[What I Tried To Make Clear In Good Calories, Bad Calories Was That Nutrition And Obesity Research Lost Its Way After The Second World War With The Evaporation Of The European Community Of Scientists And Physicians That Did Pioneering Work In Those Disciplines. It Has Since Resisted All Attempts To Correct It. As A Result, The Individuals Involved In This Research Have Not Only Wasted Decades Of Time, And Effort, And Money But Have Done Incalculable Damage Along The Way. Their Beliefs Have Remained Imperious To An Ever-growing Body Of Evidence That Refutes Them While Being Embraced By Public-health Authorities And Translated Into Precisely The Wrong Advice About What To Eat And, More Important, What Not To Eat If We Want To Maintain A Healthy Weight And Live A Long And Healthy Life.]

Author: Gary Taubes Quotes

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"Where there is a will there is a lawsuit."

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"The ocean, the desert, and the jungle are the last strongholds and resorts of peace. ("Fear")"

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"He tasted like summertime - of wicked thunderstorms, fresh clover, and wild honeysuckle - and I had the sensation of falling, my stomach tumbling over and over again until calm finally reached in, rooting deep and stretching out to encompass everything: my mind, my body. And my soul - whatever that was. The same clean, almost scentless breeze whipped over us again, just like it had the first night wed met, and I could physically feel one chapter of my life closing and another beginning."

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"I am not a one-issue voter in the sense that indicates I am an ignorant fundamentalist who only cares about one thing. I believe in protecting the environment. I believe in caring for the poor, the orphan, the widow in her distress. These are some of the so-called "issues" that many of us use to justify voting for Obama. How can we possibly claim it is Christian love for the poor and helpless that motivates us to vote for such a man when he is so committed to the killing of the most helpless among us?"

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"Arendt, as we have seen, is committed to understanding totalitarianism in its complete novelty, as an unprecedented phenomenon. It is unprecedented in the strict sense that it does not just represent a novel variation with respect to the categories defining forms of government that we have long held… historically, mankind ‘even in its darkest periods, granted the slain enemy the right to be remembered, as a self-evident acknowledgment of the fact that we are all men (Arendt 1968a: 452). What was attempted in the camps was neither punishment nor persecution but obliteration, such that even death was robbed of its meaning, ‘making martyrdom, for the first time in history, impossible."

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"Jacob realized that if she kept on going like that he might very well cry out himself. But just then a voice outside the wagon called "JAKE! AIR YE IN THAR?" and he knew it was Sarah. "ANSWER ME!" she requested, so he did. "Yeah, Im in here, but Ill be right out." He was bucking beneath the weight of Virdie in an effort to finish. "WHATRE YE DOIN IN THAR, JAKE?" Sarah wanted to know. "Im havin words-" he panted "-with this here Rebel foe." He was nearly there, although he realized that the wagon must be visibly shaking. Virdie suddenly stuffed her dress into her mouth, but it was not enough to keep another one of her long groans from coming out. "JAKE!" Sarah hollered. "YOU AINT A-HURTING HER, AIR YE?" "Jist a little," he answered, "to teach her a lesson." And then he got there, rapturously, reflecting, Godalmighty, if I could git this reglar, maybe Id jine the Rebels after all."

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"Since they werent sleepy and nothing had been left unsaid, they began to read poetry to each other, taking turns like children and enjoying it. Bachir had a lovely voice, one that was already that of a man. He knew many poems by heart. He lovingly recited Victor Hugo, with warmth Rimbauds Le bateau ivre, and poems written by young people going into battle; he then moved on to the poets of liberty - Rimbaud again, Eluard, and Desnos."

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"One Life To Live , Thousands Of Mistakes To Be Made"

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"Half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb about."

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"Image has an influence on what sort of car I will get to drive or deals that Im offered by teams."

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