[What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen, What Has Been Learned Cannot Be Unknown. You Cannot Change The Past, But You Can Learn From It. You Can Grow From It. You Can Be Made Stronger. You Can Use That Strength To Change Your Life, To Change Your Future.]

Author: C.A. Woolf Quotes

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Richard Louv Quotes

"If getting our kids out into nature is a search for perfection, or is one more chore, then the belief in perfection and the chore defeats the joy. Its a good thing to learn more about nature in order to share this knowledge with children; its even better if the adult and child learn about nature together. And its a lot more fun."

Ali Al Sarraf Quotes

"Man without credibility Can not be a man"

Fr James Groenings Quotes

"Christ has come into the world to lay out a garden wherein, amid splendor and abundance, there should thrive the violet of humanity, the myrtle of mortification, the rose of love, the lily of virginal souls, the laurel of confessors and the palm of martyrs."

Domashita Romero Quotes

"Im going to get IM NOT FUCKING DEAD tattooed on my chest.""That will become inaccurate at some point, " Omar pointed out."

Daniel Kraft Quotes

"As a cancer doctor, Im looking forward to being out of a job."

Clay Aiken Quotes

"Im religious. I think this is something God had planned for me."

Anna Gould Quotes

"Be beautiful if you can, wise if you want to, but be respected - that is essential."

Ion Luca Caragiale Quotes

"Voieşti să cunoşti lucrurile? Priveşte-le de aproape. Vrei să-ţi placă? Priveşte-le de departe."

Charles Barkley Quotes

"You know its going to hell when the best rapper out there is white and the best golfer is black."

Joseph C Sciarillo Quotes

"Holding onto failed dreams only makes you bitter."

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Quotes About Middle East

"Even beyond the Middle East, the role of the independent women remains as warped as a Lewis Caroll novel. We may control $12 trillion of the worlds $184 trillion in annual consumer spending (I read it in Newsweek), and yet our self-worth apparently ccomes in a shampoo bottle ("because youre worth it")." - Author: Amy Mowafi

Quotes About Snarls

"This time I did not have to question the source of his snarls and hisses, and of the fear which made him sink his claws into my ankle, unconscious of their effect; for on every side of the chamber the walls were alive with nauseous sound - the verminous slithering of ravenous, gigantic rats." - Author: H.P. Lovecraft

Quotes About Life Meaningless

"Someday the old shack we call the world will fall apart. How, we dont know, and we dont really care either. Since nothing has real substance, and life is a twirl in the void, its beginning and its end are meaningless." - Author: Emil Cioran

Quotes About Sirens

"Wed read about sirens in English this fall; Greek mythology bullshit about women so beautiful, their voices so enchanting, that men did anything for them. Turned out that mythology crap was real because every time I saw her, I lost my mind." - Author: Katie McGarry

Quotes About Matthews

"Excuse me, Ms. Matthews; you are going to be late for class if you dont get going. Can you read the map, or are you already lost?" the stern voice of the secretary pulled me out of my stupor. "Um, no, I can read," I said, sheepishly, still unable to take my eyes off the mysterious boy staring back."Of course, you can read," she said sharply, snapping my entranced head back to reality. "Now, get to class." - Author: Rachel Higginson

Quotes About Desnos

"A Letter to Andre Breton, Originally Composed on a Leaf of Lettuce With an Ink-dippedCarrotOn my bed, my green comforterdraped over my knees like a lumpy turtle,I think about the Berlin Wall of years that separates us.In my own life, the years are beginning to stack uplike a Guinness World Records pile of pancakes,yet Im still searching for some kind of syrup to believe in.In the shadows of my pink sheet, I see your face, Desnos face,and two clock faces staring at each other. I see a gaping woundthat ebbs rose petals, while a sweaty armpitholds an orchestra. Beethoven, maybe.A lover sings a capella, with the frothiness of a cappuccino.Starbucks, maybe. Theres an hourglass, too, and beneath the sandslie untapped oil reserves. I see Dalis mustache,Magrittes pipe, and bowling shoes, which leaves the question--If you could time travel through a trumpet, would you findtoday and tomorrow too loud?" - Author: Jarod Kintz

Quotes About Minimal Effort

"Your objective is to avoid being on a string.The first step, I think, is to get over the fear of losing a man by confronting him. Just stop being afraid, already. The most successful people in this world recognize that taking chances to get what they want is much more productive than sitting around being too scared to take a shot. The same philosophy can be applied to dating: if putting your requirements on the table means you risk him walking away, its a risk you have to take. Because that fear can trip you up every time; all too many of you let the guy get away with disrespecting you, putting in minimal effort and holding on to the commitment to you because youre afraid hes going to walk away and youll be alone again. And we men? We recognize this and play on it, big time." - Author: Steve Harvey

Quotes About Misty Morning

"A poor fisherman who knows the beauties of the misty mornings is much richer than a wealthy man who sleeps till noon in his palace!" - Author: Mehmet Murat ildan

Quotes About Proud Mom

"The screams failed to spread, as the strong hugged the weak and comforted them. That was something to be proud of, in the last moments of the old humanity." - Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky

Quotes About Making Waves

"There were incredibly few rock songs making it out to the airwaves until the 80s came along." - Author: Joe Elliott