[What I Want Is To Be Number One.]

Author: Steve Prefontaine Quotes

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Kim Fielding Quotes

"Sleep. We can adore one another in the morning"

Virgil Goode Quotes

"The salary of a member of Congress ends the day that he of she leaves office."

Habiburrahman El Shirazy Quotes

"Biarkan orang lain menjalani kehidupan yang kecil, tetapi kamu jangan!Biarkan orang lain memperdebatkan soal-soal kecil, tetapi kamu jangan!Biarkan orang lain menangisik kepedihan-kepedihan kecil, tetapi kamu jangan!Biarkan orang lain menyerahkan masa depan mereka kepada orang lain, tetapi kamu jangan!"

Felix Hernandez Quotes

"I cant say anything I dont love about Seattle."

Elizabeth Kolbert Quotes

"Such is the economy of nature," Thomas Jefferson wrote, "that no instance can be produced, of her having permitted any one race of her animals to become extinct; of her having formed any link in her great work so weak as to be broken." When, as President, he dispatched Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to the Northwest, Jefferson hoped that they would come upon live mastodons roaming the region."

Mia Randall Quotes

"Meditation makes us happier!"

Richard Robinson Quotes

"In the Christian religion, though perhaps not in any other, we frequently find a conception of god that is selfcontradictory and therefore corresponds to nothing. That is the conception formed by the following three propositions taken together:1. God is all-powerful.2. God is all-benevolent.3. There is much misery in the world.A god who was all-powerful but left much misery in the world would not be all-benevolent. An all-benevolent god in a world containing much misery would not be an all-powerful god. A world containing a god who was both all-powerful and all-benevolent would contain no misery.Here, then, we have a mathematical proof bearing on a common religious doctrine. Anyone who is confident that he frequently comes across misery in the world may conclude with equal confidence that there is no such thing as an all-powerful and all-benevolent god. And this mathematically disposes of official Christianity, as has long been known."

Dave Foley Quotes

"Dick Van Dyke spent most of his time setting everybody else up."

William Cartwright Quotes

"Love makes those young whom age doth chill, and whom he finds young keeps young still."

Joseph Smith Quotes

"We should gather all the good and true principles in the world and treasure them up, or we shall not come out true Mormons."

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Quotes About Fractional Reserve Banking

"Silence and reserve will give anyone a reputation for wisdom." - Author: Myrtle Reed

Quotes About Georgina

"You should make her call you ‘Miss Georgina," added Hugh with a mocking southern drawl. "Or at least ‘maam."Niphons presence and Jeromes lecture had put me in a grouchy mood. "Im not doing any mentoring. Shes so gungho to take on the worlds male population, she doesnt even need me."The three men exchanged more smirks. Cody made some hissing and meowing sounds, scratching at the air."This isnt funny," I said."Sure it is," said Cody." - Author: Richelle Mead

Quotes About May Day

"Hold onto one thought: Youre not important. Youre not anything. Some day the load were carrying with us may help someone. But even when we had the books on hand, a long time ago, we didnt use what we got out of them. We went right on insulting the dead. We went right on spitting in the graves of all the poor ones who died before us. Were going to meet a lot of lonely people in the next week and the next month and the next year. And when they ask us what were doing, you can say, Were remembering. Thats where well win out in the long run. And some day well remember so much that well build the biggest goddam steamshovel in history and dig the biggest grave of all time and shove war in and cover it up." - Author: Ray Bradbury

Quotes About Mad Geniuses

"No single man makes history. History cannot be seen, just as one cannot see grass growing. Wars and revolutions, kings and Robespierres, are historys organic agents, its yeast. But revolutions are made by fanatical men of action with one-track mind, geniuses in their ability to confine themselves to a limited field. They overturn the old order in a few hours or days, the whole upheaval takes a few weeks or at most years, but the fanatical spirit that inspired the upheavals is worshiped for decades thereafter, for centuries." - Author: Boris Pasternak

Quotes About Poisonous Plants

"Our culture, self-toxified by the poisonous by-products of technology and egocentric ideology, is the unhappy inheritor of the dominator attitude that alteration of consciousness by the use of plants or substances is somehow wrong, onanistic, and perversely antisocial. I will argue that suppression of shamanic gnosis, with its reliance and insistence on ecstatic dissolution of the ego, has robbed us of lifes meaning and made us enemies of the planet, of ourselves, and our grandchildren. We are killing the planet in order to keep intact the wrongheaded assumptions of the ego-dominator cultural style." - Author: Terence McKenna

Quotes About Zvijezde

"Majka jastreb i baka škanjac zabranjuju njima povjerenom djetetu da napusti gnijezdo. NJEN je mladi život poput velike torte od koje majka i baka režu debele kriške, a i susjede cupkaju komadićke oduzimajući Eriki i posljednje dostojanstvo. Probudi li se u bilo kojem dijelu njena tijela život, taj se dio proglašava trulim i mora se smjesta odsjeći. Previše besposlena švrljanja djevojci koja se posvetila glazbi može samo štetiti. Znaju stare Kohutice kamo nju vuče: onamo dolje k staroj brani, gdje se igraju dečki i cure prskajući se u plićaku. Glasno se smiju i nestaju pod vodom, ERIKA bi medu tim provincijalkama mogla zasjati poput zvijezde. Ona je ionako dresirana da uvijek bude prva i najbolja. Od malih je nogu uče da je sunce oko kojega se sve okreće. Jedino što mora činiti mirno je stajati, a svi će se, gledajući je s obožavanjem, vrtjeti oko nje. Ona to pouzdano zna. Uvijek su joj govorili da je bolja od drugih. A Erika to naravno radije ne želi provjeravati," - Author: Elfriede Jelinek

Quotes About Elaborada

"A vida não se governa pela vontade ou pelas intenções. É uma questão de nervos, de fibras, de células lentamente elaboradas, onde se oculta o pensamento e onde as paixões têm seus sonhos. Tu podes te acreditar salvo e forte; mas um tom de cor entrevisto no aposento, um céu matinal, um certo perfume que amaste e te desperta sutis recordações, um verso de um poema esquecido que te volta à memória, uma frase musical que não tocas mais, é de tudo isto, Dorian, asseguro-te, que depende a nossa existência." - Author: Oscar Wilde

Quotes About Feeling Speechless

"He looked up at me, stuttered a few times, and then seemed to forget what he was saying altogether. I didnt say anything, or act surprised that he stopped talking. I just stared at him, feeling my heart pounding in my throat. "Wow." He said. "What?""You just left me speechless." - Author: L.D. Davis

Quotes About Rough Childhoods

"And this is what we felt: vertigo, an icicle through our strong hearts, our long-lost childhoods. Sunshine in a field and crickets and the sweet tealeaf stink of a new ball mitt and a rock glinting with mica and a chaw of bubblegum wrapping its sweet tendrils down our throats and the warm breeze up our shorts and the low vibrato of lake loons and the sun and the sun and the warm sun and this is what we felt; the sun." - Author: Lauren Groff