[We Tend To Have A Limited Concept Of Spiritual Death As Saying No Only To Things We Want Or Covet -- Our Guilty Pleasures And Selfish Ambitions. But In Reality, It Means Dying Inwardly To Whatever Has Control Over Us. The Thing That Really Controls Us May Not Be What We Want. It May Be What We Fear. Fear Can Dominate Our Lives Just As Strongly As Desire.]

Author: Nancy Pearcey Quotes

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"Moralitatea batjocorită se repară mai greu decât uzinele învechite."

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"No one who keeps his mind focussed entirely upon himself, can grow large, strong and beautiful in character"

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"No hay problema," Orlando agreed. "But you havent said where?" His eyes grazed over the rumpled tux, Aiden not having thought about where the tattoo might go. Isabel had an answer."His neck.""My neck?""Tiene cojones," Orlando said slyly grinning."Yes, your neck. Itll be your thing, you know, when youre famous--like an insigna. Its sexy and dangerous. Aidans going to be a famous rock star, Orlando."Aidan admired her confidence. "From her lips ...""I surely hope, mis amigos, because putting that thing on your neck does not say nine-to-five employment."

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"Si alguien había perdido esa noche un tesoro, yo, por lo menos, había ganado uno."

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". . . a constitution, intended toendure for ages to come, andconsequently, to be adapted to thevarious crises of human affairs."

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"Posso persino dire daver avuto uninfanzia felice perché non sapevo che esistessero altre infanzie."

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"Two people can be perfect for each other but if the timings wrong its never going to work out. Bad timing is the reason that most normal people end up single. Weirdos and creeps are single cause they are weird and creepy but people like us are single because of bad timing."

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"El sentido común es algo tan raro que su aplicación asombra al mundo, y quienes tienen la habilidad de emplearlo son declarados genios. El genio es, para decir la verdad, un derivado del sentido común."

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"Music is the art of thinking with sounds."

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"I joke around all the time, Im Asian; Im really good at math."

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