[What An Ironic Tragedy That An Affluent, "Christian" Minority In The World Continues To Hoard Its Wealth While Hundreds Of Millions Of People Hover On The Edge Of Starvation!]

Author: Ronald J. Sider Quotes

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Mgbasonwu Vincent Nwabinye Quotes

"Nothing can shark the wheels or crush the spirit of a determined people, said Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu"

Angela Rae Harris Quotes

"You meet someone who changes your world and when they leave youre left as a stranger in the world. You dont even know yourself. - Keaira"

Charity Shumway Quotes

"It sounds like a lot when you summarize it, but I dont do all of it every day. If you want to know the truth, most days I feel like Im miserably behind and only doing about half of what I should be doing. But when you look back you can see that youre building something. I think people who say Dont look back are crazy. I wouldnt survive if I werent looking back and patting myself on the back all the time for making it this far."

Guy P Harrison Quotes

"I suggest we embrace the phrase, "I dont know." It seems to get a bad rap, but "I dont know" is a respectable answer when one "doesnt know"

Eugene Mirman Quotes

"Lets start anew. Life is goals--Purpose-Attempts--Struggle-Dreams and Accomplishmenties. It sounds confusing (my fault), but its actually simple."

Melissa George Quotes

"I just thought, I want to be an action hero."

Reiko Chiba Quotes

"Invite TranquilityThe sea,--Something to look atWhen we are angry."

Wilfrid Sheed Quotes

"Every writer is a writer of the generation before."

Thad Carhart Quotes

"Life is a river, he once told me, and we all have to find a boat that floats."

Carnie Wilson Quotes

"I am always cautious."

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"She is my morning, she is my evening; we have a love that blooms over and again, more beautifully each time than the last. You will see that we are not lovers like others, for whom love is both a punishment and a gift… Our love has never punished, only rewarded. Such love therein lies the eudaimonic life." - Author: Roman Payne

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"I eat a lot of raw food. Not for health reasons, but because Im too lazy to cook." - Author: Jarod Kintz

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"The candidate was required to prepare himself by confession, fasting, and passing the night in prayer." - Author: Horatio Alger

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"We need to be shaping our kids into arrows that will fly straight to the target God has set for them. If were not carefully shaping and aiming our arrows, others will try to steal them and shape them for their use. Whats worse, they will aim our children at targets of their own choosing. We should never be surprised if we are wounded by the members of our own family, if we have allowed sworn enemies of Christ to aim them." - Author: Gregg Harris

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"I love Yamaha Clavinovas. I have them at home, in the studio and on tour with me. I find them ideal for all sorts of things: silent practice with headphones at home; writing; arranging and... just playing the blues!" - Author: Jools Holland

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"I am rather disturbed by the fact that so many people—who are neither medical professionals nor trans themselves—would want to hear all of the gory details regarding transsexual physical transformations, or would feel that they have any right to ask us about the state of our genitals." - Author: Julia Serano

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"Excerpt from page 3 of "Wicked Washington"Shelly Williams, the main character, speaking about her life:And close and dangerous calls were almost my last name. Yet I felt as comfortable among the street hustlers, junkies, thieves, and criminals of D.C. as I did dining with mywhite-collar, college-pedigreed friends over filet mignon, Maine lobster, and strawberry cheesecake at LaMermaidSeafood Restaurant." - Author: Sonja D. Jones

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"Julie crossed her arms. "Im serious. Flat Finn cant possibly go to school with her, right?""He already went to Brandeis so, no, he doesnt need to repeat seventh grade. Although they did make him take a bunch of tests in order to qualify out. He barely passed the oral exams, though, because the instructors found him withholding and tight-lipped. Its a terribly biased system, but at least he passed and wont have to suffer through the schools annual reenactment of the first Thanksgiving. He has a pilgrim phobia.""Funny. Really, whats the deal with Flat Finn?""After an unfortunate incident involving Wile E. Coyote and an anvil, Three Dimensional Finn had to change his name." - Author: Jessica Park

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"My last trip to New Orleans was for the fifth anniversary of Katrina, and I had the awesome opportunity to bring my family down. We all worked on a house together and met some of the families." - Author: AnnaLynne McCord