[We Live In A Community Of People Not So That We Can Suppress And Dominate Eachother Or Make Each Other Miserable But So That We Can Better And More Reliably Satisfy All Life's Healthy Needs.]

Author: Wilhelm Reich Quotes

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Emily P Freeman Quotes

"Maybe youre wondering what it actually means to live a graceful life. Weve got many chapters ahead to figure out what that might look like for you. ..."

Saundra Dalton Smith Quotes

"Your only limitations are the ties you allow to bind you."

Michel Faber Quotes

"Sunlight is bad, he wheezes. Its the exact same stuff as breeds maggots in wounded soldiers legs. And when theres no war on, it fades wallpaper."

Richard Wilbur Quotes

"During my lunch hour, which I spent on a bench in a nearby park, the waitresses would come and sit beside me talking at random, laughing, joking, smoking cigarettes. I learned about their tawdry dreams, their simple hopes, their home lives, their fear of feeling anything deeply, their sex problems, their husbands. They were an eager, restless, talkative, ignorant bunch, but casually kind and impersonal for all that. They knew nothing of hate and fear, and strove instinctively to avoid all passion."

Christy Romano Quotes

"So thats whats going on right now, and Im looking to put out an album within the next six months."

Mohammed Soumola Quotes

"I cant give anyone the best of me since theres no best in me.I can just try through the time to give what I think is close to my best,but there comes the absurd thing. Since theres no best in me, what can I give you folks?"

Phyllis Diller Quotes

"Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight."

Jason Lee Quotes

"I was a little nerdy, but I got along with everybody. I had fun at school - skateboarding, surfing, getting kicked out of class for making too much noise."

Alice Rivlin Quotes

"Its a technical, fairly difficult job that has no particular political connotations, so I doubt there are any big campaign contributors dying to be on the Fed. And remember, it doesnt pay very well, certainly by Republican standards."

Ernest Poole Quotes

"What kind of crops do they raise in the towns? Only Grand Dukes, Bolsheviks and drunkards!"

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"But I was going to learn the hardest lesson in life: that those whoare closest to you, always betray you first." - Author: Susan Speranza

Quotes About Responsible Mothers

"Any woman who has devoted herself to raising children has experienced the hollow praise that only thinly conceals smug dismissal. In a culture that measures worth and achievement almost solely in terms of money, the intensive work of rearing responsible adults counts for little. One of the most intriguing questions in economic history is how this came to be; how mothers came to be excluded from the ranks of productive citizens. How did the demanding job of rearing a modern child come to be termed baby-sitting? When did caring for children become a labor of love,; smothered under a blanket of sentimentality that hides its economic importance?" - Author: Ann Crittenden

Quotes About Size And Scale

"After Kong, my knuckles have never recovered because I had to wear very heavy weights on my forearms and around my hips and ankles to get the sense of size and scale of the movement of the character... You are telling your body that you are these things and that youre feeling these thoughts and that youre experiencing these experiences." - Author: Andy Serkis

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"Wikipedia was a big help for science, especially science communication, and it shows no sign of diminishing in importance." - Author: Aubrey de Grey

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"In my childhood I always felt that I was treated unjustly, without a mother, sick, and with the threat of punishment in Hell hanging over my head." - Author: Edvard Munch

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"We do not just go through life blindly,we create our own journey.Your faith has sculpted you into the human being you have become." - Author: Judie McCarty

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"Im not saying its what I would have wanted. But dont you see? We fuck up our lives again and again and its always our children who pick up the bill. We move on to new relationships, always starting over, always thinking weve got another chance to get it right, its the kids from all these broken marriages who pay the price. They - my son, your daughters, all the millions like them - are carrying around wounds that are going to last a lifetime. It has to stop." - Author: Tony Parsons

Quotes About Colie

"You know, I think I knew you for about three weeks before I ever really saw you smile. And then one day, Morgan said something and you laughed, and I remember thinking it was really cool because it meant something. Youre not the kind of person who smiles for nothing, Colie. I have to earn every one." - Author: Sarah Dessen

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"Education is everything - education is your power, education is your way in life for whatever you want to do." - Author: Ciara

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"It is sadly true that most institutions and nations admire and reward sins of the "spirit," and various forms of arrogance and greed often lead to promotions and praise. But pride, ambition, and vanity are still pride, ambition, and vanity; they do not stop being capital sins because someone is pope or president. "Greed is good" in America, extravagant bonuses are envied and imitated, and careerism is rampant among the clergy . . . Sins of the flesh, however, carry shame and guilt and can always be used to bring anybody down in church, culture, or the state." - Author: Richard Rohr