[What If She Was Meant To Be, Or Could Have Been, Someone Important In My Life? I Think That's What Scares Me: The Randomness Of Everything. That The People Who Could Be Important To You Might Just Pass You By. Or You Pass Them By. How Do You Know...I Felt That By Walking Away I Was Abandoning [them], That I Spent My Entire Life, Day After Day, Abandoning People.]

Author: Peter Cameron Quotes

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Kat Calhoun Quotes

"I have a great friend and he changed my life. he changed it for the better. and he makes me want to live everyday like its my last.so true friendship is real....."

Thalia Chaltas Quotes

"Im sure you were mistaken," Yaicha says to her brush.My ears pin back -"MISTAKEN?I know who Angie is, Yaicha.I know who our father is, Yaicha. He hurts people, he hurts you, you never do anything!" My claws scrape the wall paint.She turns with soft rabbit eyes. "Hell kill me.""Hes already doing that!"I am growling, grabbing her sleeve, "Every day, every day he rips you open,chips off pieces week by week, till a few years from now you are not even a mouthful of sawdust.A drawn-out killing.Well, Im tired of all of us doing nothing. He has to be stopped."Yaichas eyes have flinched a few times but soften again. "Nobody can stop him."My teeth show."Nobody can stop him? Good.To him I have always been Nobody."

Chester Nez Quotes

"In beauty I walk.With beauty before me I walk.With beauty behind me I walk.With beauty around me I walk.With beauty above me I walk.With beauty below me I walk."

Land Before Time Quotes

"Trust your eyes, Trust your tummy, Trust yourself. Thats how you know who to listen to."

Eric Lowitt Quotes

"If left unexecuted, even the greatest competitive strategies are not worth the paper on which they were written."

Natsuo Kirino Quotes

"I was in a self-induced depression. Welcome to me Real World."

Stuart Chase Quotes

"The very first law in advertising is to avoid the concrete promise and cultivate the delightfully vague."

Ashok Kallarakkal Quotes

"How can one fall in love? For me, love can only be uplifting..."

Victoria Hanley Quotes

"I have lived with you and loved you, and now you are gone. Gone where I cannot follow, until I have finished all of my days."

Jean Rostand Quotes

"To reflect is to disturb ones thoughts."

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"How charming. The king and his little princess knocking on my covens door." Ursula sighed dramatically. "What do you insolent merfolks want with me now? I swear I havent eaten any of your children."-Ursula" - Author: Khalia Hades

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"At Marcy I spot what I am looking for and shimmy up a lampost and untangle the pair of sneakers that some kid has tossed up there that dangle in testement to some shit that I have never figured out as long as I have lived in this city. I sit on the curb and stuff my feet inside leaving the laces undone. There too small but the right one fits a little better than the left. Not having a big toe is already paying off." - Author: Charlie Huston

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"Thats our cue to depart." "They know something " I pointed out. "I know something too. I know were going to attract a lot of unwanted attention if they keep screaming. And then we have to make up some ridiculous explanation about how we heard screaming through the vents in our rooms and we followed the sound back to the basement and we found these girls lying on the ground and pretending to be tied up by invisible rope because theyre practicing for the regional mime championships." I blinked at her. "Is that explanation more or less believable than we woke up because two girls who are actually evil magicians tripped a magical alarm wired to a door in the basement we arent supposed to know about " Scout paused for a minute then nodded. "Point made." - Author: Chloe Neill

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"When people say, If I had my life over again I wouldnt do anything different, well, Id do everything differently just for the variety." - Author: Samuel West

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"According to Padilla, remembered Amalfitano, all literature could be classified as heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. Novels, in general, were heterosexual. Poetry, on the other hand, was completely homosexual. Within the vast ocean of poetry he identified various currents: faggots, queers, sissies, freaks, butches, fairies, nymphs, and philenes. But the two major currents were faggots and queers. Walt Whitman, for example, was a faggot poet. Pablo Neruda, a queer. William Blake was definitely a faggot. Octavio Paz was a queer. Borges was a philene, or in other words he might be a faggot one minute and simply asexual the next." - Author: Roberto Bolaño

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"Some people standby you in your darkest hour while others walk away; only a select few march towards you and become even closer friends." - Author: Jeffrey Archer

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"When I have my interview with my God, our conversation will focus on the individuals whose self-esteem I was able to strengthen, whose faith I was able to reinforce, and whose discomfort I was able to assuage—a doer of good, regardless of what assignment I had. These are the metrics of that matter in measuring my life. This realization, which occurred nearly fifteen years ago, guided me every day to seek opportunities to help people in ways tailored to their individual circumstances. My happiness and my sense of worth has been immeasurably improved as a result." - Author: Clayton Christensen

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"There, at the top of the table, alone amongst all these women, stooped over his ample plateful, with his napkin tied around his neck like a child, an old man sat eating, drips of gravy drbibbling gravy from him lips. His eyes were bloodshot and he had a little pigtail tied up with a black ribbon. This was the Marquis father-in-law... he had led a... Read more tumultuous life of debauchery and duelling, of wagers made and women abducted, had squandered his fortune and terrified his whole family... Emmas eyes kept coming back to this old man with the sagging lips, as though to something wonderfully majestic. He had lived at court and slept in the bed of a queen!" - Author: Gustave Flaubert

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"I am anchored on a resolve you cannot shake. My heart, my conscience shall dispose of my hand -- they only. Know this at last." - Author: Charlotte Brontë