[We're Born With The Desire, But We Don't Really Know How To Choose. We Don't Know What Our Taste Is, And We Don't Know What We Are Seeing.]

Author: Sheena Iyengar Quotes

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Nour Albawardi Quotes

"في المرَّةِ الأولى عندما متنالَمْ نَجِد سريراً يُلائم أجسادنا المُكتظَّة بأشياءٍ جميلةوبقينا بلا نومٍ لأيامٍ نُخفِّف حمولة داخلنا من رداءةِ ما عَلِق...طائرات ورقية رسمناها في صيف 2008بوسترات أفلام رخيصة كانت نتيجة خوفنا من أن نفشل في الإنجابقمصان زاهية نرتديها حينما تقهرنا الرغبة، نرتديها بدافع الضحكوالملل والعادة؛رسائل بريدية تحمل أُغنية، أخبار قديمة، قصائد نُمرِّرها عبر أيقونةسريعة، محادثة مرئية تُعيد لنا ملامحنا القديمةحزن بنفسجيّ كأخرِ وردة بينناذبحة صدريّة انغمست في أصابعنا فتوقّفنا عن الكتابة ؛المرّة الأولى كانت كافيةً جداً لإعادةِ الاختياروأنْ ننام ونوافذنا مفتوحة ليجِد الحبَّ مُتَّسعاً."

Kiar Quotes

"Death, is a beautiful conclusion to these short stories, that which we have so interestingly entitled, lives."

Cameron Diaz Quotes

"You havent partied until youve partied at dawn in complete silence with Buddhist monks."

Ty Roth Quotes

"Sorry for your loss Gordan said.His extended hand was immediately rejected with an if-looks-could-kill stare from Shellys father, who was, as of yet, oblivious to the fact that we had stolen the last of his daughter.Right. Well,fuck you too."

Allama Iqbal Quotes

"The alchemist of the West has turned stone into glassBut my alchemy has transmuted glass into flintPharaohs of today have stalked me in vain"

Sean Mangan Quotes

"Life is too short when you think of the length of death"

DrKhalid Azzam Quotes

"I dont fail, I either succeed or learn."

Tom Feeney Quotes

"Two things Florida can teach the other 49 states: how to make a good margarita and how to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane."

David Low Quotes

"Here lies a nuisance dedicated to sanity."

Georg Stanford Brown Quotes

"For me, acting was something I fell into."

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Quotes About Marbury V Madison

"The previous Madison Spencer would bother to hold their frightened hand, to calm and comfort them. Who I am now, however, I tell them to cry me a stinking shit river and fall down dead, already." - Author: Chuck Palahniuk

Quotes About Seeds Of Change

"It is in the more muddled moments of my life, that i become painfully aware of my issues. When nothing is going right, when life gets away from me. When i feel like life is living me, instead of me, living life. Its a difficult place be, but its also where the seeds of change, often take root. And from those roots, a wellspring of hope and positive transformation, blooms." - Author: Jaeda DeWalt

Quotes About Not Seeing Beauty

"Having eyes, but not seeing beauty; having ears, but not hearing music; having minds, but not perceiving truth; having hearts that are never moved and therefore never set on fire. These are the things to fear, said the headmaster." - Author: Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

Quotes About Rap Grinding

"By noon, in a gray February world, we had come down through snow flurries to land at Albany, and had taken off again. When the snow ended the sky was a luminous gray. I looked down at the winter calligraphy of upstate New York, white fields marked off by the black woodlots, an etching without color, superbly restful in contrast to the smoky, guttering, grinding stink of the airplane clattering across the sky like an old commuter bus." - Author: John D. MacDonald

Quotes About Bible Tranquility

"Even Christians taking in the teaching of the Bible can be deceived about our own sins. We somehow feel that consent to the teaching of scripture is equivalent to obedience." - Author: Jerry Bridges

Quotes About Strong Willed Child

"But a child, so recently come into the world from the void of creation, can be more resilient than the strongest man, more strong willed than the hardiest woman. A child is like an early spring bulb that carries all the resources needed within its skin for the first push through the soil towards the sun. And just as a little bit of water can start the bulb to grow, even through fissured rock, so can a little kindness give a child the ability to push through the dark." - Author: Kathleen Kent

Quotes About Grouch

"She hated Mr. Meanie. But shed gotten to know him and theyd reached an understanding of sorts. Now she was to have him for supper."Dont tell me youre feeling guilty?"Breaking off a piece of the wing, she brought it to her lips and took a bite. It did taste good. Very good."I wonder if all grouchy males are this palatable."Drew choked.She looked up, tilting her head. "Are you all right?"He turned a dull red. "Eat your supper, Connie." - Author: Deeanne Gist

Quotes About Stealing Tumblr

"The fictitious kleptomaniacs only crime was stealing imaginations" - Author: Dean Cavanagh

Quotes About Questioning Motives

"Questioning our own motives, and our own process, is critical to a skeptical and scientific outlook. We must realize that the default mode of human psychology is to grab onto comforting beliefs for purely emotional reasons, and then justify those beliefs to ourselves with post-hoc rationalizations." - Steven Novella" - Author: Steven Novella

Quotes About Punching

"I might try that one thing, you know, that thing people do when their eyes get all wet and stupid—whats it called? Crying?Or NOT. I might PUNCH you instead and trust that you wont punch me back because of my endearing smallness. It would be like punching a child." - Author: Laini Taylor