[What Is Assertive In A Man Can Appear Abrasive In A Woman, And Female Leaders Risk Appearing Too Feminine Or Not Feminine Enough.]

Author: Barbara Kellerman Quotes

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Barbara Kruger Quotes

"I had to figure out how to bring the world into my work."

Edgar Allan Poe Quotes


Paul Leautaud Quotes

"Les hommes sensibles préfèrent sortir le soir au matin, la nuit au jour, et la beauté des femmes mûres à celle des jeunes filles."

Rudolf Steiner Quotes

"May my soul bloom in love for all existence."

Angelo M Swinson Quotes

"Whenever your foundation is laid in God, there will be nothing that can shake it, no matter how strong the storm is."

Gloria Burgess Quotes

"Each of us has a call on our lives. This call says, ‘Its time to get your act together, then take it on the road. This call says, ‘Put on your traveling shoes so that you can be of use to others... so that you can wear your soul on the outside, light the way for others, and pass it on."

Moshe Kasher Quotes

"I told you I was a fucking cowboy."

Jonathan Shapiro Quotes

"Whats much harder is taking on people in your own community."

Opoku Oduro Emmanuel Quotes

"Sometimes, your future is already set, and there is nothing you can about it. there are somethings you just cant change, no matter how hard you work. Unfair, dont you think? It isnt an easy fact to accept, and Im not telling you to, but thats just how life is. UnfairBut no matter how hard i think about it, i just believe everything in this world is beautiful. The sky, birds, bugs,frogs,flowers and even rocks. Nature is really awesome, because, if God created this world, could there really be anything dirty and ugly in it?"

Lisa Yee Quotes

"Gus and I talk about girls a lot, but we cant figure them out. They are so confusing. Like, if you look at them, they get mad. And if you dont look at them, they get mad. And if youre nice to them, they think you like them. And if youre mean to them, they think you like them. And if you do like them, they think you hate them."

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"Una volta gli chiese: "Hai appreso anche tu quel segreto del fiume: che il tempo non esiste?"Un chiaro sorriso si diffuse sul volto di Vasudeva. "Si, Siddharta" rispose "Ma è questo ciò che tu vuoi dire: che il fiume si trova dovunque in ogni istante, alle sorgenti e alla foce, alla cascata, al traghetto, alle rapide, nel mare, in montagna, dovunque in ogni istante, e che per lui non vi è che presente, neanche lombra del passato, neanche lombra dellavvenire?" - Author: Hermann Hesse

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"He looked like he wanted to say something but his jaw tensed andinstead he let his hand travel from my elbow to my hand, the strong pulse from his fingers like a balm to my injured soul. I raised our entwined handsand placed them over the steady thumping of his heart a twin of the rhythm in my own chest. I pressed my head to his chest letting the steady paceof his heart and his citrusy, musky scent envelop me, lull me into a place of security. A place safe enough that I didnt have to pretend I was okay. Ifailed to sniff back the tears that began to leak from me." - Author: Lani Woodland

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"moved—confident and yet reserved. She had talked to him on a deeper level, touching something he had thought untouchable. His initial intention had been different though. His agenda had been to make her fall for him, not through words, but through actions and sex, lots of the" - Author: J.C. Reed

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"Our road hasnt been a easy one. But good things rarely are. You taught me that the person i am is worth loving, worth fighting for. You gave me strength when i had none. You held me up when i wanted to fall. And now, I want to give you everything. I want to give you the world. Because Maggie, youve given me mine. And its you. It will always, forever, be you." - Author: A. Meredith Walters

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"That was the exact moment my heart threaded with hers. It was as if someone reached down with a sewing needle and stitched my soul to hers. How could one woman be so sharp and so vulnerable at the same time? Whatever would happen to her would happen to me. Whatever pain she would feel, I would feel it too. I wanted it — that was the surprising part. Selfish, self centered Caleb Drake loved a girl so much he could already feel himself changing to accommodate her needs.I fell. Hard.For the rest of this life and probably the next.I wanted her — every last inch of her stubborn, combative, catty heart." - Author: Tarryn Fisher

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"Sylvester Graham, he of the eponymous health-food cracker, claimed that a man who could make it to the age of thirty without giving in to the temptations of his sexual urges would be a veritable god." - Author: Hanne Blank

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"I was secretly convinced that with such a marvel one would be able to write anything, from novels to encyclopedias, and letters whose supernatural power would surpass any postal limitations--a letter written with that pen would reach the most remote corners of the world, even that unknowable place to which my father said my mother had gone and from where she would never return." - Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón

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"She goes off to see a shrink, to see if she can improve herself, make herself over into a new woman, one who no longer gives a shit. She would like that. The shrink is a nice person; Roz likes her. Together the two of them labor over Rozs life as if its a jigsaw puzzle, a mystery story with a solution at the end. They arrange and rearrange the pieces, trying to get them to come out better. They are hopeful: if Roz can figure out what story shes in, then they will be able to spot the erroneous turns she took, they can retrace her steps, they can change the ending. They work out a tentative plot." - Author: Margaret Atwood

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"Being a woman in India is an altogether different experience. You cant always see the power women hold, but it is there, in the firm grasp of the matriarchs who still rule most families. It has not been easy for Sarla to navigate the female path: she has become a master traveler, but one with no pupil. She thought she might develop this relationship with one of her daughters-in-law, but the others, like Somer, didnt quite fill the role. And when they had babies, they relied on their own mothers, leaving her once again in the company of men. But now, Sarla muses as she glances at the clock, anticipating Krishnans arrival, she will finally get her granddaughter." - Author: Shilpi Somaya Gowda