[We Recognized In 1996 That, With Progress In The Field Of Genetics Accelerating At A Breathtaking Pace, We Need To Ensure That Advances In Treatment And Prevention Of Disease Do Not Constitute A New Basis For Discrimination.]

Author: Olympia Snowe Quotes

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"Heck, who needs things like skydiving and rock climbing for your adreline kick, if you can get it from playing Russian roulette with open windows?"

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"Darkness and anger, when combined, are their own master."

Mose Allison Quotes

"Theres a lot of terrible things goin on all the time, but you gotta try and have some fun in the end."

Maripol Quotes

"Madonna and I worked very closely. I was more like the big sister to her."

Robert Falcon Scott Quotes

"I fear we have shot our bolt - but we have been to Pole and done the longest journey on record."

Samuel J Palmisano Quotes

"Smarter is always the answer."

TF Rigelhof Quotes

"Never ever forget that you enlisted in the ranks – you werent press ganged or drafted. Nobody owes you anything – least of all respect for your work – until youve earned it with what you put on the page."

Achy Obejas Quotes

"Offspring were a joy or a shame, but still the crown of their elders, natures unpredictable creatures."

Chad Coleman Quotes

"I got four sisters. Theyre all very fierce."

John McLaughlin Quotes

"These [Asian] paintings I could get into and they made me wonder who I was. By contrast, Western painters tried to tell me who they were."

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"My life often feels like a whirling dervish of kids, writing, speaking, and pastoral ministry." - Author: Kevin DeYoung

Quotes About Dads Who Dont Care

"For a long time, we assume we know who we are, until the moment we fully realize who that is; in that moment, identity is no longer predictable, but rather takes the form of a truth that, like any other, can become a sentence with no more than a change of perspective." - Author: Sergio Chejfec

Quotes About Effects Of Sin

"This quarrel over the messianic status of Jesus within first-century Judaism had profound effects on Christianity and prompted it towards a fateful turning point that switched the emphasis from following the way of Jesus to believing things about Jesus. Gradually a Christian came to be thought of not as one who lives and acts in a certain way, but as one who holds certain convictions or theories. The trouble with religious convictions or beliefs is that, since we can rarely prove or disprove them, we get anxious about them and start quarrelling with people whose convictions or theories differ from our own." - Author: Richard Holloway

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"Dex leveled a fake-sultry gaze at me. "Are you coming on to me?" - Author: Rachel Hawkins

Quotes About Latest Trends

"He does not want a girl who trifles with Christianity. He wants a woman who is radically given to Christ. He does not want a girl who prays tepid, lukewarm prayers. He wants a woman who lives in defiance of the powers of Hell. He does not want a girl who is self-adorning with the latest fashions and trends. He wants a woman who is adorned with the inner jewelry of Christ-given holiness. He does not want a girl who dishonors and belittles her parents. He wants a woman who honors the authorities God has placed in her life and serves them with charity and gladness. He does not want a girl whose Bible is an accessory to her wardrobe. He wants a woman whose hunger and thirst is to know the Lord, and who diligently feasts upon His Word. He does not want a girl whose tongue is a deceptive weapon of selfishness. He wants a woman whose words drip with the honey of the name of Jesus." - Author: Leslie Ludy

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"Where lies your text?Viola: In Orsinos bosom.Olivia: In his bosom! In what chapter of his bosom?Viola: To answer by the method, in the first of his heart." - Author: William Shakespeare

Quotes About Melville

"Do you know why teachers use me? Because I speak in tongues. I write metaphors. Every one of my stories is a metaphor you can remember. The great religions are all metaphor. We appreciate things like Daniel and the lions den, and the Tower of Babel. People remember these metaphors because they are so vivid you cant get free of them and thats what kids like in school. They read about rocket ships and encounters in space, tales of dinosaurs. All my life Ive been running through the fields and picking up bright objects. I turn one over and say, Yeah, theres a story. And thats what kids like. Today, my stories are in a thousand anthologies. And Im in good company. The other writers are quite often dead people who wrote in metaphors: Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Melville, Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne. All these people wrote for children. They may have pretended not to, but they did." - Author: Ray Bradbury

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"Our tools are extensions of our purposes, and so we find it natural to make metaphorical attributions of intentionality to them; but I take it no philosophical ice is cut by such examples." - Author: John Searle

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"Stop feeling sorry for yourself and you will be happy." - Author: Stephen Fry

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"If I blow the conch and they dont come back; then weve had it. We shant keep the fire going. Well be like animals. Well never be rescued.""If you dont blow, well soon be animals anyway." - Author: William Golding