[We Hugged, And My Dad Cried A Little. I Don't Have A Macho-type Dad, Who Hunts And Fishes And Collects Guns. He's Sensitive And Caring. He Drives Me Crazy Most Of The Time, But I Do Admire That He's Not Afraid To Show His "feminine Side.]

Author: Bill Konigsberg Quotes

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"We are now after 7 months operation making money here."

Anthony Marais Quotes

"No philosopher was ever apathetic. If there is no love, it is not philosophy."

Apoorve Dubey Quotes

"Happiness is a state of mind and not a state of possession. Be as you are and you will be happy, if you try to be someone else you will be miserable."

Brian Fatah Steele Quotes

"Bullshit. You can paint with a fork, you can kill with a fork. A fork is a tool. Dont let yourself be confined by the definitions of others."

Jack Henry Abbott Quotes

"One morning I woke up and was plunged into psychological shock. I had forgotten I was free."

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"A lady is as young as the gentleman she feels," said Roy and cackled happily."

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"I finally had to go to the American Civil Liberties Union here in northern California to get my reply published to what I considered to be a hatchet job done by Stanley Crouch."

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"You have made some notes, read some writing books, and done some research. Mostly what youve done is talk about writing a book. An idea for a book is not a book; it is a waste of time. There is no singular thing that makes someone a writer, but there is one thing that makes someone a joke--talking about writing a book without doing any work."

Phillip White Quotes

"With battle-weary arms, Sheridan slugged his way across the luminous waves sending light-filled droplets splashing into the air like Fourth of July sparklers.Stumbling onto the lakes rocky banks, he clawed desperately at the animal skin suit, yanking at the fastenings and peeling back the suffocating shroud in a fitful temper tantrum. He collapsed onto the glitter washed shore, his chest heaving, his forehead pulsing with pumped up veins."That was a nightmare!" Sheridan rasped between gulps of air. "Like some sort of freaked-out acid trip!""All suffering comes bearing a gift. Every pain is a portal. You must look at the hand of your suffering to see the gift it offers and peer into your pain to see where it may lead." Kunchen said calmly."

William Jennings Bryan Quotes

"Eloquent speech is not from lip to ear, but rather from heart to heart."

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"We probably looked like starving orphan children. Hey! We were starving orphan children." - Author: James Patterson

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"Love you," Xavier said just before he drifted back to sleep."Love you more," I said playfully."Not a chance," Xavier said, fully awake now. "Im bigger, I can contain more love.""Im smaller, therefore my love particles are more compressed, which means I can fit more in."Xavier laughed. "That argument makes no sense. Overruled.""Im just basing it on how much I miss you when youre not around," I countered."How can you possibly know how much I miss you?" he said. "Have you got some sort of built-in miss-o-meter that can give us a reading?""Im a girl; of course I have a built-in miss-o-meter." - Author: Alexandra Adornetto

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"I got down to business and started writing furiously. I wore my fingers down to a callous state writing with every Tom, Dick and Harry around the world, including a chap named Charlie who plays for a man named Bob, to wrestle my emotions and bring out the raw grit hiding in my tightly guarded sub-conscious." - Author: Gin Wigmore

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"With the reorganization of 1898 finished, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad entered a new period in its history." - Author: John Moody

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"Too often, the hopeless romantics among us are wishing and praying for the Right One to come along and sweep them off their feet. But have you ever wondered first if YOU could be a Right person whom another person is worthy of having?"-Elizabeths Quotes on Love" - Author: Elizabeth E. Castillo

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"There is a sad disconnectedness that overcomes a library when its owner is gone." - Author: Lois McMaster Bujold

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"I was lost a long time, without knowing it. Without the Faith, one is free, and that is a pleasant feeling at first. There are no questions of conscience, no constraints, except the constraints of custom, convention and the law, and these are flexible enough for most purposes. It is only later that terror comes. One is free - but free in chaos, in an unexplained and unexplainable world. One is free in a desert, from which there is no retreat but inward, toward the hollow core of oneself. There is nothing to build on but the small rock of ones own pride, and this is a nothing, based on nothing... I think, therefore I am. But what am I? An accident of disorder, going no place." - Author: Morris L. West

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"I needed real help in New York and I had no friends. I looked up at those buildings, I couldnt see the sky or nothing, and I said, Well, there aint no mountain high enough, and I just started - the words just fell out of my mouth, really." - Author: Nickolas Ashford

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"Mesir telah menjadi poros sejarah dunia dan peradaban manusia ribuan tahun lamanya semenjak era Firaun, Yunani, Romawi, Qibti dan Byzantium. Mesir telah memberikan pemikiran yang cemerlang kepada dunia dan juga menjadi pusat dunia Islam serta pelopor bangsa Arab. Sekiranya tidak ada kontribusi Mesir maka dunia dan peradaban Islam telah lama lenyap. Mesirlah yang berhasil mengalahkan bangsa Tartar di Ain Jalut dan menyelamatkan kebudayaan Islam dari kehancuran total. Mesir pula yang menyelamatkan dunia Islam dalam Perang Salib di Hittin dan wilayah-wilayah lainnya. Eksistensi al-Azhar as-Syarif telah menyelamatkan identitas kebudayaan Arab dari proses ‘Turkinisasi yang dilancarkan oleh Dinasti Uthmaniyah. Jadi, dalam keadaan apa pun Mesir akan tetap menjadi jantung dunia Arab." - Author: Yusri Abdul Ghani Abdullah

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"She stared out. She saw a vastness, a rising shape, indistinct in the rain, gray in the misty drizzle. At first she had thought it was a cloud, a great bank of fog drifting up over the mountains, but now she realized with a cold awe that it was real, a vast building climbing the mountainside, rising in a countless series of rooms, stairways, balconies, and galleries, far away and immense, its topmost roofs white with snow. And up there, like a needle sharp with ice, one uttermost pinnacle flew the remote black pennant of the Watch.The Tower of Song." - Author: Catherine Fisher