and now, as a complete human being, with all the glories and problems that condition entails." - Author: Don Richard Riso

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"Lennie said quietly, "It aint no lie. Were gonna do it. Gonna get a little place an live on the fatta the lan." - Author: John Steinbeck

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"Bloomsbury lost Fry, in 1934, and Lytton Strachey before him, in January 1932, to early deaths. The loss of Stracheywas compounded by Carringtons suicide just two months after, in March. Another old friend, Ka Cox, died of a heart attack in 1938. But the death, in 1937, of Woolf s nephew Julian, in the Spanish Civil War, was perhaps thebitterest blow. Vanessa found her sister her only comfort: ‘I couldnt get on at all if it werent for you (VWB2 203). Julian, a radical thinker and aspiring writer, campaigned all his life against war, but he had to be dissuaded by hisfamily from joining the International Brigade to fight Franco. Instead he worked as an ambulance driver, a role that did not prevent his death from shrapnel wounds. Woolf s Three Guineas, she wrote to his mother, waswritten ‘as an argument with him" - Author: Jane Goldman

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"I want people to hear the honesty in my singing, and that Im not hiding behind anything. Its raw. Its not for any arrogance or ego. Its just pure feelings." - Author: Tom Odell

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"Porque de pronto, quiero escuchar sus huesos crujir. Quiero sentir la suavidad que ofrece su carne, escuchar su grito de asombro mientras el hueso de mi cadera se estrella contra ella. Quiero tirar su cabeza hacia atrás hasta que su cuello está expuesto. Quiero rasgar mis manos por su cabello hasta que su respiración sea entrecortada. Quiero hacerla llorar y lamer sus lágrimas. Y luego quiero llevar mi boca a la de ella, devorarla en vida...." - Author: Gayle Forman

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"Dr. Gingrich and Mrs. Goodhall had prevailed upon the board of trustees; the board had requested that Larch comply with Dr. Gingrichs recommendation of a ‘follow-up report on the status of each orphans success (or failure) in each foster home. If this added paperwork was too tedious for Dr. Larch, the board recommended that Larch take Mrs. Goodhalls suggestion and accept an administrative assistant. Dont I have enough history to attend to, as is? Larch wondered. He rested in the dispensary; he sniffed a little ether and composed himself. Gingrich and Goodhall, he said to himself. Ginghall and Goodrich, he muttered. Richhall and Ginggood! Goodring and Hallrich! He woke himself, giggling.‘What are you so merry about? Nurse Angela said sharply to him from the hall outside the dispensary.‘Goodballs and Ding Dong! Wilbur Larch said to her." - Author: John Irving

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"De tall, dark vun--deres nothing special about him at all," ter Borcht said dismissively of Fang, who hadnt moved since the doctor had come in.Well, hes a snappy dresser," I offered. One side of Fangs mouth quirked." - Author: James Patterson