[What A Holler Would Ensue If People Had To Pay The Minister As Much To Marry Them As They Have To Pay A Lawyer To Get Them A Divorce.]

Author: Claire Trevor Quotes

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Judd Gregg Quotes

"Most people get their politics, obviously, from TV shows about senators or movies about them or... all the day-to-day press and the talk shows."

Frederick Scott Oliver Quotes

"Men who are engaged in public life must necessarily aim at reducing opposition to a minimum, and one of the most obvious means to that end is by misrepresenting, discrediting or ruining their opponents."

Sandy DeLuca Quotes

"It feels as though Tonys a ghost, a wisp of someone I once loved, or never loved at all and thought was someone else. I dont feel anything, not even when he fucks me. I wonder if he knows. I wonder if he believes I still want him. I always tell myself its the last time, but I dont leave. i exist instead inside this shell of a life weve created."

Derrick Jensen Quotes

"Like the layers of an onion, under the first lie is another, and under that another, and they all make you cry."

William McIlvanney Quotes

"Who thinks the law has anything to do with justice? Its what we have because we cant have justice."

Jonah Hill Quotes

"I mean, I find things that happened in real life to be the funniest - things that you observe instead of crazy abstract things, you know."

David R Brower Quotes

"Understanding how DNA transmits all it knows about cancer, physics, dreaming and love will keep man searching for some time."

Sibel Edmonds Quotes

"But I can tell that once, and if, and when this issue gets to be, under real terms, investigated, you will be seeing certain people that we know from this country standing trial; and they will be prosecuted criminally."

Masamune Shirow Quotes

"Overspecialize, and you breed in weakness. - Makoto Kuzanagi, Ghost in the shell"

Megan Hietala Quotes

"Dragons weep, Shadows leaps, King sleeps. Dragon takes, Shadows breaks, King wakes."

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Quotes About Quiet Evenings

"Squeezed against each other in the heavy heat, they were silent...looking toward the home that was expecting them--quiet, perspiring, resigned to this existence divided among a soulless job, long trips coming and going in an uncomfortable trolley, and at the end an abrupt sleep. On some evenings it would sadden Jacques to look at them. Until then he had only known the riches and the joys of poverty. But now heat and boredom and fatigue were showing him their curse, the curse of work so stupid you could weep and so interminably monotonous that it made the days too long and, at the same time, life too short." - Author: Albert Camus

Quotes About Fighting Battles

"The War was decided in the first twenty days of fighting, and all that happened afterwards consisted in battles which, however formidable and devastating, were but desperate and vain appeals against the decision of Fate." - Author: Winston Churchill

Quotes About Welcoming The Stranger

"Some people tried to hurt us to protect themselves, their family and communities...This was one of the consequences of civil war. People stopped trusting each other, and every stranger became an enemy. Even people who knew you became extremely careful about how they related or spoke to you." - Author: Ishmael Beah

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"When I come to Chicago, I gorge myself. I get off the plane and start with Gene and Judes for two hot dogs with everything, swing by The Fudge Pot for a taffy apple and a turtle, chocolate clusters at Sarahs Pastries and Candies and steak at Smith and Wollensky. I find time for Ginos pizza within the next 12 hours." - Author: James Belushi

Quotes About Think Like A Man

"Jaenelle opened her mouth, closed it, and finally said timidly, "Do you think, when Im grown up, I could wear an outfit like that?" Daemon bit his cheek. He didnt know whether to laugh or cry. Buying time, he looked down at himself. "Well," he said, giving it slow consideration, "the shirt would have to be altered somewhat to accommodate a female figure, but I dont see why not." Jaenelle beamed. "Daemon, its a wonderful hat." It took him a moment to admit it to himself, but he was miffed. He stood in front of her, on display as it were, and the thing that fascinated her most was his hat. You do know how to bruise a mans ego, dont you, little one? he thought dryly as he said, "Would you like to try it on?" Jaenelle bounced to the mirror, brushing against him as she passed." - Author: Anne Bishop

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"The future is meant for those who are willing to let go of the worst parts of the past. When you cannot take two steps without turning around to inspect your footsteps, you are getting nowhere fast." - Author: Corey Taylor

Quotes About Being Never Giving Up

"I would never offer advice without the person asking for it. I, in general, dont believe in giving advice, actually, as a human being I dont." - Author: Joan Chen

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"I fully realize that the new organization is a human rather than a perfect instrumentality for the attainment of its great objective. As time goes on it will, I am sure, be improved." - Author: Cordell Hull

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"Wciąż są w ruchu te same przedmioty, przechodząc z jednego obozu do innego, czy z jednego pułku do innego w tym samym obozie; czymże zresztą innym jest w ogóle wojna, jeśli nie przechodzeniem z rąk do rąk dobytku coraz bardziej sponiewieranego?" - Author: Italo Calvino

Quotes About Flowering Plants

"An acre of poppies and a forest of spruce boggle no ones mind. Even ten square miles of wheat gladdens the hearts of most . . . No, in the plant world, and especially among the flowering plants, fecundity is not an assault on human values. Plants are not our competitors; they are our prey and our nesting materials. We are no more distressed at their proliferation than an owl is at a population explosion among field mice . . . but in the animal world things are different, and human feelings are different . . . Fecundity is anathema only in the animal. "Acres and acres of rats" has a suitably chilling ring to it that is decidedly lacking if I say, instead, "acres and acres of tulips"." - Author: Annie Dillard