[We Who Are Like Senseless Children Shrink From Suffering, But Love Its Causes. We Hurt Ourselves; Our Pain Is Self-inflicted! Why Should Others Be The Object Of Our Anger?]

Author: Śāntideva Quotes

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"Maia did not want to wake up. Sleep lay on her like a dead bear and she had no strength to struggle out from under it."

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"I will love you with all my heart, To have forever - never to part. This is a promise engrained in me, Take my hand and let it be."

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"Questions asked out of agenda threaten Questions asked out of authentic,loving inquiry unlock and liberateChoose.CoachmeDave"

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"The writer ultimately tires of the subjects self-serving story, and substitutes a story of his own."

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"Nothing ever changes as far as Westerns are concerned. They are the same today as they were years ago."

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"One encounter with Jesus Christ is enough to change you, instantly, forever."

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"Il faut regarder la configuration ensemble pour déterminer le comportement des parties et non linverse."

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"She was crouched in the corner of the room, eating something off the floor. It was the old woman dressed in endless black. When she looked up this time there was no question she was there for me. She had the face of my mother but much older, her ancient decayed mouth coming closer for her good-night kiss. I steeled myself against her putrid smell, the mouthful of bitter dust, but as her lips touched mine it was like biting into a purple black plum whose fruit was brilliant red, like an explosion of intense joy. Its childhood smell wrinkled my nose with pleasure, its sweet juices ran down my chin, turning into a beautiful black ocean where I floated safely, not lost as I had imagined, but securely tucked away deep in space."

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"When youre down, remember your triumphs. [...] Sometimes you get in trouble and crash. Other times: just a bumpy landing."

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"Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead."

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"° I no longer saw Gods commandments concerning sex and marriage as a prohibition, but as His loving protection.° I no longer thought of sexual purity as a rule, but as a desired virtue.°I no longer was attracted to the guys that treated girls like commodities, but was now attracted to men of character who modeled Jesus humility and self-sacrifice. °I no longer saw my body as something to use to gain a guys attention; I now viewed it as Gods holy temple." - Author: Marian Jordan Ellis

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"We seldomrealize, for example, that our most private thoughts and emotions arenot actually our own. For we think in terms of languages and imageswhich we did not invent, but which were given to us by our society. Wecopy emotional reactions from our parents, learning from them thatexcrement is supposed to have a disgusting smell and that vomiting issupposed to be an unpleasant sensation. The dread of death is alsolearned from their anxieties about sickness and from their attitudes tofunerals and corpses. Our social environment has this power justbecause we do not exist apart from a society. Society is our extendedmind and body.Yet the very society from which the individual is inseparable is usingits whole irresistible force to persuade the individual that he is indeedseparate! Society as we now know it is therefore playing a game withself-contradictory rules." - Author: Alan Wilson Watts

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"I tend to sleep in the nude... Im a sensual-leaning woman. You have to use the word leaning or it sounds like Im boasting." - Author: Padma Lakshmi

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"... ich kann kein Volk mir denken, das zerißner wäre, wie die Deutschen. Handwerker siehst du, aber keine Menschen, Priester, aber keine Menschen, Herrn und Knechte, Jungenudn gesetzte Leute, aber keine Menschen - ist das nicht wie ein Schlachtfeld, wo Hände und Arme und Gleider zerstückelt untereinander liegen ... ? Ein jeder treibt das Seine, wirst du sagen, und ich sage es auch. Nur muß er es mit ganzer Seele treiben, muß nicht jede Kraft in sich ersticken, wenn sie nicht gerade sich zu seinem Titel paßt ... und ist er in ein Fach gedrückt, wo gar der Geist nicht leben darf, so stoß ers mit Verachtung weg und lerne pflügen!" - Author: Friedrich Hölderlin

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