[What Democratic Congressmen Do To Their Women Staffers, Republican Congressmen Do To The Country.]

Author: Bill Maher Quotes

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"Throw your heart over the bar and your body will follow."

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"Jesus Christ-" "Is Not here right now," the man in black replied,"and even if he were, he could not save you."

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"Stans Book Receives several Hundred Book Reviews Video at http://www.youtube.com/user/StanPopov..."

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"We are bound to expireEven metal which is sturdiest,Rusts.Even oxygen, the breath of life,Soon transpires.8/6/11 -Luis Medina"

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"The descent to Hades is the same from every place."

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"I havent heard of anybody who wants to stop living on account of the cost."

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"Solitude is the biggest medicine for once peace, It makes your heart pure and calm."

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"How DARE you and the rest of your barbarians set fire to my library? Play conqueror all you want, Mighty Caesar! Rape, murder, pillage thousands, even millions of human beings! But neither you nor any other barbarian has the right to destroy one human thought!"

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"The reader is the final arbiter."

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"Shoot for the moon - if you miss youll end up in the stars."

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"[But] just as unseen worlds unfold to those who read a book, so worlds hidden to hurried sight unfold to those who choose to spend more than a few moments cultivating their relationship with nature. Paying attention is the key: we interact with each other when we allow it to engage our attention, when we read it with absorption, as we would read a book. [Even] the ficus tree in the office cubicle or the oak planted in the urban sidewalk offers undreamed-of wonders to those who pay attention. Just because to literate people reading a book is unremarkable, available to anyone who can learn the alphabet, it is no less magical. Among my people, children are taught to read books; among some other peoples, children are taught to read the trees." - Author: Priscilla Stuckey

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"Its a lot to live up to. These pressures of achieving. From the moment youre born, youre pounded with the expectations of what you need to actualize in order to become a success. Go to college. Get married. Raise a family. Its what youre supposed to do. The plans youre supposed to make. The life youre supposed to live. Diverge from the norm and youre frowned upon. Questioned. Shunned. Theres something wrong with you if youre not interested in improving yourself. If you cant make a commitment of marriage. If you dont want to have children. So people earn a college degree so they can get a good job. They work at a job they hate just to earn a living. They spend two months salary on an engagement ring. They pop out a couple of kids they dont really want just so they can fit in. Because its what their parents did. Because its what society expects you to do. Because its safer to take the same path everyone else has traveled. Truth is, no ones listening to Robert Frost." - Author: S.G. Browne

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"You know, I was a community activist, so Im used to standing out in front of an elected officials office and protesting." - Author: Karen Bass

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"Un día habré dormido con un sueño tan largo que ni tus besos puedan avivar el letargo. Un día estaré sola, como está la montaña entre el largo desierto y la mar que la baña." - Author: Alfonsina Storni

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"He says you dont often find angels in places like happy homes and rich peoples backyard parties. He says that angels flock to places like hospitals and homelss shelters and jails, because those people realize they need help. And do they are able to believe in strange phenomena. Funny how the world is backward. The really comfortable people dont always see much supernaturally, and to the ones who have to struggle, its, like, breathing in their faces. The first are last... and the last are first." - Author: Carol Plum Ucci

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"Thought of Riordan. Thought of a big hand wrapping around my shaft, sliding up and down, pumping hard...harder. The head of my cock leaked a single salty tear to slick my own hands efforts. Yikes. Think of Bruce. Yeah. Better. Safer. Saner..." - Author: Josh Lanyon

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"Despite the fact that I have no regrets about how things turned out in my life, I still cant help wanting to understand my intense relationship with Leo, as well as that turbulent time between adolescence and adulthood when everything feels raw and invigorating and scary-and why those feelings are all coming back to me now." - Author: Emily Giffin

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"It is a fatal mistake to assume that Gods goal for your life is material prosperity or popular success, as the world defines it. The abundant life has nothing to do with material abundance, and faithfulness to God does not guarantee success in a career or even ministry. Never focus on temporary crowns." - Author: Rick Warren

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"Al levantar los velos para mostrar como los mitos de la modernidad se iban formando a partir de la Resstauracion, Balzac nos ayuda a identificar la profunda continuidad que subyace en la aparente ruptura radical que se produce a partir de 1848." - Author: David Harvey

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"Turn away from the world this year and begin to listen. Listen to the whispers of your heart. Look within. Your silent companion has lit lanterns of love to illuminate the path to Wholeness. At long last, the journey you were destined to take has begun." - Author: Sarah Ban Breathnach