[What If She Was Meant To Be, Or Could Have Been, Someone Important In My Life? I Think That's What Scares Me: The Randomness Of Everything. That The People Who Could Be Important To You Might Just Pass You By. Or You Pass Them By. How Do You Know...I Felt That By Walking Away I Was Abandoning [them], That I Spent My Entire Life, Day After Day, Abandoning People.]

Author: Peter Cameron Quotes

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Alex Jeffers Quotes

"Everything wants to be remembered, chronicled, documented: everything - all of this and all the rest, because your life is neither a finite length that can be measured out to a certain point and served, nor is it only your own."

John Soos Quotes

"To be of the Earth is to know the restlessness of being a seed the darkness of being planted the struggle toward the light the pain of growth into the light the joy of bursting and bearing fruit the love of being food for someone the scattering of your seeds the decay of the seasons the mystery of death and the miracle of birth."

John Sununu Quotes

"As a boy, when I was bad, my mother would chew me out in Spanish. And since I was bad a lot, I learned a lot of Spanish!"

Colin Baker Quotes

"Nobody can fail to lose weight in the jungle, unless theyve got a secret stash of pork pies somewhere."

Ken Goldstein Quotes

"And Im sure they all played by the rules, just liked I did. By the way, when I got laid off four and a half years ago, the stock of my company was at an all-time high. Our CEO retired. He was paid $70 million. Maybe now that is only worth $30 million. Or maybe in a few years if he plays by the rules it will be worth $130 million. Ill still be worth nothing. And I wont have a home or my children. You see why I wonder about playing by the rules? Because I always do. As a result, youre standing where I sleep."

Amine A Ayad Quotes

"You are what you believe as expressed by what you do"

Gijs De Vries Quotes

"Terrorists always have the advantage of surprise."

Mary Fallin Quotes

"I thought I could make a difference, so I ran for office."

Alys Arden Quotes

"As an artist, if your work doesnt inflame at least part of the audience, then you might as well call it quits and sell insurance... The world needs more boundary pushers, not more boundary creators."

Scott Speedman Quotes

"Probably the most difficult things were my favorite parts. The make-up and the big fight sequence at the end of the movie were very difficult but really fun and challenging."

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"I believe dreams represent the purest form of fantasy we unleash through our subconscious. They represent the truest freedom we can experience. Totally unrepressed and totally creative." - Author: Miguel

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"Milano e una citta che usiamo molto ma vediamo poco." - Author: Beppe Severgnini

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"I think models in general have a certain insecurity about themselves because theyre known for being beautiful, so they have to prove to everybody they have personality and they are intelligent." - Author: Derek Hough

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"I hid my underwear beneath a parked Peugeot." - Author: Jonathan Ames

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"I had been having trouble sleeping, and had found that actually getting up was marginally preferable to lying in my bed batting away the swirling mess of my thoughts." - Author: Jojo Moyes

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"The obvious differences apart, Karl Marx was no more a reliable prophet than was the Reverend Jim Jones. Karl Marx was a genius, an uncannily resourceful manipulator of world history who shoved everything he knew, thought, and devised into a Ouija board from whose movements he decocted universal laws. He had his following, during the late phases of the Industrial Revolution. But he was discredited by historical experience longer ago than the Wizard of Oz: and still, great grown people sit around, declare themselves to be Marxists, and make excuses for Gulag and Afghanistan." - Author: William F. Buckley Jr.

Quotes About Poker Cards

"Life may deal you a bad hand or take away a good hand you were already dealt. The way you play the hand is how your life is defined. Just like in poker you can end up winning no matter how bad the cards are you have." - Author: Benjamin Bayani

Quotes About Rich Life

"All my life and all my experience, the events that have befallen me, the people I have known, all my memories, dreams, fantasies, everything I have ever read, all of that has been chucked onto the compost heap, where over time it has rotted down to a dark, rich, organic mulch. The process of cellular breakdown makes it unrecognizable. Other people call it the imagination. I think of it as a compost heap. Every so often I take an idea, plant it in the compost, and wait. It feeds on the black stuff that used to be a life, takes its energy for its own. It germinates,. Takes root. Produces shoots. And so on and so forth, until one fine day I have a story, or a novel....Readers are fools. They believe all writing is autobiographical. And so it is, but not in the way they think. The writers life needs time to rot away before it can be used to nourish a work of fiction. It must be allowed to decay." - Author: Diane Setterfield

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"The old orchid hunter lay back on his pillow, his body limp... Youll curse the insects, he said at least, and youll curse the natives... The sun will burn you by day and the cold will shrivel you by night. Youll be racked by fever and tormented by a hundred discomforts, but youll go on. For when a man falls in love with orchids, hell do anything to possess the one he wants. Its like chasing a green-eyed woman or taking cocaine... its a sort of madness..." - Author: Susan Orlean

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"Engel & Volkers is unlike any other real estate company I have known and I am proud to be part of an organization that raises the bar to such high levels." - Author: Anthony Hitt