[We Need To Seek Wise Leaders Who Will Seek Common Ground Among Americans Instead Of Dividing Us Further For Political Gain. As Citizens, We Must Embrace Those Who Embrace Ideas, Thoughtfulness, Civility And Kindness To Others No Matter What Their Political Beliefs.]

Author: James McGreevey Quotes

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"wake up who cares about little boys that talk too much"

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"Mud and water and the stumps of trees. In every direction that was all there was. Bodies fell, but the trees died standing up."

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"Make sure you do not have friends otherwise you have to keep them at bay.""You was my friend too!"The brow of the young side stood up with surprise and he darkened even more. His eyes stole fire."Now Im not?""I do not know anymore what you are!" I admitted with pain. Gods and Guardians"

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"Sadie heard her inside cleaning up the kitchen and wondered what dreams Bettys mother had for herself, if all mothers had them, bottled up beneath their mother exteriors."

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"Hope is the deep orientation of the human soul that can be held at the darkest times."

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"Original sin is not only the violation of a positive command … but … attempts … to abolish fatherhood, destroying its rays which permeate the created world, placing in doubt the truth about God who is Love and leaving man with only a sense of the master-slave relationship."

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"Running is my church."

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"It was then that I realized I wasnt afraid to lose my life; I was afraid to lose the life I couldve lived."

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"Few learn golf in a lifetime."

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"[W]ithout changing the most molecular relationships in society — notably, those between men and women, adults and children, whites and other ethnic groups, heterosexuals and gays (the list, in fact, is considerable) — society will be riddled by domination even in a socialistic ‘classless and ‘non-exploitative form. It would be infused by hierarchy even as it celebrated the dubious virtues of ‘peoples democracies, socialism and the ‘public ownership of ‘natural resources, And as long as hierarchy persists, as long as domination organises humanity around a system of elites, the project of dominating nature will continue to exist and inevitably lead our planet to ecological extinction" - Author: Murray Bookchin

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