[We Shouldn't Require Our Politicians To Be Movie Stars. Then Again, We're All Influenced By Charisma. It's Hard Not To Be. We All Collectively Fall For It.]

Author: Julianne Moore Quotes

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Meg Meeker Quotes

"One must make a way for peace to enter and then clear a spot in which it can rest"

Edward Humes Quotes

"Americans make more trash than anyone else not the planet, throwing away about 7.1 pounds per person per day, 365 days a year. Across a lifetime that rate means, on average, we are each on track to generate 102 tons of trash. Each of our bodies may occupy only one cemetery plot when were done with this world, but a single persons 102-ton trash legacy will require the equivalent of 1,100 graves. Much of that refuse will outlast any grave marker, pharaohs pyramid or modern skyscraper: One of the few relics of our civilization guaranteed to be recognizable twenty thousand years from now is the potato chip bag."

James Barrett Reston Quotes

"Golf: A plague invented by the Calvinistic Scots as a punishment for mans sins."

Milton Lomask Quotes

"Theres no right way of writing. Theres only your way."

Albert Camus Quotes

"Il me semble que lhistoire ma donné raison, aujourdhui cest à qui tuera le plus. Ils sont tous dans la fureur du meurtre, et ils ne peuvent pas faire autrement."

Samuel Johnson Quotes

"El patriotismo es el último refugio de los canallas"."

Bertice Berry Quotes

"without a vision, people perish!"

Angel Rosa Quotes

"Normally, the mortal would be emptied of his soul. His truest essence, which, if the bastard was lucky, would be released to be recycled by the cosmos. The ‘investor would then take hold, snuggling in tightly to his host body. At first its kind of like when you purchase a new pair of shoes. How the hard leather around the opening digs into the flesh it surrounds. Then, after a short period of breaking them in, it begins to only feel uncomfortable when you move a certain way. Soon enough though, you forget that you even have them on. They eventually seem to fit as if youve always worn them. The truly unlucky, though, they are left inside. Paralyzed and powerless to do anything but watch their lives be lived by someone… something, else."

Peter Nichols Quotes

"In any age, there is no shortage of people willing to embark on a hazardous adventure. Columbus and Magellan filled eight ships between them for voyages into the void. One hundred and fifty years ago, the possibilities offered by missionary service were limitless and first-rate. Later, Scott and Shackleton turned away droves after filling their crews for their desperate Antarctic voyages. In 1959 ... sailor H.W. Tilman, looking for a crew for a voyage in an old wooden yacht to the Southern Ocean, ran this ad in the London Times: "Hand [man] wanted for long voyage in small boat. No pay, no prospects, not much pleasure." Tilman received more replies than he could investigate, one from as far away as Saigon."

Catherine Of Genoa Quotes

"Normal....What the majority of people look, act, and talk and like.So what if the majority became what we see as wierd now?Would our normal, become our new wierd?"

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Quotes About Life Comedians

"In real life, comedians arent funny." - Author: Michael Showalter

Quotes About Fair Treatment

"if my name was on a serious work like this it would never get fair treatment. They would all say I had tried to be funny and failed." - Author: Jerome K. Jerome

Quotes About Duck Dynasty Espresso

"The Victorians, especially southern Victorians, needed a lot of room to stray away from each other, to duck tuberculosis and flu, to avoid rapacious lust, to wall themselves away from sticky emotion. Extra space is always good." - Author: Gillian Flynn

Quotes About Bedsheets

"I roll the covers back up over him and take his hand, noticing how well our palms fit together and thinking back to just after the last time he saved me—when he took my hand and told me that wed always be together.I lower my head to his chest and continue to squeeze his palm. Tears fall onto the bedsheets, dampening the fabric just above his heart. "Im so sorry," I tell him, over and over again.A few moments later, theres a twitching sensation inside my hand. Bens fingers glides over my thumb. ‘Sorry for what?" he breaths. His voice is raspy and weak.I lift my head to check his face. His eyelids flutter. The monitor starts beeping faster. And his lips struggle to move."Dont try to talk," I tell him, searching for the nurses call buzzer."Please," he whispers, his eyes almost fully open now. "Dont let go.""I wont," I promise, gripping his hand even harder." - Author: Laurie Faria Stolarz

Quotes About Terrible Fathers

"Sherman made the terrible discovery that men make about their fathers sooner or later... that the man before him was not an aging father but a boy, a boy much like himself, a boy who grew up and had a child of his own and, as best he could, out of a sense of duty and, perhaps love, adopted a role called Being a Father so that his child would have something mythical and infinitely important: a Protector, who would keep a lid on all the chaotic and catastrophic possibilities of life. ~Tom Wolfe" - Author: Tom Wolfe

Quotes About Bible Awakening

"The Bible was penned by men. The Epistles of Paul were penned by that evangelist salesman and his students, desperate to bring mystery and excitement into a quiet philosophy, turning it into a religion promising the secret of an afterlife, answers to questions that previously no one could answer. Always remember, words written by men have an agenda. Sometimes their agenda is for the better, but its usually for the self, and that almost always leads down a dangerous path."~Character Mark from The Awakening, book one of The Judas Curse series." - Author: Angella Graff

Quotes About Raggedy Ann

"Writing this now, God, how I miss the cultural side of the eighties - the rhetoric, the raggedy clothes, the politics, gigs you were frightened to go into, Radio 1 when it had weird bits, Channel 4 when it was radical, the NME when it had writers, and the thrill of discovering underground music and new comedy for yourself." - Author: Stewart Lee

Quotes About Fragile Love

"Love is a fragile, corruptible thing. And yet I have seen it evince a curious strength. It is beyond any comprehension Love is a weakness that once in a great while triumphs over strength." - Author: Brent Weeks

Quotes About She Will Miss Me

"Though he may dally with loose women, hes been raised a gentleman. He would never touch me unless I gave him permission." He might use incredibly powerful seduction tactics, but that was her problem, not Anguss."Aye," Mary said. "Dont ye remember how the miss took care o the squires son when he tried to kiss her in the garden?" She beamed at Sophia. "That was well done."Sophia grinned. "He limped for a week"Angus grunted. "The squires son isnt half the man this one is. This is no boy yere dealin with here. Hes a mans man;ye can see it in his eyes."She placed a hand on his arm. "Angus, if it will make you feel better, I promise to call for help if MacLean so much as looks askance at me." - Author: Karen Hawkins

Quotes About Lide

"And here, finally here in this place, in these circumstances, I will really have to kill him. And Snow will win. Hot, bitter hatred courses through me. Snow has won too much already today. Its a long shot, its suicide maybe, but I do the only thing I can think of. I lean in and kiss Peeta full on the mouth. His whole body starts shuddering, but I keep my lips pressed to his until I have to come up for air. My hands slide up his wrists to clasp his. "Dont let him take you from me." Peetas panting hard as he fights the nightmares raging in his head. "No. I dont want to..." I clench his hands to the point of pain. "Stay with me." His pupils contract to pinpoints, dilate again rapidly, and then return to something resembling normalcy. "Always," he murmurs." - Author: Suzanne Collins