[We May Also Conceive Of The Evolution Of Humanity As A Vast Army, Toiling Slowly Along Its Line Of March In A Great Column; And, Scouting Far Ahead Of The Main Body, Solitary Outriders, Swift-mounted, Light-armed And Without Baggage, Exploring The Way For The Rest; Spiritual Guerrillas, Whom Paul Referred To As Those Born Out Of Due Season. From Time To Time We Shall See Some Swift-footed Soul Draw Ahead Of The Great Army Of Mankind And Push On Alone Into The Wilderness. For A Period His Path Is Solitary, But Presently He Catches Up With The Far-flung Line Of The Scouts, And If Able To Give The Password That Proves Him To Be Of Their Body, Is Given His Place In The Ranks Of That Adventurous Company, A Boundary-rider Of Evolution, Alone On Patrol, Yet Not Out Of Touch With His Comrades, For There Are Signaling-points Along The Line, And At Certain Seasons All Gather In To The Council.]

Author: Dion Fortune Quotes

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Maureen Eguia Quotes

"Bravery doesnt always mean that you have to be fearless. No one in this world fears nothing, so if you are fearless, then you are no one."

Julie Benz Quotes

"If youre offered something, youre not really sure exactly what is that they saw in you that they think is the character so its a little scary, I feel."

Jibankrishna Quotes

"The Supreme cult does not bear any relationship with the ordinary course of life. The physical body, after attainment of the Supreme Cult will remain as it was before. It will feel pleasure and pain as it used to do. One must be earning his honest livelihood. It is only possible for a man without the least tinge of desire that ‘to see God is for the sake of seeing God and ‘to attain God is for the sake of attaining God only." - Sri Jibankrishna"

Katherine A Fowkes Quotes

"[A] new finding shows that while in the 1940s, three-quarters of those surveyed claimed to dream in black and white, today, three-quarters say the opposite, that they dream in color. This reversal is attributed to a change in the number of people who grew up watching color rather than black and white television... another hint that our private dreams are intimately linked to our collective mediated experiences."

Michelle Horst Quotes

"You can never run from your past; it defines who you are today. But, use your Awo given intelligence and enjoy the future…because THAT only comes once. VAALBARA The Land of Shadows"

Michael Wood Quotes

"Home is what we know we ought to want but cant really take. America is not so much a home for anyone as a universal dream of home, a wish whose attraction depends upon its remaining at the level of a wish. The movies bring the boys back but stop as soon as they get them back; for home, that vaunted, all-American ideal, is a sort of death, and an oblique justification for all the wandering that kept you away from it for so long."

Rolf Dieter Heuer Quotes

"If there is no fundamental science then there is no basis for applied science. We have to strike a balance. 23 years ago the World Wide Web was born here. It has changed the world dramatically."

Ilie Nastase Quotes

"I havent reported my missing credit card to the police because whoever stole it is spending less than my wife."

Ramon Gomez De La Serna Quotes

"When a woman orders fruit salad for two, she perfects the original sin."

Douglas Trumbull Quotes

"But as far as the concept of HAL, who HAL was, his character - I had no role in creating him."

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Quotes About Limiting Yourself

"Read a lot. But read as a writer, to see how other writers are doing it. And make your knowledge of literature in English as deep and broad as you can. In workshops, writers are often told to read what is being written now, but if that is all you read, you are limiting yourself. You need to get a good overall sense of English literary history, so you can write out of that knowledge." - Author: Theodora Goss

Quotes About Serving Community

"It took a bit of popcorn and a library snack bar to make me realize that being a librarian was about more than just giving people information. It was about serving a community. And if the community is hungry for more than just knowledge, then maybe its about time to open a snack bar." - Author: Scott Douglas

Quotes About Marie The Stranger

"Edith stared at the ceiling, contemplating the oddness of life. Here she was with this man, whom she hardly knew when she really thought about it, asleep, naked, beside her. She pondered that central truth, which must have struck many brides from Marie Antoinette to Wallis Simpson, that whatever the political, social or financial advantages of a great marriage, there comes a moment when everyone leaves the room and you are left alone with a stranger who has the legal right to copulate with you. She was not at all sure that she had fully negotiated this simple fact until then." - Author: Julian Fellowes

Quotes About Shortest Myself

"This is tantamount to saying, "My hand is weak. I cannot draw a straight line,—that is, a line which will be the shortest line between two given points,—and so, in order to make it more easy for myself, I, intending to draw a straight, will choose for my model a crooked line." The weaker my hand, the greater the need that my model should be perfect." - Author: Leo Tolstoy

Quotes About Inoculation

"In 1736 I lost one of my sons, a fine boy of four years old, by the small-pox, taken in the common way. I long regretted bitterly, and still regret that I had not given it to him by inoculation. This I mention for the sake of parents who omit that operation, on the supposition that they should never forgive themselves if a child died under it; my example showing that the regret may be the same either way, and that, therefore, the safer should be chosen." - Author: Benjamin Franklin

Quotes About Unfashionable

"...for most of the ride through British Columbia we were treated to stunning scenery ranging from majestic peaks shrouded in mist to more barren vistas reminiscent of the Old West ... to churning rivers fed by waterfalls twisting down mountains like the woven tassels on the white summer Chanel bag Id left back home. Do waterfalls ever feel unfashionable after Labor Day" - Author: Doreen Orion

Quotes About Verliebt

"Je wahnsinninger alles um uns herum wird, desto normaler komme ich mir selbst vor. Mafiaboss mit achtzehn? Gestaltwandler? Verliebt in die eindeutig verrückteste Rosa der Welt? Alles ein Klacks gegen dieses Irrenhaus da draußen." - Author: Kai Meyer

Quotes About Finnegan

"James Joyce, in his novel Finnegans Wake, in 1939, punned on the word "Hindoo" (as the British used to spell it), joking that it came from the names of two Irishmen, Hin-nessy and Doo-ley: "This is the hindoo Shimar Shin between the dooley boy and the hinnessy."30 Even Joyce knew that the word was not native to India." - Author: Wendy Doniger

Quotes About Not Being A Model

"There seemed never to be a moment when he was not haunted by the fear of being thought lacking by his British colleagues. And yet it seemed to be universally agreed that he was one of the most successful Indians of his generation, a model for his countrymen. Did this mean that one day all of India would become a shadow of what he had been? Millions of people trying to live their lives in conformity with incomprehensible rules? Better to be what Dolly had been: a woman who had no illusions about the nature of her condition; a prisoner who knew the exact dimensions of her cage and could look for contentment within those confines." - Author: Amitav Ghosh

Quotes About Greetings

"My skin may have wrinkles but its because Im smiling so much. That might sound like some terrible American greetings card, but I feel its immoral for me to castigate my body for getting older, when it does everything I ask of it." - Author: Olivia Williams