[We Tend To Mix Genders When We Arrange Ourselves Around A Table For Meetings. A Sort Of Accommodation Is Made By The Men For The Women: They Make Space For Us. They Are Ever-so-slightly Polite, We Are Ever-so-slightly Grateful. When We Stand Up At The End Of A Meeting, We All Give Ourselves A Metaphorical Shake That Is Only Partly The Relief Of Having Concluded Our Business: We Are All Released From The Effort Of Fitting Ourselves Together.When Men Speak In These Meetings, Women Relax; When Women Speak, Men Grow Tense. I Have The Impression That They Never Know What A Woman Is Going To Say, Whereas They Are Reasonably Sure What A Man Will Address Himself To And How He Will Do It. So Are The Women; For Them, Too, Men Tend To Be Predictable. Women Listen To Women With A Different Kind Of Attention, And Part Of It May Be Loyalty To Our Gender; We Want All Of Us To Do Well, As If We Have The Esprit De Corps Of Subalterns Among Generals.]

Author: Anne Truitt Quotes

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"Before I leave this Earth, I would like to know they have given women the same benefits and promotions as men."

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