[We May Also Conceive Of The Evolution Of Humanity As A Vast Army, Toiling Slowly Along Its Line Of March In A Great Column; And, Scouting Far Ahead Of The Main Body, Solitary Outriders, Swift-mounted, Light-armed And Without Baggage, Exploring The Way For The Rest; Spiritual Guerrillas, Whom Paul Referred To As Those Born Out Of Due Season. From Time To Time We Shall See Some Swift-footed Soul Draw Ahead Of The Great Army Of Mankind And Push On Alone Into The Wilderness. For A Period His Path Is Solitary, But Presently He Catches Up With The Far-flung Line Of The Scouts, And If Able To Give The Password That Proves Him To Be Of Their Body, Is Given His Place In The Ranks Of That Adventurous Company, A Boundary-rider Of Evolution, Alone On Patrol, Yet Not Out Of Touch With His Comrades, For There Are Signaling-points Along The Line, And At Certain Seasons All Gather In To The Council.]

Author: Dion Fortune Quotes

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